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Day 02 → Your favourite movie

Now, see? This one is much easier than yesterday. Stupid meme.

My choice for this is Se7en, David Fincher's brilliant crime thriller starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. Not a cheerful or uplifting movie by any means. It's gritty and harsh and fairly unforgiving. I can still remember sitting in the theater the first time I saw it being completely blown away by the ending. It's still hard to believe that Fincher was able to get away with it. I've re-watched this movie many many times and while it will never again have the same jolt as the first viewing, it's still very visually captivating and gripping.

If you're at all curious, my top 5 movies of all time are:
Reservoir Dogs
The Boondock Saints
Star Trek
Yes, 4 out of 5 are incredibly violent. I'm not sure what that says about me.
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Soooooo...Carriers was bad. Like, BAD. Baaaaaaaaaaaad. But Chris Pine was obviously enjoying himself. And he is hot. And I am shallow. Tomorrow is Star Trek on the IMAX! So we get to see Chris Pine being hot in a much better movie!

Hey! I actually stayed logged into lj! For the first time in a few weeks. yay!


Sep. 2nd, 2009 08:43 am
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So, who's in for Chris Pine's new movie Carriers on Friday night? It is apparently playing in theaters besides the one in Lakeville. Yay! Here's our choices:

Showplace in Inver grove: 7:40 or 10:00
Regal in Eagan: 6:50 or 9:20
I'm thinking the 9:20 at Regal? Yes? No?

And then Star Trek is back on the IMAX this weekend! Only at the IMAX at the AMC Rosedale and only at 11:05pm. But I'm definitely in for going on Sat night. Anyone else?

ETA: Edited to unlock the post, in case anyone for ONTD_ST wants to join us!
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UGH. We had a great time at Can't Stop the Serenity/Dr. Horrible last night! But getting home at midnight and then trying to calm down to go to sleep is problematic when the alarm goes off at 5:15am. I got about 4 hours of sleep. Yay?

Good thing it doesn't matter much today, I guess. Today is our tenure awards/bowling party at work. I'm getting my ten year award today (yay?) and I've got my tiara all ready to wear. Then afterwards, we're going to see Star Trek for $3 at the Riverview Theater and our book group is meeting.

My purple hair clashes with the pink on my new Cobra shirt. This is rather unacceptable.
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In a few words, Star Trek was freaking awesome! We're definitely planning to go see it again once it's actually released, on the IMAX this time. It'll be sickening on the IMAX. Fun!

I have stuff I should be doing but I can barely keep my eyes open. o_O
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I feel like I should probably write something about this weekend, huh? I have some actual work to do though so let's do this in some bullet points.

- [livejournal.com profile] taylorea and I had a little shindig on Sat night and it went very well, if I do say so myself. I think it was our best party ever! Lots of awesome people, good food, inappropriate conversation, a gigantic DDR setup and some conrhole. How could that go badly?? ;) We're already discussing our next party for sometime this summer.

- Gah. I totally forgot about Law & Order: CI again last night! Having it on Sunday night conflicts with my VH1 watching. I'll have to watch it tonight. Because I am super excited about Jeff Goldblum!

- Daisy of Love, eh? I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, but I will indeed be watching. I can't look away!

- Seriously, WERE We the Kings always listed for our Warped Tour date?? I just feel like this is brand new news to me. That makes me very happy though! My ticket came last week too so I'm ready! Oh wait, it's still like 3 months away...

- It's very suddenly spring around here. The grass is green and the trees are budding. It couldn't get here soon enough!

- This week is super busy for me, as usual. I'm super excited to see Star Trek on Wednesday. And we'll be going out on Thursday for Dining Out for Life. And then there's Wolverine this weekend!

How's things going for you guys?
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I made this same post for 2008 and actually kept up with it, so I'll be doing it again for 2009. It's helped me keep track of what I've done over the year!

The 2009 Meme...
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Last updated: Dec 30, 2009


Nov. 12th, 2008 03:35 pm
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Don't forget!! Repo! The Genetic Opera is tonight! We're meeting in the lobby of The Lagoon at 7:15pm. See you there!!
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Repo! The Genetic Opera is opening at the Lagoon this weekend. It desperately needs some ticket sales and word-of-mouth hype so it can get into wider release. So who would be up for going to see it? It's supposed to be awesome fun! And Anthony Stewart Head is involved! Who doesn't love him?

Unfortunately, I'm busy all weekend long. So maybe the 7:30 showing on Monday night? Okay, Monday night seems to be bad. How about next Wednesday night instead? Who's in?
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Hello from California! It's warm and sunny and absolutely perfect! =) I've heard it's been pretty miserable at home.

We went to Magic Mountain yesterday and rode the freakiest roller coaster ever, the X2. And I bought a Wonder Woman cape! Along with about ten pounds of sugary goodness. Then I got really really drunk at The Abbey, where it was once again proved that I'm a magnet for gay boys. I wore really high heels and didn't fall down! Even though I was DRNK.

Today we went to see Indy 4. I've never seen the other movies, but Carly really wanted to see it. And I dragged her to X3 a couple years ago. The Indy movie was almost as bad as that one. It was just...not good. Tonight is the Blackboard Jungle show, tomorrow is the Pride parade and then I fly home on Monday. Sad. Tuesday is going to be a harsh dose of reality.

Once again proving my geekiness, I just downloaded & watched Doctor Who. Oh man. So awesome! Moffat is going to steer this ship right, I just know it.

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I stole this from [livejournal.com profile] penumbren, who stole it from someone else. I'm backdating back to the 1st so I remember where the hell I posted it, as I'm going to try to remember to add to it.

The 2008 Meme...
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Last updated: Dec 31, 2008
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I just saw a commercial for Catchphrase: Music Edition. DO WANT.

Driving through Uptown on the Saturday night before Halloween is definitely an interesting experience. We saw more than a few really odd costumes.

And watching Slither on the big screen made it just about 100 times more awesome. I seriously love that movie.
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So we went to see 3:10 to Yuma and it was a touching love story and also very hi-larious. Of course, this all may have been because we were the only ones in the theater and there was snarking going on. ;)

Poor Alan Tudyk. Had the great lines. Didn't have a good ending. Sound familiar?

You know at the end, during the credits? When the lead actors have assistants and drivers and makeup people? And they're credited as "Assistant to Famous Actor Dude"? Well, Christian Bale and Peter Fonda's people were credited as that. But Russell Crowe's people were credited as his CHARACTER'S NAME. Yes, "Driver to Ben Wade." WTF?? Is he so method that everyone MUST call him by his character's name? So confusing, yet entirely hilarious.

Also? There was an apostrophe mishap in the credit's. Don't they have people's to check that kind of thing?

Also also? Let it be written in pen upon your calendars. Saturday October 27th. Midnight showing of Slither at the Uptown Theater. Oh yes! We will be there! You should be too!

Dear Borders,
Stop taunting me with your "all CDs are 11.99" coupon! You're not playing fair!
No love, me
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I am pretty much broke this week. I shouldn't buy anything that's not food or gas. The Collector's Edition of Serenity came out today. How do you think this story ends?

Yeah. So I was kinda disappointed that I had to work tonight because I didn't get to watch it right when I bought it. But now I am home and now I am listening to the commentary and things are good. =)

Also. You know what's cool? Driving really fast down the highway with the windows open and the sun shining and John Barrowman singing show tunes. Errr, I mean a really awesome kick ass rock song is playing. Yeah, that's it. Seriously, though. "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" may have to be my new ringtone. *swoons*

This post is absolutely useless.
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Okay, dudes. Transformers was way, way, WAY better than it ever should have been! Michael Bay sure does know how to shoot a pretty car commercial. =) And as long as you didn't try to pay too much attention to the plot (Like, if they knew the big battle was going to happen, why did they move from the deserted desert to the highly populated city? And why did all those people stay in their office buildings anyways? RUN FOOLS!) it was a solidly good summer movie!

I'm growing a little less worried for I am Legend. But I should probably not reread the book before seeing the movie.


Jun. 10th, 2007 10:35 am
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They played the trailer for Run, Fatboy, Run before At World's End last night. Why have I not heard about this before?? We're so going!
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Yesterday, I didn't have any plans for this weekend. Now I'm busy every night! I love how my life works. =)

Anyhow, movie plans are as follows:
Sat night: Waitress at Showplace in IGH. Movie is at 8pm, so meet at the theater around 7:45.
Sun night: Ocean's Thirteen also at Showplace. Movie is at 7pm, so meet at the theater around 6:45.
Everyone is invited to join us, of course!

And no, I'm not just picking Showplace since it's 5 mins from my house. It's centrally located for everyone who would be attending the movies. Really. I swear.

Also, when I've been bored lately and it's not Caturday, I'm usually found reading Firefly fic/slash.

[Poll #999432]
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I know it's summer and all and people want to be inside, but who's up for a movie this weekend? Waitress opens at Showplace tomorrow, so perhaps those who didn't want to drive out to Regal will want to go? *looks at [livejournal.com profile] taylorea* Also, umm...Ocean's Thirteen? I know. I know. But it's one of my guilty pleasures and I totally want to go! I also have two free passes for At World's End if someone wants to go again.

I'm free tomorrow night, Sat night and some of the day on Sunday. So let me know!
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This weekend was rather quiet, which was fine. Of course, I was still busy.

I went to see Waitress on both Saturday and Monday. I couldn't possibly be more infatuated with Nathan Fillion at this moment. If only I could figure out a way to trigger an "accidental" meeting while I'm out in Cali! I also watched another NF movie, White Noise 2: The Light. It wasn't as bad as it would seem to be. It was at least watchable. And they stuck in a Captain Tightpants line for no reason. =) But he had a serious lack of scenes without his shirt. Only one!

Actually, the big thing from that movie is that I figured out how to go from an .avi file to an actual playable DVD all by myself. I was pretty proud of me!

I worked on Fri, Sat & Sun and the less said about that the better. I'm worried that I'm reaching the Hallmark breaking point, because I'm finding it harder and harder to deal with crap from whiny customers. I even had to kick someone out of the store on Sat! Case in point: One of the little old ladies came up and asked if we had any Son & Daughter-in-Law 25th Anniversary cards. Honestly, what? Could you be a little more specific? Really, how many of those would we sell? So, no, we don't have them. How hard is it to write "To my Son and Daughter-in-Law" on a 25th anniv card? Or vice-versa? But you would have thought I kicked this old lady's puppy with how sad and dejected she looked when I said we didn't have that exact card. Some people just expect way too much. I'm glad we're going into our slow period because I think I need a break from this crap.

After my crappy day at work on Sunday, [livejournal.com profile] taylorea had asked if I'd drive with her to Andy's gig. Sure, no problem. I always enjoy some live music. She left out a few things. Like the fact that the bar was at the corner of No and Where. Somewhere between Hastings and Red Wing. In fact, we missed the turn off for the county road and ended up in Red Wing for a little while. She also failed to mention that this was a country gig. Or something. I still don't completely understand what was going on.

So, we finally get there. (There is the Cannon River Inn in Welch, if'n you need to know) And I am immediately amused by the fact that there is a change of clothing sitting on the ice machine in the front of the bar. In case you soil yourself? Or maybe somebody sleeps there and that's their closet? Not sure. Andy met us outside to say that he'd already played a set and now his friend Ramblin' Rod would be playing. Ramblin' Rod just got a karaoke machine and would be playing guitar and singing along to his karaoke tapes. Wait, what?? Oh, this sounds like a bad idea.

And it was.

Andy finally convined Rod to sing one of his own songs and blessedly the karaoke tapes were turned off for a song. But they came back. Bren was rather horrified by the whole thing. I was more annoyed. Rod took a break and Andy wanted to go up to do another set, but Rod wouldn't let him until after he played another set. *grrrrr* We finally went outside, since the music sounded much better through the wall. And it was nice out. At some point, one of the drunken folks came over and took the shirt from the pile of clothes on the ice machine. But left the pants. Odd. And someone drunkenly walked into the wall. Good times! Also, there was a crabby lady with a fanny pack. I'm always amused by fanny packs! Bren couldn't handle it anymore and we ended up leaving before Andy played again. He didn't seem too upset about it or anything.

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] taylorea helpfully pointed out that I forgot the best part. She & Andy were going to treat me to a drink since I had driven to No and Where. I requested a Jack & Coke, thinking that was an easy order for a little shanty bar like that. But they didn't have any Jack. Let me repeat that: NO JACK DANIELS. =/ They just had beer, wine coolers or soda. But, the bartender had a buddy who was going to be bringing up some whiskey for them later on. And sure enough, one of the local hicks did indeed bring in a half-empty bottle of some knock-off whiskey shortly thereafter. Ewwwww. I wisely decided to stick with my can of soda.

Monday was my fuck off day. My first day off in almost four weeks that did not also involve dog watching! I spent most of the day doing nothing more than watching TV. (Oh, Law & Order: CI marathon, how I adore you!) I also colored my hair black and burgundy. Hopefully the burgunday will take this time. Last time I tried it, my hair was still dealing with the bleach & Manic Panic and all the burgundy washed right out. I'm more hopeful about it now.

And that leads me right up to today. It doesn't suck, but I'd rather not be here. I'm just holding on to the fact that I only have 11 hours left of work until Wed the 6th. (well, 15 if you include my Hallmark shift tomorrow) And 48 hours from now I'll be in Denver on my layover to Burbank. SO EXCITED!!!!
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Is anyone else stuck at work today? It's totally boring around here. Almost everyone in our dept is gone or "working" from home.

Anyhow. Waitress tomorrow night, anyone? I think everyone would be okay with the later show? It's at 10:05 at Regal in Eagan. So meet there around 9:40ish? We'll have to battle the pirating crowds, but it should be fine. Just let me know if you're in so I know who to wait for.

Also, anyone up for Pirates again? I know Carly & I will probably see it next weekend, but I want to see it again this weekend too! I'm free all day Monday and Tues night.

I'm going to be at Disneyland in a week! It hasn't really hit me yet. What the hell am I going to bring to wear on my trip?? I desperately need to go shopping!


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