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Nov. 4th, 2010 12:01 pm
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  • Tue, 17:32: Yep, first person here for Unstoppabl e. *loser* gonna go walk around the mall I guess. (@ AMC Rosedale 14)
  • Tue, 17:46: May as well get @anyabast's new book as long as I'm here. (@ Borders Books)
  • Tue, 18:08: Amazing how the election is over and now all the unknown numbers stop calling my phone.
  • Tue, 21:22: Holy shit. It was GOOD. REALLY GOOD. I don't know what to do with a good CPine movie. (Also, epic bulge shot is EPIC)
  • Tue, 21:48: Yep. Faster time. It feels stramge to be here without the PussyCult. (@ Station 4)
  • Tue, 21:50: RT @UptownTheatre: After a nearly 3 year absence SERENITY will be returning to the Uptown Theatre for midnight shows on Dec. 10 & 11.
  • Tue, 21:59: I recognize all kinds of people here. Guess you really don't ever get out of this life.
  • Tue, 22:30: Feels like old times.
  • Tue, 23:01: Holy shit. I haven't heard Nonstop to Nowhere live since 1993! :)))))
  • Tue, 23:32: Hmmm. Where have I heard 'I'll be right out!' before?? aka, the Waiting for Chad Game begins)
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My prediction about coming home at 5am totally came true. There's birds chirping out there and shit.


Going to Hallmark in 7 hours is going to HURT. But fun was had tonight and it was all worth it. =)
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So. Faster Pussycat is playing a show when I'm out in California. On the same night as the BBJ show. Not like it's just down the Strip or anything, so I could perhaps run between the shows. No, it's in the middle of fucking nowhere. Of course. It's like the 5th show this summer that has been on the same night as something else. Why can't people consult with me before scheduling things? =/

It sounds like that whole 'there's only going to be 5 episodes of Torchwood next year' thing is true. (although I'm not inclined to believe the rumor that all five episodes will be on in the same week - that's not the BBC's style) Ugh. I've got to wait all the way until next spring for more of my cracked out show and then there's only going to be a few episodes? And then more waiting?? sigh... I know how the serious Who fans feel now.
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*waves hello*

We're here in Madison! How the hell did I do this road trip thing before without a laptop??

I TOTALLY just got dragged into the Faster Pussycat drama. Awesome! =/ Stupid Diva and his stupid request to "just post something" on the board.

But I did find out that it is not the real FP playing in Hollywood when I'm there. But I've been ordered to party with them at the Rainbow.
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OMGTHEOFFICE!!!! I say that every week. But it's always true! I NEED a "Liar" icon right now! Made one!

Ummm, since Michael's doing the BulletBoys tour, does that mean that the Faster fall tour isn't happening? Has anyone talked to anyone? I'm not shocked or anything. Really, I was more surprised that they were planning to go out again so soon.

And seriously? The BulletBoys?!? *sigh* I hope they're paying him well. I want to see him though, so I'll be at the show, I guess.

Oh, and I just wanted to mention that things are super busy for me right now. It's that time of year at work. I don't have much time to read lj during the day and I really don't want to sit at the 'puter when I'm home. But I am trying to keep up with my f-list and even though I can't comment much, I still care about all of you. I know [ profile] taleya and [ profile] glammastar and others are going through some rough times and I wish I could be there for you more. I hope you all understand.
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Who: Faster Pussycat / Bang Tango
Where: Chrome Horse Saloon in Cedar Rapids, IA
When: Saturday, July 22nd, 2006
Featured players: Me, [ profile] rockerlee, Lee's friend who shall remain named Nikki, Lee's friend Jenn, [ profile] xiolablux (Julee), [ profile] littleweirdgirl (Stef), Todd (aka NV)
Trip details: 4 1/2 hours, 315 miles

Day Two )

Summed up: It was worth selling my Wicked tickets because we had a great time!

Live Bang Tango photos
Live Faster Pussycat photos
Download my live videos (much better quality than on YouTube, all in .mov):
The Power & The Glory Hole
Sex Drugs and Rock-n-Roll
Hey You
Bathroom Wall
Shut Up and Fuck
Whole Lotta Rosie (jam with BT & FP members)
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Who: Faster Pussycat / Bang Tango
Where: Knickerbockers in lovely downtown Lincoln, NE
When: Friday, July 21st, 2006
Featured players: Me, [ profile] rockerlee and Lee's friend, who shall remain named Nikki
Trip details: 6 1/2 hours, 430 miles

Day One )

A good first day!

Live photos!
Download my live videos (much better quality than on YouTube, all in .mov):
Number 1 With a Bullet (117MB)
Sex Drugs and Rock-n-Roll (145MB)
Hey You (107MB)
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*grrrrrr* Something is wrong with my DSL modem. *kicks* But I seem to be online again now, so I'm going to try to write this. I will be doing my usual detailed entry for each Faster Pussycat show I was at. I'm working on getting all my photos edited and posted first though, so I wanted to get a quick recap in for everyone to read now.

This way... )

I'm so glad that I was able to go out with my boys for so many days and see so many of my friends! I met a ton of great new people, and got reacquainted with a lot of folks I've met when I've been out and about before. I can never, ever thank everyone on the tour enough for taking care of me and for being such utter sweethearts. Michael for telling me that the shows wouldn't be the same without me there. Xristian for assuring me that I'm not at all scary and they like having me around. Sean for always making sure that I got in okay and for repeatedly checking to see that I was doing all right. Chris for getting me whatever I needed and for almost beating the crap out of big drunk guys bothering me. =) And Chad...well, I don't even know what to say about him. I don't think I'd do this if he wasn't in the band anymore. I never feel like I'm just another girl in the crowd when he's there. I know that he really appreciates having me around. Even when he annoys the hell out of me, I'm still grateful that we're friends. I miss them all so much already!
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I've spent most of the day sleeping. It's been wonderful! Now I'm trying to get some of my photos edited, but it's a little slow going with my wrist being all screwed up. I do, however, want to post the very best photo that I got because it is super-duper sexy:

Yummmmmm, indeed

Also, Chad singing "Purple Rain" for karaoke:
[Error: unknown template video]
*snicker* Sorry the quality is kind of crap on YouTube. If anyone wants the actual video, let me know and I can upload it. =)

I do have an actual post I want to make, but I think I'm going back to bed. Tomorrow, for sure.
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Yep, I'm still at home. And happily watching the Twins game. I've been uploading my video clips and some of my photos from the weekend today. Besides doing laundry. I'm about to go take a shower since I'm still covered in Sharpie thanks to Xristian, then I'll be deep conditioning my hair, packing and going to bed. I'll be leaving for Cleveland sometime between 4-5am in the morning. Oh joy.

I seriously have a lot to write about, but it's not going to happen today. I'm keeping a notebook with me though, so I can try to write things down so I don't forget them. Honestly, I'm having more fun on this Faster Pussycat tour than I have on any of the other ones. X gave me the title of "Super Fan" on Saturday and Sean (their tour manager) told me yesterday that I get preferrential treatment. =) Dorks. And, of course, I don't have to pay for anything. Well, except for Jager shots. But that is my job, I suppose.


Faster Pussycat live videos
Photos from Lincoln, NE

And these are some photos I won't be posting on my website )

I'll have tons more photos and video when I get home, of course. Cleveland is tomorrow night. Then the Detroit show with Sammi on Wed and the Bay City show on Thursday. Back to Detroit on Friday to see Poison & Cinderella with Sammi & Foxy, then Chicago on Sat night with a whole bunch of people. Can't wait!!

OH! Can someone from book group let me know what date you picked for the next meeting?? Thx!
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Seriously. Best Faster Pussycat show ever tonight. They sounded fucking amazing!! It's 5am and we're just getting home. I can never thank those boys enough for everything they do for me. Sleep now. I need rest for Cleveland.
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Hmmmmmmmm...still forming an opinion on the new Faster Pussycat disc. I can't believe they kept that fucking awful version of "Boots" on it. They should've used "Pirate Love" instead. I'm just very very glad that they kept "Last Girl" intact, for the most part. Because I still love that song dearly.

I'll be seeing them live exactly 7 days from this very moment! *squee* music tonight. I'll post some tomorrow.

Thank goodness it's the weekend! Even if I do have to work all weekend. Dead Man's Chest again tomorrow night!

EDIT: What happened to "Hey You"? I definitely don't like this version as much as the first version.
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Can I have a little fangirly moment? Taime just put one of MY photos up on the Faster Pussycat MySpace page. *squee* Okay, maybe it doesn't mean much. But if you know me at all, then you know that they've been my favorite band since I was 13. That's well over half my life. So, this is kind of big for me. Especially since Taime's usually pretty picky about using photos that look good.

If we're keeping track, then FP, Blackboard Jungle and Killingbird have all used my photos on their MySpace pages, as have Chad Stewart and Eric Stacy. Not too shabby for a girl who still has no idea how to use her fancy new camera. =)
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I got interviewed by [ profile] f_o_n_y!

Babblin' on and on )
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Annnnnnnnd...the fact that Faster is redoing "Out With a Bang" is orgasmic, as it's one of my favorite songs and I'm dying to hear it live.

Something very, very odd did happen today. I have to think about it for a little while before I write about it.
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I've decided that I hate you, [ profile] polexxia. j/k Really. But, in case you haven't heard, there IS going to be a Faster show in SLC on Aug 17th. No other info available right now. Like, where it's going to be. But it is supposed to happen. sigh...I miss my little diva.

I have nothing else to say here. Maybe I should mention Rent just so it seems like a normal post. ;)

Oh! I do have something else! Be sure to watch Tommy Lee on the Tonight Show on Monday night. A couple of the guys from 3Faced are playing in Tommy's band, including the lovely Patrick. (you know, Tiff's boy) So, uhhhhh, watch and stuff.

Uh, Lee?

Jul. 24th, 2005 11:28 pm
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You know how you said that the Faster song sounded familiar? Have you listened to The Chelsea Smiles EP? Because I was just looking through my playlist and noticed track 4: "Pirate Love."

How did I miss that??

I like the FP version better, though.
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Where is Leigh going to be over the next two months??

Again, this is mainly for myself, so I can remember where the hell I'm supposed to be. I'm too lazy to put it into a nice calendar form this time.

July 14-17 - Nashville, TN to see [ profile] annfromdetroit and
July 15 - Duran Duran/Stimulator (Muh Chaddy!)

July 21 - Scum of the Earth in lovely Columbia Heights, MN (mmmmmmm...Skyla)

July 22-24 - Kansas City, MO to see [ profile] rockerlee and the rest of the KC girls, and...
July 23 - Duran Duran/Stimulator
(Hey, Lee? Is your aunt going to hate me hanging around there? 'Cause I think I want to drive down on Friday night, if that's okay. I'd like to see you for more than 12 hours.)

July 27 - Aug 7 - Faster Pussycat Stalking Road-trip-o-rama
Disclaimer: This is provided that someone - anyone - actually figures out what the fuck is going on for this tour. Really, who needs confirmed dates?? Oh, and I assume I'll be seeing more of you guys for some of these dates. I'm just too lazy to write out everyone's names.
July 28 - Detroit, MI with [ profile] what_never_was (confirmed!)
July 29 - Flint, MI (UGH! Flint) with [ profile] what_never_was and [ profile] foxontherun (mostly confirmed)
July 30 - Columbus, OH (confirmed)
July 31 - Cleveland, OH (confirmed)
Aug 2 - Mpls?? (totally not confirmed - however, it will be my Offically Early Birthday Party if the show happens)
Aug 3 - Fargo, ND (sort of confirmed)
Aug 4 - Fargo, ND (sort of confirmed)
Aug 5 - Cudahy, WI (sort of confirmed)
Aug 6 - Chicago, IL (sort of confirmed) with the usual Chicago suspects

Aug 19 - Kasey Chambers at the Minnesota Zoo with [ profile] duckduck

Aug 20 - Sludge Xtravaganza in Chicago, IL with the Chi-town folks again

Aug 26 - Motley Crue at the Minnesota State Fair with [ profile] rockerlee
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That Faster board amuses me to no end for some reason. It's so dead! I can't believe I have the highest number of posts.

Funny how I mention drunk assholes and Chadly shows up. =) He needs to rag on Muscat some more though, because that stuff's hysterical.


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