Sep. 10th, 2015 03:00 pm
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My friend thanked me for the 'amazing review' I wrote and told me it was perfect. Hooray! I was successful in writing some bs. I still super suck at writing reviews.

PS. I did end up legit enjoying the book. It just needs some work, IMHO.

My brother is getting married on Saturday and I won't be there. I feel a little guilty about that, but my freaking birthday party is happening that day. I kind of have to be there. And honestly, if he was really concerned that I be there, he would have asked about days that work. It's not actually about me, of course. It just sucks that I can't be there. Of course, he also scheduled it when my mom will be in Phoenix, so she won't be there either.

People probably think I'm like mean or something that I won't reschedule my party. But it's really an impromptu wedding just to get his fiancée's immigration paperwork started, because her work visa ends in November. And you know, she'll need a green card so she doesn't have to go back to Columbia. They're going to have a real ceremony & reception in January so it's not like I'll be missing that. I'm not heartless. I just want to have my birthday party.
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Did you know I still read you? I do! Almost everyday. Crazy, I know. I should start posting again, but I never feel like I have much to say. Work exists. Going out happens, sometimes. I read a lot. I mean, A LOT. My niece is super adorable. I miss my dog since he moved 2 1/2 hours north with my parents and I can't talk to him on the phone. My newish fandom (CockyBoys - google that at your own risk, totally NSFW) is the most ridiculous thing I've ever participated in and that's saying something. (there's no fourth wall and it's very concerning, but also fun) I almost never listen to music anymore but have more podcasts downloaded than I have time for.

Annnnnnnnnnnnd, that's about it? I'm a boring old lady, I guess.
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Hi there. I used to post here. A lot, actually. Those were the days. I always wish I had time to post and then real life happens. Or I just don't have really have anything to talk about. Like now.

So here, have a photo from my niece's 1st birthday party yesterday. She kind of loved her cake.
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My brother's girlfriend got induced today! I'm gonna have a niece pretty soon!!! =)
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If you follow my Twitter ramblings, you might have noticed that my brother & his girlfriend are having a baby. And I've been frantically working on a cross-stitch blanket to have it finished in time for the shower that we're throwing this Sunday. And I finished all the stitching last night!

(yeah, sorry. it's a crappy photo from my Blackberry)

All I have left to do is sew on the backing and fringe the edges. I love how it turned out and I think Shannon (the gf) will love it too. I hope so!

I kind of don't want to stitch anything ever again right now, so I guess I'm moving on to CONvergence costuming. I have some ideas. Even though I swore I wasn't going to sew anything.

oh Plucky Duck, I love you so...


Dec. 25th, 2010 10:28 pm
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As much as I complain about my family, I will say this. At least we care enough to all get together and stuff ourselves silly with delicious, delicious Lebanese food. And you know, spend time together. Skyping with my cousin, watching football, comparing scars - whatever.

Because Cole and I had to run down to the gas station when we ran out of ice and it was packed with people. Including a dad and his sons, buying a bunch of hot dogs. Gas station hot dogs for Christmas dinner. It made me really bummed. =( And really thankful for what I have.

It's really fantastic to have my brother home from Korea. And to talk wedding plans with my sister. And to finally see my youngest brother's girlfriend for the first time since they announced that they're having a baby. (it's a girl!) I definitely can't complain.

Merry Christmas, y'all.
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hi there!

So you may have heard that we've had some weather around here this weekend. Either on my twitter or Facebook or on the news or whatever. We got about 18 inches of snow, making it the 5th largest snowstorm of all time here in the Cities. Or something like that. We already had like 10-12 inches on the ground, so there's a lot of fucking snow out there.

Knowing that it was going to be bad and the fact that they never, ever plow the lot at my apt building well or on time, I decided to stay at my parents house on Fri night since I had to work in the morning. (they live like a mile from my crap retail job) This worked out well. I brought laundry. I helped my mom decorate for Christmas. My dad cleaned off my car for me in the morning. Aces.

Work SUCKED. The storm got worse and we'd had 3 whole customers by the time our owners let us close at 1pm. I only made it out of the parking lot because one of the plow guys saw me trying to get traction and made a path for me. The short drive back to my parents was ridic and I knew I'd never make it all the way to my place, so I stayed there another night. My dad moved his POS Jeep so I could park in his car port. Finished Christmas decorating. Finished cross-stitching gifts for my Star Trek secret santa person. Stayed warm.

This morning was cold and sunny. My dad moved my car into the sun to warm it up and clean the snow off. I stayed through dinner and finally got back to my place about an hour ago. Which was hardly plowed. =( I barely made it up the hill into the lot, but Lil' Min is a champ and made it! And I managed to snag the one lone spot in the entire lot that was actually plowed out. Thankfully, my dad also gave me a shovel just in case I have to dig my way out tomorrow. The streets around are mostly okay, it's just this place that sucks. But there's a guy in a truck and one with a snowblower now trying to make a dent. Which is good because several cars were plowed in behind 3-4 foot high walls of snow.

Also, this happened this morning:

I realize you've probably seen it today, on the news or sports coverage, but it bears watching again. And again and again! The best part is the dude in the golf cart hightailing it the fuck out of there. Can we just burn the whole thing to the ground?

tl;dr version: I am safe and dry and happy. And now going to spend the rest of the evening reading Pinto fic like it's my job. =)
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- I spent much of the weekend at the cabin with some of the Usual Suspects. it was awesome! we are big nerds at heart, so we spent a lot of time working on CON costumes instead of communing with nature, but that's okay.

- we did go on a nice boat ride and I took some awesome photos like this one:
Round Lake June 2010

- my mom is much much more interested in geek activities when my friends talk about them than when I do. =/

- someone posted 65 episodes of a teen soap opera that Karl Urban was in back in 1995. he's in like 40 some eps, and I'm downloading them all. why? I have no idea. except that he's all adorable and baby-faced in it. also, it's a New Zealand show but they're all dubbed in German so I have no idea what's going on. probably not actually necessary when KU walks into the scene wearing leather pants. ;)

- Doctor Who, OMG. is it next Saturday yet??

- I had to come back this morning since I had to work today. Boo.

- turning to me and saying 'don't you want to work overtime?' when I tell you we're open for 5 more minutes is not going to endear me to you, stupid customer.

- I know I said it already, but happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] wilowisp!!

- I told [livejournal.com profile] carleton97 that I would post some fic recs that we were dicussing in the car on the drive back, so here they are:

Days of Promise by [livejournal.com profile] icanbreakthesky
my friend Kate posted her bandom big bang today! Frank/Mikey, Bob/Frank/Mikey western!AU. I'll be reading it myself tonight or tomorrow. super excited about it!

Thick as Thieves by [livejournal.com profile] noelia_g
Kirk/McCoy White Collar-inspired AU. McCoy is a FBI agent who has spent years chasing Jim Kirk. it's pretty awesome!

Common Grounds by [livejournal.com profile] caitri
Kirk/McCoy modern day AU where Jim is a barista and McCoy stumbles into his coffee shop after walking around in a haze for a few months after his divorce.

The Basics of Primary Ed. by [livejournal.com profile] caera1996
Kirk/McCoy modern day AU where Jim is a kindergarden teacher and Bones enrolls Joanna in his class. it's not a good story, per se, but entertaining. especially if you like AUs, which I do. a LOT. because as you'll notice, these are all AUs.

and I'm absolutely heartbroken that Welcome to Hades was deleted due to the recent J2 FAILboat wank-causing Haiti story. because Hades was a gorgeous Pinto love story that happened to have Haiti as the backdrop. thankfully, I have it saved on my hard drive because it's a story I love re-reading. if people only created art that was sure to not offend or anger anyone, it would be a pretty bland and boring world. =(
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Yeah, it's after midnight so I didn't get a post in for today. But I was super busy! Today is exactly what I needed!

First up, [livejournal.com profile] seimaisin and I went over to Best Buy to watch Green River Ordinance do an acoustic set. Kelly, my friend from work, and her son joined us. The set was short, but totally fun! They told a lot of ridiculous stories and took questions from the audience. And we ended up talking to a lot of fans there, because that's kind of how I roll. The GRO guys were sweet and awesome as usual, delivering hugs and thanks. Jamey was also nice enough to put us on the guest list for the show tonight so we didn't have to worry about getting tickets. =)

Something you will find amusing: we were sitting on the floor during the set and my legs/feet promptly fell asleep. And when I tried to get up afterwards, I totally bit it and fell down. =/ It didn't help that it was my bum ankle. Joshua looked greatly concerned, but it was fine. It's certainly not the first time I've fallen over and won't be the last.

Okay, so then we went over to my sister's open house/graduation/birthday party. I hadn't seen their new house yet, so that was nice. And my family was getting along so that was good too. =) There was Lebanese food and I ate a lot of it.

We journeyed back over to Jaime's for a little while. Chowed some pizza and played a little Rock Band. We finally got around to buying the Family Force 5 song. I love them so much!

Then we headed over to the Fine Line for the show. GRO did a fantastic job and the crowd was totally into it! It's so weird to think about the time we saw them at the Hellhole with like 15 people. The Fine Line was packed and there was a lot of yelling and clapping and singing along. I'm so excited that they're getting such an awesome reception. =) Kris Allen was good too, even though I don't know much about him. He definitely needs some polish yet, but since this was his first real tour he gets some slack.

Kris was signing things after the show and we decided that we didn't want to be anywhere near that scene, so we hung outside with the mob around GRO. We made sure to thank Jamey for getting us in, of course, and got photos with everyone. I just can't stress how entirely nice and appreciative these guys are. They always remember us and treat us so well. =)

Here's a couple photos from today. behind the cut )The rest of the photos are up at Facebook, if you have me friended there.

And now, off to bed! Doctor Who watching in the morning and then work all day long. BLAH.
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earlier this week:
"No, we're not going to get another dog. It's too soon. Maybe in a year or two."

"So, we might go back to the shelter tomorrow and get this dog that was there."

Honestly, my mother is way too predictable sometimes.

Dear brain, please stop demanding that I start new craft projects before I've completed the previous craft project. kthxbai!
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ARGH. I have much to say, but I want to work on my project 365 photos, so this will be fast. Again.

- Zombie pirate costume is complete! I tried it all on and it looks GOOD. I'm so happy! I also made my gory hand wound tonight and it looks awesome.
- I was supposed to see The Cab last night, but got stuck working at Hallmark late and didn't make it to the show. Grrrr. My mom even came down to the store to help me out and we still didn't get done in time.
- My mom & I had a weird conversation while she was there. Normally, she doesn't really show much interest in what's going on in my life. Especially if it's geek related. But she kept asking questions about CONvergence and what we'd be doing. It was odd. Also, she apparently thinks the Star Trek party we had on my 18th birthday was a lot of fun. Funny, I don't remember her thinking that back then.
- The first Torchwood radio play was on today. And it was pretty meh. =/
- We officially closed down my music community today. This is the first time in almost two years I haven't felt guilty about spending time on myself instead of working on uploading things. YES.

Okay, nothing else for now. Have another macro.

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I don't have a lot of time because I'm approximately 5 minutes away from collapsing in a heap. But [livejournal.com profile] taylorea started this meme and I wanted to at least attempt to answer it.

What would we do without our support system? Share with me who the important people are in your life. Who makes the hard times feel not so hard or alone? And most of all, how have they impacted who you are today?

I'll start with my family, who are generally pretty awesome. And who will always willingly feed me or give me gas money or listen to me bitch about work whenever I need it. =)

And then there's my friends. I don't even know where to start with you guys. You're all so very important to me! Especially [livejournal.com profile] taylorea and [livejournal.com profile] seimaisin and [livejournal.com profile] duckduck. I don't know where my life would be right now without you all, but it certainly would be anywhere near as much fun or as interesting. ♥

Okay, that's a lame answer. I really am exhausted. =(

Today was pretty awful at work. My letters WOULD NOT run correctly. We had 6 people working on them at one point. Then finally finally FINALLY my letters worked and then the John Barrowman album leaked and maybe things aren't so bad after all...


Nov. 2nd, 2008 05:50 pm
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A update on me, because I'm sure you're all wondering. My cold is finally at a place where I'd say I'm actually better. I'm still kind of stuffed up in the mornings but I can pretty much make it through the day with just a decongestant. Fever is gone. Sore throat is gone. Cough is pretty much gone. It's such a relief! I know being able to get some actual rest this weekend definitely helped.

But. (why is there always a but?) I moved my pillows around last week so I'd be sleeping at a higher angle so my sinuses could drain and I didn't suffocate in my own mucus during the night. And one night I must have been sleeping in a weird position because I did something to my neck. What exactly did I do? Who knows. It just HURTS. Sitting, standing, laying down, moving my neck in any direction...PAIN. Ouch! I'm kind of miserable. Especially since I ran out of Advil the other day and I haven't had anything to deaden the pain. And no money to go out and buy any. (really, I needed that T-shirt at the TAI concert) But I'm at my parents hours right now helping my mom with something and she has a nearly full bottle of Advil. I took some a little while ago and I already feel a million times better! Some of those little pills will definitely be coming home with me. ::clings to drugs::

Along with some of the leftovers from the dinner we're about to eat. YUM! =)

Also, seekrit to [livejournal.com profile] duckduck: clicky here
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Well. That wasn't exactly what I had in mind for the evening.

Yesterday, my mom asked me to come over tonight and help hang up her Halloween lights outside. And she said she'd feed me dinner. (The #1 rule of always broke, single person living? never turn down free food) Except that when I went over there, they'd ordered Chinese food and she FORGOT that she'd invited me over. =/ Gee, thanks.

I still hung up lights and helped her with some other things. And then my dad tells me their klunky, shitty desktop (like, still-running-fucking-ME shitty) finally died and they wanted to use my brother's old computer. Except that it had several viruses/trojans and would barely run. Why yes, I can't think of anything I'd like to do tonight more than formatting the hard drive and reinstalling XP. But I did it and my dad tossed me $20 for my troubles, so it wasn't a total lost cause.

But this means I yet again am not getting my project 365 photos uploaded tonight. Or uploading my Kasey Chambers or Quietdrive videos to YouTube. =/ Maybe tomorrow.
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So yeah, hi. I'm up at the cabin until Saturday. [livejournal.com profile] seimaisin was here for several days, but she left this evening. So now it's just me. Well, and my mom and Earl, who are over at the house. Across the street. Sort of.

For some perspective, here's a photo )

Yes, the house and the cabin are only about...what? A hundred feet apart? If that? Yet we each stay in our respective areas and it's probably better that way. And we're more likely to call each other than to actually walk over to the other place. It works for us, so whatever.

ANYHOW. I was sitting here watching TV tonight (yes, certainly an exciting way to spend a birthday) and Earl let himself in through the doggie door. He jumped up on the couch with me and implored me to scratch his chin, just like he belonged here. I figured my mom was visiting the neighbors and he was looking for her and just got confused, so I carried him over to the house to wait for her. Nope, she was sitting there watching TV. Neither of us have any idea why he would wander over to the cabin by himself. Weird little dog.

For real though, just being up here makes me miss Riley more than ever. I expect to see him trot over to sit by my chair while we're sitting by the fire. =(

Also, part of the fun of this state? It was nearly 90 degrees yesterday. Today? It barely made it into the 70s. brrrrrr...

But holy crap am I happy that I got the hell out of town. What the fuck is going on in the city that I love?? Sadly, that's not even the worst of it.
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I won't usually post my Project 365 photos here in my lj, but I wanted to post today's seeing as how it's the first.

Project 365 (001/365)

Starting off with a a photo of myself and my brother, DJ. Sadly, this will be the last appearance of my brother in my Project 365 for quite a while, as he's flying back to Korea in about 7 hours. =/

Don't forget! You can follow my Project 365 over at Legendary Photos, or at [livejournal.com profile] legendaryphotos! And if you're thinking about starting 365 yourself, join us over at [livejournal.com profile] year_inthe_life. We're going to try our best to keep everyone motivated throughout the year.

And I have one more photo, which is actually from last week. [livejournal.com profile] taylorea sent it to me today though and I wanted to post it. I make a really awesome chew toy )
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YAY!! My brother is home! I missed that kid like whoa. And when we got back to my parents house, I let Earl outside while they grabbed the luggage out of the car and told him to look who we brought home. DJ called his name and Earl completely flipped his lid. His tail was wagging at about 1000 wags/minute. So adorable! =)

Boo. I have to get up in like five hours. I don't know why I haven't climbed into bed yet. Tomorrow is going to hurt!
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I cannot begin to describe how ridiculous the situation is here. My mother has made or is making:

- A large hunk of lamb (I'm assuming it's a leg, but it's cut up and marinating so who knows?)
- Parmesan potatoes
- Deviled eggs
- Roasted asparagus
- Lebanese salad
- A large cheese & cracker tray
- A bowl of cut fruit
- Veggies & dip tray

There are four people eating dinner. FOUR. Five, possibly, if my cousin shows up. Then my mom's all "I was thinking about roasting a chicken too." Are you kidding me??

At least I'll have some leftovers this week.
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So yesterday, I had all these things I was supposed to do. Instead, I spent the evening at my parents house because my mom had suddenly decided that she wanted to have a pasta dinner party and she needed my help with things. And it was fine. The food was great (of course) and my family was crazy (of course). My aunt Mick finally got her Skype set up so we talked to her for a while. And we woke DJ up at like 9am and talked to him. He's really home sick. =(

Predictably, my dad had fallen asleep in front of the TV and forgot about poor Earl, so I ended up taking him for a walk before dinner. Since it was warm and the sun had been out, the sidewalks were pretty much one big puddle so I ended up soaked. But we still walked for a long time since Earl's gotten pretty pudgy this winter. On the last block, I realized that I hadn't eaten anything all day, got really dizzy and almost fell down. Good times. Still, it was nice to be outside in just a hoodie and not be freezing and it was nice to get a little exercise. I've been going a little stir crazy.

Today I woke up at 8am on a Sunday to do laundry. WHUT? Exactly. But now it's done and I have clean clothes for work. I may even change the sheets on my bed today. But no promises.

Also, I told Lauren a couple weeks ago that I'd make a list of all my music videos and then promptly forgot about it. So I made myself work on it this morning. It's here: http://leighblack.dreamhosters.com/musicvideolist.htm I'll take requests. Blah blah blah.

That's all I have to report, I do believe. I could get used to this whole having the weekend off thing.
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Thing the First:
I picked my parents up from the airport tonight and I am finally home after four days. I brought Earl with me in the car and he absolutely flipped his gourd when he saw my mom waiting on the sidewalk. It was adorable. We had an okay time together but I'm still happy that I'll be able to sleep in my own bed tonight where there's not a furry little creature trying to get my attention while I'm sleeping.

Thing the Second:
YOU GUYS! I finally got my client invoice to work properly today! I've been working on that stupid thing for like two weeks. I think the rest of my work week will be much easier now that I have that off my plate.

Thing the Third:
Because I'm all about rewarding myself for the little things lately, I bought the audio of John Barrowman's biography as a congrats for getting my invoice done. I've decided that I can wait to get the book until it's released here in the US in April, but I wanted needed to hear John read it before then. Even if it is the abridged version. I've already made it through some of it and it's pretty hilarious. =)

Thing the Fourth:
My brother called my parents house earlier, looking for my dad. Since they were in the air at that point, I ended up talking to DJ myself for like 15 minutes. I haven't talked to him in a couple weeks, so that was nice. I miss him so much. He's trying to narrow down when he'll be home during the summer, but he's pretty sure that he'll be here for the 4th of July. Yay!

Thing the Fifth:
Hey! Minnesota has been declared for Obama. Sweet! I still feel bad that I couldn't get out to caucus today since I had airport duty to perform.

I think that's it for today. I'm going to suck down some Advil PM, listen the commentary for Combat and then conk out for a while.


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