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Nov. 4th, 2010 12:01 pm
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  • Tue, 17:32: Yep, first person here for Unstoppabl e. *loser* gonna go walk around the mall I guess. (@ AMC Rosedale 14)
  • Tue, 17:46: May as well get @anyabast's new book as long as I'm here. (@ Borders Books)
  • Tue, 18:08: Amazing how the election is over and now all the unknown numbers stop calling my phone.
  • Tue, 21:22: Holy shit. It was GOOD. REALLY GOOD. I don't know what to do with a good CPine movie. (Also, epic bulge shot is EPIC)
  • Tue, 21:48: Yep. Faster time. It feels stramge to be here without the PussyCult. (@ Station 4)
  • Tue, 21:50: RT @UptownTheatre: After a nearly 3 year absence SERENITY will be returning to the Uptown Theatre for midnight shows on Dec. 10 & 11.
  • Tue, 21:59: I recognize all kinds of people here. Guess you really don't ever get out of this life.
  • Tue, 22:30: Feels like old times.
  • Tue, 23:01: Holy shit. I haven't heard Nonstop to Nowhere live since 1993! :)))))
  • Tue, 23:32: Hmmm. Where have I heard 'I'll be right out!' before?? aka, the Waiting for Chad Game begins)
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Can you tell I'm avoiding work today? More interests, this time chosen by [ profile] soyouthink! Who misread "seven" as "ten." It's okay though. =)

Captain Jack Harkness
Ahhhh, yes. Captain Jack! No, not that Captain Jack. This Captain Jack. He's the leader of Torchwood - Cardiff on the Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood. He's quite yummy! And not particularly picky on who he sexes up.

it's just a ride
I explained this one for [ profile] f_o_n_y here.

Kasey Chambers
She's an Australian country/bluegrass singer and I rather adore her. "More Than Ordinary" is one of my favorite songs ever.

Marvelous 3
You may have heard me talk about that Butch Walker guy one or two or a thousand times. He was in the Marvie 3 and they were awesome!

Rant in E-Minor
I explained this one for [ profile] seimaisin here.

Ummmm, so there was this show called Firefly. And I'm kind of obsessed about it. And I kind of read Firefly fanfic alot. Rayne is fic featuring the pairing of River and Jayne.

stalking rock stars
It's what I do best! What's more fun than road tripping to the middle of nowhere with some of your best friends to see your favorite band play in a dinky club?? Or flying to the other side of the country so you can catch a special show?

My friend Chad is in this band. (or was in this band, as I think they've kind of given up) They're lots of fun and I had my drunkest time ever when I went to see them open for Duran Duran in Nashville.

A rather adorable movie starring Nathan Fillion and Keri Russell. I saw it four times in the theater. The DVD comes out next month!

Xristian Simon
Faster Pussycat's cranky and slightly homicidal guitar player.

fark me

Apr. 3rd, 2007 10:28 am
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The weekend of April 27-28-29 is already completely booked up for me. I have book group on Friday night. I have to work on Sat morning, then drive down to Mankato to see my brother's baseball team (which will be the last time I'll be able to see his team play) and then we'll do a family dinner that night. And Sunday is the church dinner which I'm helping out with.

So, guess which weekend fucking LA Guns will be up here? Normally, not a big deal. I'm over chasing LA Guns around. Especially Tracii's LAG. Except that a certain drummer is in LAG now. *grumbles* WHY???

Yeah. Depending on where they're playing in Sconi on Fri night, don't be surprised if I skip out on book group.
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Who: Faster Pussycat / Bang Tango
Where: Chrome Horse Saloon in Cedar Rapids, IA
When: Saturday, July 22nd, 2006
Featured players: Me, [ profile] rockerlee, Lee's friend who shall remain named Nikki, Lee's friend Jenn, [ profile] xiolablux (Julee), [ profile] littleweirdgirl (Stef), Todd (aka NV)
Trip details: 4 1/2 hours, 315 miles

Day Two )

Summed up: It was worth selling my Wicked tickets because we had a great time!

Live Bang Tango photos
Live Faster Pussycat photos
Download my live videos (much better quality than on YouTube, all in .mov):
The Power & The Glory Hole
Sex Drugs and Rock-n-Roll
Hey You
Bathroom Wall
Shut Up and Fuck
Whole Lotta Rosie (jam with BT & FP members)
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Who: Faster Pussycat / Bang Tango
Where: Knickerbockers in lovely downtown Lincoln, NE
When: Friday, July 21st, 2006
Featured players: Me, [ profile] rockerlee and Lee's friend, who shall remain named Nikki
Trip details: 6 1/2 hours, 430 miles

Day One )

A good first day!

Live photos!
Download my live videos (much better quality than on YouTube, all in .mov):
Number 1 With a Bullet (117MB)
Sex Drugs and Rock-n-Roll (145MB)
Hey You (107MB)
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Chad Stewart is bad for my health. I was sick for three weeks after I got back from seeing him in Chicago with EZN. I've been in denial about this for a few days, but I can no longer ignore it. I'm sicker than hell right now. Sore/swollen throat, fever, headache, hacking cough, runny nose, etc. Bleech. Dammit!


*grumble* At least the DayQuil is helping a little bit. I really just want to go back to bed, but I can't miss more work after being gone for so long.
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*grrrrrr* Something is wrong with my DSL modem. *kicks* But I seem to be online again now, so I'm going to try to write this. I will be doing my usual detailed entry for each Faster Pussycat show I was at. I'm working on getting all my photos edited and posted first though, so I wanted to get a quick recap in for everyone to read now.

This way... )

I'm so glad that I was able to go out with my boys for so many days and see so many of my friends! I met a ton of great new people, and got reacquainted with a lot of folks I've met when I've been out and about before. I can never, ever thank everyone on the tour enough for taking care of me and for being such utter sweethearts. Michael for telling me that the shows wouldn't be the same without me there. Xristian for assuring me that I'm not at all scary and they like having me around. Sean for always making sure that I got in okay and for repeatedly checking to see that I was doing all right. Chris for getting me whatever I needed and for almost beating the crap out of big drunk guys bothering me. =) And Chad...well, I don't even know what to say about him. I don't think I'd do this if he wasn't in the band anymore. I never feel like I'm just another girl in the crowd when he's there. I know that he really appreciates having me around. Even when he annoys the hell out of me, I'm still grateful that we're friends. I miss them all so much already!
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As requested: Chad singing Purple Rain for your downloading pleasure. =)
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I've spent most of the day sleeping. It's been wonderful! Now I'm trying to get some of my photos edited, but it's a little slow going with my wrist being all screwed up. I do, however, want to post the very best photo that I got because it is super-duper sexy:

Yummmmmm, indeed

Also, Chad singing "Purple Rain" for karaoke:
[Error: unknown template video]
*snicker* Sorry the quality is kind of crap on YouTube. If anyone wants the actual video, let me know and I can upload it. =)

I do have an actual post I want to make, but I think I'm going back to bed. Tomorrow, for sure.
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Still playing waiting for Chad. *grrrrrrr* I've been here for three fucking hours now. Oh joy. At least I've taken his laptop hostage. mwahahahahahahaha!!!

I really hate Michigan. I can't believe I'm going to be here for three more days.
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I should probably write up a recap from last weekend. I still feel like crap though, so this is going to be shorter than normal. But it'll have lots of pretty peektures! )
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Seriously, I've been writing this at work for the past three days. It's loooooooooong!

A few weeks ago, [ profile] seimaisin was rather mocking the fact that Vixen and Enuff Z'Nuff would be playing a show here on Friday, May 26th. While investigating this, I noticed that EZN would also be playing a show up in lovely(?) Becker, MN the next night. However, as much as I love EZN, I've seen them a bunch of times already and it was a holiday weekend and I already had plans and I was sure they'd be around again this summer. So I kind of pushed the shows out of my mind, especially since I wanted to see X3 on the 26th and there were a bunch of things going on the 27th.

Then, about 5 days before the show, I found out that something happened to the EZN drummer and that Chad Stewart - drum whore extraordinaire (Faster Pussycat, Motochrist, Stimulator, Gilby Clarke, Coyote Shivers, etc) - would be filling in for the two week tour. Well, that kind of changed everything and I ditched my friends rearranged my plans so I could be at both shows.

And thus, another round of Waiting for Chad begins )

And that's about it in a verrrrrrry long nutshell. OMG!! Soooooo much fun!! I just luff those guys! I seriously had the bestest time. I'm very, very happy that I'll be able to go the Chicago show next weekend. Not just to see the boys, but to see my Chicago girls too because I miss them!!
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It's a bad, bad sign for the week when I get out of bed on Monday morning and wonder what day it is. Wednesday? Thursday?? Then the cold harsh hand of reality hits as I realize it's only Monday. I haven't had a day off in almost two weeks and won't until Sunday. Ugh.

Local folks: You know how we'd said we'd go to X3 on Friday? Can we move that? Chad will be in town and...yeah...I can't miss out on that. Even for Hugh Jackman. Sunday or Monday work for me. Actually, so do next Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs. Wait! No, something is going on that Thursday.
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Me, leaving a MySpace comment: Hall & Oates are crap.
Chad, immediately sending me a PM: Fuck that! I'll convert you.

I don't know why that amuses me so much, but it does.

BTW, things uttered by Mr. Stewart that I will never believe, no matter how many times he says them to me.
"I'll send you a copy."
"Motochrist is going out on tour."

Thanks again for the phone call, [ profile] glammastar. I miss you both!

I am way, way too sleep deprived. It's going to be a looooooong day.
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Motley Crue was excellent tonight! We didn't have to sit through any opening bands, the night was gorgeous, and it was a lot of fun. Vince is starting to sound pretty rough though. Skipping words, throwing it to the crowd, etc. Otherwise, it was good.

Lee & I are complete dorks though. I was tilting my head during "Glitter," trying to see if I could hear Chad & Keri Kelli on the backing vocals. Then I noticed Lee was doing the exact same thing!! We totally laughed at each other. (and yes, you can hear the boys - especially on "Dr. Feelgood")

It was a pretty great day overall. The Fair was actually pretty fun. And I did get my mini Cinnie Buns & Ice Cream and it was goooooood!

We'll be at [ profile] cyberwuzzle's book signing tomorrow, and then we're off to Clear Lake to see RATT & Cinderella. Whoo-hoo!


Aug. 11th, 2005 11:35 pm
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I just saw a commercial for The Transporter 2! And it comes out on my birthday!! =) I know it's going to be B-A-D. I'm still dragging someone to see it with me. I'm just shocked that they're actually releasing it here. I thought it would be a straight-to-DVD thing in the US. Goddess, I hope Jason Stratham gets greasy again! *yum*

Bored? Download the live video for "78 Stimulator"! It's got lots of Chaddy goodness, and they edited out a lot of Susan's spastic dancing.

And now I am off to bed. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!
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I was all excited to watch Steve's episode of Charmed when I got home from work yesterday. Only to turn on the DVD Recorder and realize that there was nothing on it. Even though I know I set it up. grrrrr... I'm sure I did something wrong though, so I have no one to blame but myself. And, of course, they're not running it again or anything. *GAH*

So I think I checked my settings about ten times when I set it up to record the Rent performance on the Today show this morning. I even briefly debated calling in sick so I'd be home to record it, but since my boss is out, that wasn't really an option. The show was already shown on the East Coast and the Rentheads are all ga-ga over it. They did both "Seasons of Love" and "What You Own." YAY! At least if I messed up recording this time, there will probably be a video of it up on the internets before I even get home.

I blame my stupidity on being exhausted lately. It must be the heat or something, but all I want to do lately is sleep. And drink water constantly. Today is cooler though, so hopefully I'll feel better.

In my never-ending quest to stalk Chad Stewart, I bought this CD the other day by a band called Triggerdaddy. Well, not a band so much. More like one guy I've never heard of (Tim Karr - who's rather pretty), with a bunch of guest musicians. Gilby produced it, which is how Chad got on it, I assume. Sadly, I'm such a fangirl that I can tell which songs Chad did without looking at the credits. But...they did a cover of Prince's "Peach" and that's NOT one of Chad's songs. Hello?!? What's up with that??


Do you read my journal?

If you read it on a regular/semi regular basis, leave me a comment and let me know.

Then post this in your lj and find out who reads you.
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Sorry that this post won't be as drunkenly entertaining as the Nashville post. It was a much calmer and soberer (soberer??) night.

My trip to Kansas City, MO to see Duran Duran and Stimulator, or I smell revolting )

And that was that trip. I’m really going to make an effort to finish my LA trip journal soon, even though it’s three months later. I promise. There will be plenty of good stuff in there!
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I'm still not going to Skid Row tonight, since I had some sudden expenses come up this week and really shouldn't spend money going out. And by sudden expenses, I mean I went on a CD buying spree. Well, and I had to replace my CD player at work. And I have to figure out what to do about my printer, since it suddenly died. Boo.

YAY!!! I finally figured out how to put both a header and a background image in my journal!! I'm so proud of myself! My background image is some rather plain text, but I like it. I may keep it that way. Now that I know the coding though, I can change it anytime I want. And no, I can't explain how I did it to you. I've looked at so much code lately that I have no idea what's what.

I just got a weirdly random email from Troy Patrick Farrell, the drummer for Tramp's White Lion. Seems that "someone" forwarded him my lj post about the White Lion/EZN shows I went to in March, and he felt the need to explain the way they acted at the Hayloft show. Uh, okay. That was like soooooo 4 months ago! Hmmmmmm...I can't possibly imagine who would forward that to him to try to start trouble. Definitely not someone at the show. You know, the show in Detroit. *coughtheskankcough* Of course, I have no proof, so I'm just going to keep my mouth shut.

I just picked up my photos from KC. OMG! The pic of Chad & I is soooooo adorable!! And a couple of the DD pics I illegally took actually turned out. Rizzy, you're really going to love one of them, even though Nick is kind of teeny tiny. =/ Now I have real motivation to finish my KC recap tomorrow.


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