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Whoops. I haven't updated in a while. Hi! I'm still alive. Just taking a few days off to get caught up on some stuff. It's awesome. My laundry pile thinks it's awesome too. As does my computer setup since I'm cleaning a bunch of stuff off it to free up some space.

I don't really have anything of any importance to say. So have a Star Trek macro? This totally made me LOL! Anarchy Day on [livejournal.com profile] ontd_startrek rocks my socks.

YOU ARE TRASHING MY SCENE makes me giggle every. time.

Also, this fandom!secret makes me want to weep for humanity:
spoilers for Torchwood: Children of Earth LIEK WHOA )
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M-A-J-O-R SPOILERS for Torchwood COE Day Four )

In closing, I'm going to be over here reading Star Trek porn for the rest of the night. Oh, and working on my P365 photos because I'm way behind again.


Jul. 8th, 2009 06:44 pm
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Torchwood Day Three spoiler behind the cut )
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I'm trying to come up with some thinky thoughts about last night's episode of Torchwood and I'm just not that coherent this morning. But I LOVED it. Love love love. This is what the show always should have been! I do still love the episodes Ashley Way has directed, but Euros Lyn has totally blown him away as the best director for the show.

some spoilery stuff )
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ARGH. I have much to say, but I want to work on my project 365 photos, so this will be fast. Again.

- Zombie pirate costume is complete! I tried it all on and it looks GOOD. I'm so happy! I also made my gory hand wound tonight and it looks awesome.
- I was supposed to see The Cab last night, but got stuck working at Hallmark late and didn't make it to the show. Grrrr. My mom even came down to the store to help me out and we still didn't get done in time.
- My mom & I had a weird conversation while she was there. Normally, she doesn't really show much interest in what's going on in my life. Especially if it's geek related. But she kept asking questions about CONvergence and what we'd be doing. It was odd. Also, she apparently thinks the Star Trek party we had on my 18th birthday was a lot of fun. Funny, I don't remember her thinking that back then.
- The first Torchwood radio play was on today. And it was pretty meh. =/
- We officially closed down my music community today. This is the first time in almost two years I haven't felt guilty about spending time on myself instead of working on uploading things. YES.

Okay, nothing else for now. Have another macro.

YAY! \o/

Jun. 18th, 2009 07:48 am
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Torchwood is confirmed to air on BBC One sometime during the week of July 4-10!!! SO EXCITED!!! Only a couple weeks left to wait.

The concert last night was AMAZING! Justin Townes Earle was entirely entertaining. I dig his Buddy Holly-like schtick a lot. Kasey & Shane (and Kasey's dad Bill) were PERFECT and wonderful and I'm still totally in love with her. ♥ [livejournal.com profile] taylorea said she looked over at me a couple times and I was just 'gone'. Ha ha. Whatever. I adore Kasey. That's not a secret. Unfortunately, a VERY drunk annoying guy was sitting next to j and was trying very hard to ruin the show for the people around him, with his moaning (yes, MOANING) and singing. Blah. The Star Trib wrote some words about the show here, including the setlist.

I'm pretty much in love with [livejournal.com profile] inell. Last night's chapter of Two Men & a Motorbike was extremely satisfying. Especially since it was already waiting for me when I got home from the show. I have a sneaking suspicion I will be waiting up tonight until she posts tonight's chapter.
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From BBC America!

Of course, it would be more helpful to me if I could hear it. *kicks stupid laptop* But still, it looks creepy! Is it July yet???


Apr. 22nd, 2009 08:58 pm
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I know that I'm a sad sad fangirl, but this makes me happy in my pants )


I REALLY REALLY just want a date for when it's going to air. Please BBC??


Dec. 15th, 2008 08:55 am
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You guys. YOU GUYS. Torchwood/Burn Notice crossover fic. YES.

Also? [livejournal.com profile] ninja_teaboy got opened up this weekend to combat all the fics where Ianto is a big woobie wuss. KickAss!Ianto is my favorite ever and this community has been desperately needed.

And this concludes your fannish flailing for this morning.

The less said about the weather and my suck ass drive into work, the better.

But this guy sure ain't lettin' the snow stop him from enjoying his day.

heh heh

Dec. 11th, 2008 10:20 am
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Which Torchwood Character Are You?
Your Result: Ianto Jones

You most resemble the team's composed, sarcastic general support. Passionate but excellent at hiding it under a reserved exterior, you care deeply about people and have a hard time letting go. The downside of keeping such a tight leash on your external emotions is that sometimes you lose control and have to let it all out. Competent and hard-working, you like to be on top of things.

Gwen Cooper
Toshiko Sato
Owen Harper
Captain Jack Harkness
Which Torchwood Character Are You?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz
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mega thanks to [livejournal.com profile] phiremangston for pointing this out!

Cobra Starship's "I Kissed a Boy", Jack Harkness-style!

It's like someone crawled into the fandom part of my brain and took notes.
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Dear Borders, ILU!! *hugs*

$79.99 DVD + 40% off any DVD Box Set coupon + $5 in Borders Bucks + $2.04 leftover merch credit + $20 gift card (thanks again [livejournal.com profile] sister_wolf! ) = $23.92 out of pocket

And now I own the far superior second season of Captain Jack and his merry band of inept alien chasers on DVD for my very own!! =) And you better believe that I went down to get it on my lunch break. Torchwood is SRS BZNS, you know.
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So, here's a new Torchwood update! Kinda spoilery, but not really.

Mickey and Martha are NOT joining TW for Season 3, contrary to all previous rumors and the end scene from Doctor Who. Instead Rhys and PC Andy will be come series regulars to round out the cast for now. I don't think it means they'll actually become part of TW, but they'll give some assistance to the team. I guess. Who cares? MOAR ANDY & RHYS PLZ! THX!!

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Since people seemed to enjoy the Torchwood macro I linked to the other day, I should also recommend this one! SPOILERS FOR THE FINAL DOCTOR WHO EPISODE. But if you watched that episode and, like myself, wondered WTF happened to Torchwood during the episode, you'll enjoy this one.

I don't even know how to explain this link properly. If you enjoy trashy VH1 reality shows and are enjoying the fine crack presented every Sunday night that's known as I Love Money, then you should read this blog. Because Heather, 12 Pack, The Entertainer and Toastee hosted a viewing party in NYC last night and it ended with The Entertainer sucking on Heather's toes on the sidewalk in Times Square. YES.

Also, Idolator has the list of songs that will be on Rock Band 2. I can sing a mean version of "You Oughta Know", that's all I'm sayin'. =)
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Soooooo...those Torchwood casting rumors are pretty much confirmed, eh? Next season should be interesting.

My $9 wig looks much better than I thought it would. Yay!
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Suzie...aka Indira Varma...is on Law & Order: CI right now! Fandom crossovers FTW! I wish this was a Goren episode though. That would make it awesome!

I hope she doesn't get shot.
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ps. Ianto owns them all. ILU IANTO! ♥
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So. Faster Pussycat is playing a show when I'm out in California. On the same night as the BBJ show. Not like it's just down the Strip or anything, so I could perhaps run between the shows. No, it's in the middle of fucking nowhere. Of course. It's like the 5th show this summer that has been on the same night as something else. Why can't people consult with me before scheduling things? =/

It sounds like that whole 'there's only going to be 5 episodes of Torchwood next year' thing is true. (although I'm not inclined to believe the rumor that all five episodes will be on in the same week - that's not the BBC's style) Ugh. I've got to wait all the way until next spring for more of my cracked out show and then there's only going to be a few episodes? And then more waiting?? sigh... I know how the serious Who fans feel now.


Apr. 26th, 2008 10:14 pm
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The Rift was today. It was the first ever Torchwood con. Read this chick's review! WHY AM I NOT LIVING IN LONDON WHERE ALL THE GOOD STUFF HAPPENS???

""A Captain sandwich, with an Ianto filling. Toasted." I want my very own Gareth David-Lloyd to keep with me always, for realz.
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I have thoughts about the final episode of Torchwood, but I'm too tired to write them all out.

But...slight spolier )


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