Sep. 24th, 2008 10:05 pm
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Yeeeeeah. [livejournal.com profile] seimaisin and I went to see the filmed-for-movie-theaters last performance of RENT on Broadway tonight. And there may have been tears. And I may have been inspired to come home and immediately buy tickets from the not-so-secret presale for [livejournal.com profile] taylorea and I to see the RENT tour when it's here in March. Yes, the same tour I already have front row tickets for with [livejournal.com profile] seimaisin. Now I'll also be seeing it from the 2nd row of the balcony. That's the farthest I've even been from the stage for RENT. Clearly, I'm spoiled.

If I wasn't already totally in LOVE with Eden Espinosa, I would be after seeing her tonight. She's so amazing!

Holy crap the Twins won again!! \O/
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So...that teaser in the L&O:CI ads is Nicole Wallace, right? They wouldn't tease her and then not produce, would they? They couldn't be so mean!

Argh. Okay, I totally just spoiled myself for the episode on Wikipedia. But now I have my answer.

I've pretty much done nothing productive since I left work this afternoon. And I'm okay with that. This is my first day of nothingness in a long time.

I leave you with this, from last night's Twins game against the Angels:

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Today was quite lovely. I got to sleep in! Then my aunt called to say that she & my brother were going to the Twins game and I should get my ass over there to go with them. So I did. And even though it was a day game on a Thursday, the Dome was packed. Mostly with large bunches of not very supervised children. We ended up sitting way way way out in center field, underneath the big curtain. I've never sat that far away before. It was a good game (except that they lost) and I finally got to see Neshek pitch. Torii Hunter was a surprise pinch hitter and the crowd went nuts once his music started.

After the game, we went out to Eagan to the Chinese place my grandparents always used to take us to. My brother's trying to hit all his favorite places before he leaves the country in two weeks. My aunt decided she wanted to get her ear pierced, so I took her over to Claire's. Next to the Chipotle that [livejournal.com profile] soyouthink happened to be sitting at. She came over to chat for a while, which made it my second random encounter in two days. Who will I see tomorrow??

We finally went back to my parents' house, where I got the pleasure of putting two sets of patio furniture together despite the fact that my wrist is all fucked up. Gee thanks, mom. Tomorrow will consist of a major cleaning operation and food prep before my brother's big going away party.
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Tonight [livejournal.com profile] seimaisin and I became real Minnesotans and went to our first ever St. Paul Saints baseball game. Outside. Where baseball should be played. There were awesome things, like Super Fan leading us in riding a rollercoaster. And free cookies! And cheap booze! There were weird things, like being molested by a pig in a hula skirt and hearing the "Chicken Dance" about 50 times in a row. And there were bad things, like the pasty old guy in the speedo sitting in the hot tub who was quite frightening, even from the other side of the stadium.

All in all though, it was fantastic! We'll definitely go again!

Tomorrow is Serenity!!! *squee*
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I should be packing for the weekend. Instead, I am entranced by Boogaard beating the shit out of some Anaheim Ducks. Playoff hockey FTW!

I had to work at Hallmark tonight, for the first time in over a week. It actually wasn't that bad. The preview book for the ornaments came in and there are a bunch of them that I MUST have! There's an adorable one of Sleeping Beauty dancing with the owl dressed up as Prince Charming. And a new talking Wicked Witch ornament. And the Millennium Falcon. And Captain Jack Sparrow!

Also, I was kind of bummed that my brother's team would be playing up in St Cloud this weekend and I wouldn't be able to run up there because of Buuuuuuuutch stalking. But because the field isn't quite ready from the recent snowfall they moved the games from Sat & Sun to Sun & Mon. Since I have Monday off, I'll be able to see them play after all! This makes me pleased.

I've been coughing so hard all day that my stomach aches. Oh goodie. =/
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Know what starts today? Grapefruit league baseball! Don't get me wrong, I love the Wild and they're going to the playoffs and it's going to be awesome! But it's still not as great as the Twinkies starting up again. Yay!


Oct. 3rd, 2006 12:11 pm
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I really wish I was at the Dome watching the baseball game right now. Or even watching it at home on TV. It's just not the same on the radio. While at work. While working on a project I hate.

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Seriously. This is NAIL BITING!!! Twins won their game. Tigers are now down 10-8 to the Royals in the bottom of the 12th with ONE OUT TO GO!! WE'RE ALMOST THE DIVISION CHAMPS!!!

Let's go Royals!! *g*

ETA: THEY DID IT!! The Royals swept the Tigers and the Twins are now the Central Division champs. HOLY SHIT!! Game one of the playoffs is now Tuesday night at home!!
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Dog sitting again this weekend, so I can't be on the computer since it's bedtime. Well, for them anyways. I'll be in the bed reading with two furry creatures snuggled up next to me.

Detroit just lost to the Royals again! I can't believe the Division is going to all come down to tomorrow's game and I HAVE TO FUCKING WORK DURING IT!!! =/ FUCK.
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OMGTHEOFFICE!!! I MUST HAVE a "Dwight got a hooker!" icon!! Thank goodness they'll start appearing tomorrow morning.

Best Buy was sold out of the Weird Al CD.  I find that amusing.

Memories from bowling tonight:
  • Mauer hit a home run!
  • The Twins won!!!  They're tied for first place!!!!  There was much cheering
  • Playing "Fernando" on the jukebox
  • We all actually bowled very well
  • AND
  • The guy wearing a belt buckle the size of my head
Dude, and the Wild won tonight!  Sweet.
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I got tagged by [livejournal.com profile] glammastar...

The deal is you write an entry about 6 unknown facts about you and then you tag 6 of your friends.

1. I used to be horribly, horribly shy. I would never talk to people I didn't know in person or on the phone. I still don't know how that all changed.
2. We got my first dog while I was in Kindergarden and had to give it back two weeks later because my Dad was too allergic to it. That traumatized me for a long time.
3. I cannot remember the last time I was on an actual date and I'm okay with that.
4. I hate football, yet I've still seen 2 of the 3 Vikings games.
5. I still have the Sesame Street blanket I got when I was 2.
6. I own Never Been Kissed on DVD.

No tagging.

I feel like a moron. I went to take a little nap around 5pm last night and slept most of the night through. =/ I also had some really whacked out dreams. I had things I needed to get done last night and obviously nothing got done. Damn.

YAY!! The Twins are in the playoffs!! The Shaver video blog is especially entertaining.
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Flavor of Love: Whatever Flav & New York were doing in that hotel room was seriously grossing me out. How anyone can kiss and...whatever...that trollish man is beyond me. And yes, I'm referring to both Flav and New York with that statement.

But of course I keep watching, because it is dramatastic! I'll be sad when it's done.

The Office: OMG!!!11!!!eleventy! How much did the premier rock?? This show just gets better and better.

London Bridge: Quite possibly the stupidest song ever made. And I CANNOT STOP listening to it!

Pirates: [livejournal.com profile] taylorea's birthday/pirate party was Saturday night and it was lovely. I did indeed dress up, but I didn't get a photo of my whole costume. I did take a couple head shots though, so maybe I'll post one when I get home. The party was fun, the food was good, and the company was great. We listened to random piratey music and watched The Pirate Movie, while playing party games. Unfortunately, one of the side-effects of kicking my caffeine addiction is that I now tire easily and ended up leaving rather early.

Speaking of the caffeine thing: I'm doing pretty well with the whole not drinking soda. All last week I managed to only have a can of soda every other day, which I'm trying to continue this week. Which also means that I am trying to get through a Monday without any caffeine. Ugh! I have an emergency Dr. Pepper sitting on my desk, but so far I've been able to resist opening it. It's about 1pm now and that's a good sign that I should be able to make it through the rest of the day. I barely got any sleep last night though and I'm yawning something awful and will probably end up taking a nap when I get home.

Other healthy things: I haven't really mentioned it, but I kinda started a diet. Well, more like a plan to be aware of what I'm eating and to encourage myself to get up off my ass and do something, rather than sit in front of the computer/TV all night. Anyhow, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] seimaisin, I joined SparkPeople and so far it's going pretty well. I lost five pounds last week, which is more than they encourage, but I'm sure it's mostly because of the not drinking soda and not eating kettle chips. (man, I MISS kettle chips) Once my body gets more used to not eating stuff like that, I'm sure it'll get harder to shed pounds. I'll admit I'm still eating some junk, but much less. That's the whole SparkPeople idea. Ease into things so it's not such a shock to yourself and you quit in disgust.

Taco Bell: Damn you and your TV commercials! I was so hungry for a tostada last night! To the point where I was prepared to get in my car and drive there at 11:30 last night. But I told myself that it was a bad idea and went to read a book instead. I've planned my eating today so that I will actually be able to go to TB for dinner tonight and eat a couple things. It'll make my tummy happy!

Minnesota Twins: GO TWINS!! The magic number is 2 to get into the playoffs and that should get demolished tonight. YAY!! Time to dig out the Homer Hankies. We're still in a race for the division title though, and that probably won't be decided until the last few games. Stupid Tigers. *grumbles*

Minnesota Wild: WHY ARE THE PRESEASON GAMES NOT ON TV?? So stupid. I need my hockey!!

[livejournal.com profile] scottielovers: So adorable! I WANT A SCOTTIE PUPPY!
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I promised cabin photos earlier today, and I am here to deliver! Keep in mind that I'm still learning how to use my camera, but I think a couple of these are pretty good.

clicky, clicky )

Britt from Blackboard Jungle/Substitutes has been messaging me for help on putting videos up on YouTube. For some reason, this highly amuses me. This is his page, if you want to check out a Substitutes promo video.

The Wild signed Gaborik for three years. Hooray!!! But what's up with the Twins? Losing TWO games to the fucking Royals?!? Come on, boys!
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Okay, so I realize that this is like really early and all, but a few people have asked me about what might be going on, so I thought I'd post this. As some of you may know, my 30th birthday is coming up. Just to get it out of the way, I am perfectly fine with it. I have no turning 30 blues or anything. It's just another birthday. But, since it is kind of a milestone, I figure it should be celebrated.

But. As it often happens, my bday falls on Labor Day weekend this year. (Sat, to be exact) And this is a sucktastic time for a bday, as everyone is usually trying to have a last hurrah before fall starts and no one is in town. In fact, I doubt that I'll be in town for my bday. So, we'll be celebrating it a little early so that everyone can attend. And what's going on a couple weeks before Sept 2nd???

That's right! Motherfucking Snakes on a Plane!!! =) My official 30th birthday celebration will be on August 18th, to coincide with the greatest movie ever made. It's a little early for actual plans, but I'm thinking dinner, a late showing and maybe cocktails afterwards. Be there or be square.

I'm also thinking though, that one birthday night is not enough. So, I offer up the suggestion of a Saints baseball game on Aug 24th. It's VHS Demolition Night! First 2500 get a hard hat. What's better than baseball and blowing stuff up? Nothing!!! There are still plenty of tickets available, but if we're going to do this we should decide soon so we can get seats and all.
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I know I've been rather quiet this week. I'm sure no one really noticed or was concerned. I just feel like my life force has been sucked out of me lately. Work is super busy as I've been farmed out to another department for a while, and I pretty much take a nap when I get home. I did manage to sort of clean my living room and get a load of laundry done this week, so I at least accomplished something. It doesn't help that my ankle has been really bothering me lately, and my back too. And my new contacts don't seem to be working out, as I'm just getting massive headaches from them. Thankfully these were just a trial pair.

Tonight we'll be going to see Even Flow out at The Rock, which makes me happy. I need to get out! Of course, I'll need to take a nap beforehand, but these things happen. I'm working at Hallmark tomorrow, then Sunday is my mom's birthday along with another edition of 12 on 12.

Is anyone going to the memorial on Sunday night?? I'm kind of torn about it. I really, really, really want to go. But I have a feeling that people will be lined up for a while and I have no desire to stand in a line on my day off. Plus, as I said, it's my mom's bday and we're planning to go out to dinner. I don't know what to do...

Looking at the sunshine from my window is really killing me today. It's 47ยบ out there! I pretty much want to say "screw it!" and go outside to play. I miss recess time.
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Today was halfway crappy. I went down to Mankato with my parents to watch my brother's baseball team. I was cold and windy, they lost both games and DJ didn't play anyways. Plus, my back has been bothering me all week, so sitting on metal bleachers didn't help any. The night ended very well though, as my parents took us out to TimberLodge Steakhouse. I still feel incredibly full.

Even though I could barely feel my fingers, I did complete some of the drabbles from the drabble meme. Writing true drabbles is hard! So much description just gets thrown out the window because of the word count restraint. I don't like that much. And I'm not sure if I like these much. But here they are anyways.

For: [livejournal.com profile] vedakai
Pairing: Bug/Jordan
Comments: I have no idea if this was what you're looking for.
I know )

For: [livejournal.com profile] butterbuns
Pairings: Renee/Garret, natch
Comments: I honestly have no idea where this one was going. I don't think I can really write either one of them.
Garret hesitated as he raised his hand. )

For: [livejournal.com profile] amazonqueenkate
Pairing: Bug/Nigel
Comments: Obviously, I got the inspiration for this while watching TV last night. This is screaming at me to be turned into an actual story.
Bug had no idea how Nigel had talked him into this. )

Hope you guys liked these! I still have two more drabbles that I should hopefully complete tomorrow.

I really do love "Deja Past." Nigel in a short-sleeved shirt always makes for a good episode! Plus, the scene of Jordan singing "Got to Be Real" and dancing through the crypt is one of my favorite show openings ever. Ack! I can't wait for the new ep tomorrow!

I need shiny kilt Steve icons like yesterday. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow. :p
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When getting ready for bed last night, I looked into the mirror and realized with horror that my nose & forehead are sunburned! I didn't even think about it happening, since the sun was behind me while watching my bro's baseball game. Thankfully, it's not that bad and should probably fade by tomorrow. But I still look like a moron today. =(

The things I do for my brother. He did get to play yesteday, which was great. But they lost the game he played in. Still, 3-1 for the weekend was good. I'll get to do it all over again in two weeks when they're in Mankato.

The weather was gorgeous yesterday! 70's, sunny, slightly breezy. Couldn't ask for anything better. I feel bad for [livejournal.com profile] duckduck though, since she's in Florida and it's actually been colder there than it is here.

I'm about 3/4 through Wicked right now. I love it so much!! Now I can't wait for the sequel to come out. I have so many good quotes for icons from the book. I just need to be motivated to work on them.

Try #2

Apr. 16th, 2005 10:54 pm
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I wrote this whole journal entry and lj seems to have eaten it. Hmph.

How I spent my Saturday )

I got a letter from B&N today. It seems I had some retirement account there (???) and they need to send me $123. I'm not going to argue about it.

Also, I saw the most adorable gay boy when we ran to Target, wearing an "I ♥ Dick" T-shirt, and I wanted to bring him home with me. But I didn't think my parents would understand why I stuffed a boy in the trunk of their car.
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Not only did they win the World Series, but they swept the series AND shut out the Cards in Game 4. Can't complain about that! I know Mientkiewicz hated it when it he was traded, but I bet he's thanking his lucky stars now.

Still, I miss hockey more than anything right now.


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