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just leaving this here...

okay, and this one too )

ps. I hate Capt Fine's hair like that. I almost miss the Kirk 'do. although it is pretty cute that their hair kind of matches.

pps. waistcoat. hnnng.
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YOU GUYS! I MET ANTON YELCHIN TODAY! What's that? Pics or it didn't happen, you say?

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Hee hee! He was here for the showing of Like Crazy at the Twin Cities Film Fest. [livejournal.com profile] duckduck and j took me out to it for my birthday present. The movie was fantastic. And had surprise Alex Kingston! They did a Q&A after the movie and then mingled up in the bar afterwards. And we got free drinks. We had to do some leg work to get close to Anton, but we did and he was very gracious. And I might have babbled about Fright Night. But he was sweet and took photos with us despite my being all fangirly. So success all around! :D
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It's my 35th birthday. It's weird to be in a different age bracket on quizzes. Oh well. Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes! It was a very weird day at work today and you all made me smile.

Amazon won't let me add Chris Pine to my wish list. Boo. I'll have to settle for a cardboard cutout of him instead.
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Best. Icon. Ever.

I've had the past two days off from my day job. And it that time, I've worked 11 hours. (7 at Hallmark & 4 for the day job) So much for enjoying my time off. =/ But I've also gotten some Christmas and birthday shopping done, along with some TRB shopping. I (FINALLY) mailed off a package to [livejournal.com profile] sammipunk and to my Star Trek Secret Santa person. And my daddy paid to have new tires put on my car. (yay!) It's going to be an incredibly busy weekend (omg, my brother comes home from Korea in 40 hours!) so this is my only time to myself. And I'm going to spend it watching last night's Burn Notice. Oh yeah.


Dec. 13th, 2010 02:20 pm
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To the right. OBVIOUSLY.

I don't have a dick and that looks painful to me. Let it breathe, Chris! You don't want it to fall off! o_O
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the first photo of KUrb as Judge Dredd!!

It's going to be so terrible. I can't wait!
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hey there, livejournal! I know, it's been a while. And I return with a post that has absolutely no substance whatsoever.

More photos of Chris Pine and Tom Hardy from the set of This Means War right here! These were a nice surprise to see before I went to bed last night.

a few of my favorites... )

I've been busy busy busy with work and life and things. It might be back to normal soon? Not realy sure...
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First, there was the nerdy walking post. Then there were all those super HAWT Details photos. And now we FINALLY have Tom Hardy and Chris Pine together.

It's like the universe is fulfilling ALL of my desires this week. I approve!
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because I love you guys, here's a zip file of tons of screencaps from the Details magazine Behind the Scenes video. You're welcome.

more examples behind the cut! )

now, if only I could find an actual copy of the magazine...
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more photos from Chris Pine's Details shoot!

*chin hands* He's so hot!

you KNOW you want to click this! )

That last one? YEAH. I'll be in my bunk. Holy cripes, Pine. Way to be ridonkulously hawt!

How am I going to choose which one should be the background on my BB??? :whines:
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OMG. Like OH. MY. GOD.

clickity-click for moar deliciousness! )


yeah, I see myself owning a couple copies of this magazine.
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It was a pretty close race, but with 58.3% of the vote, Mr. Karl-Heinz Urban has been voted out in the fourteenth and final round.

I still love you, KUrb!

let's gaze upon his manly goodness a little more )

That means the winner and most attractive is Mr. Christopher Whitelaw Pine!!

seriously, SO GORGEOUS

It was a long and difficult race, but the Princess won in the end. I think it's well-deserved! Look at those eyes! Those lips! That bulge! :) He's quite the beautiful specimen. Dorky hats and terrible sweaters and all.

photos for your celebratory viewing pleasure behind the cut! )
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With 41.7% of the vote, the lovely Salma Hayek was voted out in the thirteenth round.


That means we're down to final round! And your choices are these two tasty individuals:

Urbine! Errr, I mean Chris Pine and Karl Urban! They're gorgeous. They're in a lot of terrible movies and one or two good ones. They're so in love. I mean, they're very talented. And they are the final two! Take a gander at the photo evidence and choose the least attractive. I know that's gonna be difficult.

lots and lots of pretties to look at behind the cut )
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With 40.0% of the vote, Nathan Fillion has been voted out in the twelveth round.

you'll always be my favorite captain. I think. maybe.

Round 13 is behind the cut. Choose the least attractive of the bunch. This is a pretty difficult decision!

click for the tasty three! )
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With 43.8% of the vote, Hugh Jackman has been voted out in the eleventh round.

I took this when I went to NYC to stalk him see The Boy From Oz!

Round 12 is behind the cut. Choose the least attractive of the bunch. The choice continues to get more and more difficult!

click for the final four! )
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With 35.0% of the vote, Julianna Margulies has been voted out in the tenth round.

seriously, she's SO pretty

Round 11 is behind the cut. Choose the least attractive of the bunch. The choice continues to get more difficult.

click for the foxy five! )
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With 50.0% of the vote, Gareth David Lloyd has been voted out in the ninth round.

I'm pretty sure I said something about 'omg, I touched him' right after this was taken

Round 10 is behind the cut. Choose the least attractive of the bunch. The choice gets even harder!

click for the sultry six!! )
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With 52.6% of the vote, Idina Menzel was voted out in the eighth round.

seriously, I LOVE her

Round 9 is behind the cut. Choose the least attractive of the bunch. I know it's getting more difficult!

click for the sexy seven!! )
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With 46.2% of the vote, Matt Nathanson was voted out in the seventh round.

this is from last year's Basilica Block Party, one of my favorite concerts from last year

Round 8 is behind the cut. I'm going to go with 'in character' pics today since everyone left is an actor/actress. Just for something different.

click for the elite eight!! )
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It's a sad day in the Attractive Meme as Butch Walker was voted off in the sixth round, with 36.4% of the vote.

oh Butch, I promise I still love you

Round 7 is behind the cut. Choose your least favorite wisely!

click for the top nine! )


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