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Okay, I realize these caps are totally and completely out of context, but they make me giggle anyways.

slashy!!!11!! )

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I have the caps of Steve Valentine's appearance on Boston Legal's episode Spring Fever up here. I'm hoping to get the second episode up yet tonight. *eyes clock* We'll see.

ETA: BL: Los Angeles caps are here.
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Sorry there's not a whole lot of Bug caps. There wasn't much to work with.

Mace vs. Scalpel )

JD = Aussie hottness )

Caps from next week's preview )

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Caps from the kisses!

No issues. No problems. All friends. )

Enjoy! Use them for anything you wish. ;)

Oh, and if anyone cares, there's a new video up on Nigel's Blog. I haven't watched it yet, but I will tonight. And I'll capture it to upload too. And you can vote for Lily's wedding dress. o_O
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Wow. Feels like it's been forever since I've done one of these!

Blame Game )

ETA: Nigel Caps
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Hello all. I just wanted to alert you that I won't be able to get any CJ screencaps done until Wed night. Sorry! It's one of those weeks. =/
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And this is a little bit of everyone else. There were a lot of characters in this ep! And yes, [livejournal.com profile] garretelliot, it includes Seely stuck in the elevator.

The Elephant in the Room Pt.2 )

And no, no, no, no, no! )

ETA: Nigel Caps
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I'm going to break this up into two posts because there's a lot of caps here. These are the Bug ones.

The Elephant in the Room )
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And I do mean a pic SPAM. There's tons! Be warned.

Loves Me Not )

And since I adore them and their awkwardness, Lily & Jeffrey caps too )

I should have the Nigel caps up on Crossing Nigel soon, since there's not many of them.
ETA: Nigel Caps
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Road Kill screencaps are up.

Yay!! Chrissy, I got my drabble and 5 halves today. I LOVE it!! Although really, Bug would make a better Angel. I just can't envision any scenario in which he'd actually dress up like her. =) Thanks bunches!!
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Has anyone heard from Meg? She hasn't posted in a while. I hope things are okay.

Episode 7 - Road Kill )

and a couple caps of Renee, since she's been missed )
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Yay! I finally got these done. I zipped them all into a folder, rather than trying to post them all, since there's a zillion of them. Download it here. Let me know if you have any trouble downloading or opening it. They're mostly caps from the slashy cake tasting scene, but there's some from the rest of the episode too.

a couple teasers )

Enjoy! I should be making some icons out of these soon.
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Total Recall screencaps are up.
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With a side helping of Lily & Jeff for Kate.

Episode 5 )
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Enlightenment screencaps are now up.

Because I can, here's some of my favorites )

And now, it is WAY past my bedtime.
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Episode 5 )

I'm trying to get the rest of the caps done as quickly as I can. I'm not planning on sleeping until they're done!

Oh, and in other news, I totally flaked on my f-list today since I was busy. And since tomorrow is my first day back at work since being out for two days, and I have a dinner thing tomorrow night, and I have my book group meeting, I'm probably going to miss things tomorrow too. Sorry! I know I saw some really important posts. I'll try to catch up as soon as I can! If I can't read or comment, I do at least skim until I can go back and read the important stuff. Honest.
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Episode 3 )
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Episode 3 )
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Under the Weather screencaps

CJ icons ain't gonna happen tonight. Too sleepy.


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