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So Snowpocalypse 7.0 was pretty much a bust, at least here in the Cities. But I had to run out and grab something from my car last night. It was snowing, sleeting, raining and there was thunder & lightning. All at the same time. What the frak is going on??

THE OFFICE IS BACK! =) I laughed, I cringed. It was good!

Oh man. They announced yesterday that Gareth David-Lloyd is going to be at Dragon*Con. I am absolutely NOT pondering this. No way. Just in the same way that I am NOT pondering a trip to Toronto while John Barrowman will be there filming How to Solve a Problem Like Maria and recording his next album. And possibly shooting a movie.

This time next week I'll be in Detroit! It's sad how very excited I am to go to fucking Detroit. =)


Oct. 23rd, 2007 04:11 pm
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So today has actually been a good day. The first in a while! I have SO many things to tell you guys and no time to do it. So you get the short version for now.

- Riley went to the Vet today and she was surprised by how well he's doing. She's concerned about his weight loss, but it's not awful. And his liver is doing much better than she expected. And he can stop taking the pain pills. So she's not expecting to see him back until February, which is great! And she said that if his liver doesn't get too much worse, she wouldn't be surprised to see him hang around for another year or two. =) Amazing! She definitely said that there's no reason to think about putting him down yet. This makes me very very happy!

- The FedEx guy tried to deliver my Schrute Farm Beets shirt at 8:30am. Ummm, that's a little early? No one at the apartment office yet. =/ But I should have it tomorrow! (but where is my Shooter CD????)

- Work is crazy, but I'm not as behind as I thought I was. And I'm starting to catch on to some of the new stuff I'm doing! Hopefully that means I'll stop dreaming about spreadsheets soon.

- My Chris Jericho book came in! Can't wait to read it!!

There's more, but I want to stop and pick up the Cobra Starship CD before work so I have to go!

Don't Forget!!
Slither is playing at The Uptown at midnight on Saturday night!!! I expect many of youse guys to be there!! We can arrange car pooling and/or dinner later in the week.
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I have today off, which is kind of a lifesaver. Work has been driving me nuts. We can totally tell that one of our projects is going to completely crash & burn, and there's not much we can do about it. =/ It's my first client too, so that's not good.

Anyhow, my list of things to do today:
- Laundry
- Go to Borders
- Go to Wal-Mart
- Lunch with my mom
- Talk to my brother in Korea (I missed him - maybe we'll talk when I get home tonight)
- Make a new post in the seekrit community
- Go see Matty Nay tonight and laugh my ass off

I had to work last night so I missed the hockey game. =/ But we won! And Boogaard already got in a huge fight. Nice! (yes, I already made an icon of it - shut up)

I can't even begin to go into how many ways The Office was MADE OF WIN last night. SO WONDERFUL! But Dwangela! *heart breaks*

Dear humidity,

Look, we had a nice summer fling. Sure you were a little too clingy and smothering sometimes. It wasn't awful though. But now summer is over. It's time for you to give it up.

No love, me
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and...I just ordered my Schrute Farm Beets shirt and a Support the Rabid bracelet. =) I think I'm going to pass on the Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run For The Cure T-Shirt though.
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WOW. Just wow.

That was amazing! What a fantabulous premiere!!
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We had some weather going on here tonight. (actually, there are still tornado watches out right now - which is weird this late at night) This is always okay with me because that means extra Sven on the TV. Suddenly, he announced that there was an unconfirmed funnel cloud in my very suburb, located near the intersection of two highways that absolutely do not meet at any point. In fact, Hwy 13 is not even in Inver Grove. Oh Sven...*shakes head*

It didn't really matter though, since I wasn't at home. My dad called me at work today (which was strange in itself) and asked me if I'd feed Riley for him. My mom and Earl have been up at the cabin for several weeks now and she's basically been without a car. Poor Early got pancreatitus this week and my dad had to run up to Brainerd to pick them up and bring them home so Earl could go to his real Vet. Not that the Brainerd Vet isn't good, but it's not his real Vet. So, me and Riley were hanging out for a while. I was going to leave and then the storm started and he hates them so I stayed with him until it ended. He wouldn't leave my side and in fact kept snuggling up closer and closer to me. Awwww...

So, I finally left and then spent the rest of the night watching Butch and Stephen Kellogg concert DVDs with [livejournal.com profile] seimaisin and [livejournal.com profile] stardiver. A wonderful evening!

OMG! I almost forgot! I went back to Target and they finally had The Office sticky notes and the memo cubes in! I kind of did the happy dance there in the dollar spot. So I bought even more stuff that I absolutely do not need. =)

And now I should definitely be in bed. But Simon Pegg is on Conan, so I'm in front of the TV.


Sep. 19th, 2007 01:44 pm
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My co-worker Mary (who I actually like) joined that Dunder Mifflin Infinity thing, but we need some more people in order to start our branch. So, if you're interested in some Office fandom geekiness, please join us!

When you fill out your application, say that you want to join the Duluth, MN branch with the code: lx5tennw4o

My boss will probably be joining up too, so behave, all right?
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I *heart* The Spot
Originally uploaded by LeighBlack.

So, this is what almost $40 worth of The Office stuff from The Spot looks like. They didn't have the sticky notes or the memo cube yet, so I'll be going back for more!

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I'm going to see Fall Out Boy. In Iowa. I cannot even begin to point out how many things are wrong with that statement.

With all the hubbabaloo about the iPod Touch and the price reduction on the iPhone, I managed to miss this news about the new iPods:

The "Buy Me This as an Early Christmas Present" campaign has already begun. Please believe.

I talked to my mom this morning (to beg for said iPod) and Riley is doing much better. He's started eating again and he even felt well enough to go fishing this morning.

After seeing this post, I ran out to Target. But they didn't have this stuff in The Spot yet. *sigh* Figures. I'll be checking back during the week. I must have a Dwight stress ball! However, I did end up grabbing a bunch of POTC and Happy Bunny crap that I didn't need.
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Only took two stores at the Sprawl of America to find a dress for Sat night. A dress I will never wear again. I also had to buy some underwear for my fancy dress. At least I'll be able to wear that again. I just need to see if I can take the tacky rhinestones off without damaging the dress. Looks like it'll be okay though. The matter of a wrap is also solved. So, I think I'm good! I just need to find a little clutch purse, but I think I have one somewhere.

I also went to the Hallmark in the mall to remind myself how much our little store sucks. They had the new pop culture card line (that we won't get) and it's awesome! They also had a ton more of the sound cards, including one with Dwight's "Women are like wolves" speech. Only my favorite Dwight talking head evar! I bought the card to give to myself. ;) I think I'll keep it on my desk by my bobblehead.

And I was still out of the mall in under an hour.
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spoiler!! )
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So, not to invite myself over to anyone's place, but I will anyways. Is anyone planning to have an Office Party on Thursday night? It seems so stupid to watch it at home by myself now that nearly all my friends watch it too.

This is really just an excuse to use my curious mood. ;)
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Okay. So The Office was pretty much perfect last night. Every scene & every line were like magic! spoilers ahoy! )

But, I need to have a little talk with ER. Seriously, you were doing pretty well this season. Uncle Jesse has brought some life to the show and the storylines have been somewhat better than normal. But then you had to go and have a cliché ratings-grabbing wedding. Okay, fine. But to end it like that? SO OBVIOUS. Like from a mile away. WHY?

I had to cleanse my palate after watching that with a little Jaynestown. Always a pleaser!

Speaking of that, I keep hearing nothing but wonderful things about Waitress. I wish it was opening here this weekend! The movie critic I always listen to who hates pretty much everything said that NF was a very charming leading man. =)

He also hated Spidey III with a passion. But I don't care! I'm excited to see it (and Steve Valentine!) on the Imax!
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Seriously. That was a fucking funny ep of The Office. Will not comment further. Will not spoil.

An icon within 15 mins of the episode end is a new record for me. ;)
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I haven't even looked at our book group book for tomorrow night, much less read it. Won't be the first time. I kinda feel like I should've made an effort though. Oh well...Sorry, Rory. It wasn't your choice, but my available time/laziness.

I know that no one wants to hear me whine, but DEAR GUS I'M IN SOME FUCKING PAIN!! Every movement kinds of aches right now. I hope a massage or two is enough to work it out, because I really don't want to have to pay for physical therapy or a chiropractor again. I pretty much had to sleep flat on my back last night and that kind of sucked. I don't even want to think about how awful it's going to be sitting in the bleachers at the baseball field on Sat or being on my feet for hours at the church dinner on Sun. Ugh. =(

I am competely having concert withdrawal right now. I really wish things were different this weekend and I could go up to Fargo for L.A. Guns. But things are what they are and I won't be going and I'm trying not to linger on it.

Wow. What a depressing entry. Ummm, something good...Hey! There's a new episode of The Office tonight! I am totally avoiding spoilers so I don't even know what the ep is about.
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Okay, so tonight's episode of The Office wasn't the bestest evar or anything, but it was still pretty damn funny. Dwight is made of awesome. 100% awesome! And the ending! o_O

I'm pretty much packed for the weekend and ready to leave bright & early tomorrow morning. Can't wait! I have no idea when I'll be online again, but I'll be around somehow. I'm sure you'll be able to find me if you need to get a hold of me! =)

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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Okay, so yeah. I enjoyed Rainn on SNL. A lot. I was worried that the whole show would be terrible, but it was only about 60% terrible. That's pretty good for SNL!


Feb. 16th, 2007 07:52 am
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I think my DSL modem died last night. I've been having issues with it for a while, but it wouldn't connect at all after I got home from book group. I kept getting an error that it couldn't get a dial tone. I checked though and the phone line is fine. I have a feeling I'll be spending the evening on the phone with Earthlink customer service. Anyhow, if I don't seem to be online this weekend, that would be the reason why.

The Office last night? Funny as hell! Dwight is seriously the best thing on TV. And all the Jammers must be extremely happy since minor spoiler alert! )
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Tonight's episode of The Office was directed by Joss Whedon and that makes my little fangirl heart go pitter-patter. I know he didn't write it, but if there if the writing team is really as intelligent as they seem there will be a scene where Dwight swears in Chinese. PLEASE!

Unfortunately, I won't be able to see the ep on time because I have book group tonight. OH NOES! Please believe that I will be rushing right home to watch it!

That reminds me...I should probably look for some discussion questions for tonight.

I went to Barnes & Noble last night to get some postcards for [livejournal.com profile] f_o_n_y's postcard exchange and I only knew one employee in the whole store. Weird, but it has been almost two years since I left. That one employee told me that she misses having me around and that was nice to hear. =)

Also, I guess my cousin has changed the name she's writing under. (I think maybe she switched publishers?) So, B&Ners, make sure to give face time to Terri Persons' Blind Spot when it comes out next month! =)



Feb. 9th, 2007 12:31 pm
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Rainn Wilson (that's Dwight, or perhaps Dwigt, K. Schrute for those not in the know) will be hosting Saturday Night Live on February 24th.

PLEASE SOMEBODY, ANYBODY HEAR MY PLEA!! He MUST do a Digital Short with Andy Samberg!! They're the only reason to watch SNL anymore.

On a related note, did you all hear that Andy joined Justin Timberlake on stage the other night and they did "Dick in a Box" live? *dies* There's video footage of it out there, if you're smart enough to find it. Or if you're not, I have it at home. I can upload it if anyone wants to see it. It's not great video, but it's still damn funny!


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