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Ugh. I signed up to do 4 fanmixes for [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang again this year. apparently I hate myself and don't want to give myself any free time. but I'm sure it'll be fun and totally worth it. I still pull up the mixes I made last year on my iPod every once in a while.

and...not much else to report. blah blah blah work. blah blah blah cross-stitching. blah blah blah Pinto.

oh, but wait! [livejournal.com profile] duckduck's hub got us tickets to see Like, Crazy at the Twin Cities Film Festival next weekend. and Anton Yelchin is going to be there! exciting, huh? if we actually get a chance to talk to him, I'm sure I'll just babble on and on about Fright Night. I'm okay with that.

heh heh

Aug. 4th, 2008 07:57 am
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From Overheard in Minneapolis

Teenage boy (surrounded by girls and there’s an awkward silence): So, do you guys play the Penis Game?

Guthrie Theater
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Hmmm. It's funny to realize the distinct line my brain has drawn.

Jack/Ianto slash? Yes, please. MORE.
John/Gareth RPS? OH GOD MY EYES! close window NOW!
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I'm pretty much refusing to do any work this morning.

here's a meme instead )

Where are my JB crack dealers and his appearance on This Morning earlier today?? *stamps foot*
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I pretty much lost it when I was reading this Torchwood macro this morning. You should read it too! It's FOR GRATE LOLZ! (there's spoilers for season 2 and...a Disney movie)

And seriously. If any of you knew this story existed and didn't tell me about it, I'm going to be upset! Possibly the greatest Torchwood story ever: Trying to Communicate, by the brilliant [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge.

I am indeed easily amused.
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Do you work at or have you ever worked at a bookstore? This is totally for you! )

WHY IS IT ONLY WEDNESDAY? This week needs to go much faster!
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The day job is quite boring today. Entertain me, dammit!

Embarrassing Truths About Me:

- I can always tell exactly which Spice Girl is singing in their songs

- I actually like Paris Hilton's "Stars Are Blind"

- I still have the Sesame Street blanket and Big Bird doll that I constantly carried around as a young child

- I may have shed a tear during Transformers

Join in! Admit something totally embarrassing!! It'll cleanse your soul! (or at least make me giggle)


Jul. 3rd, 2007 01:42 pm
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Seriously. LOLMETAL!!

This one's muh favorite:
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When you see lol written, do you pronounce it in your head as loll as in lollipop or L-O-L spelled out?
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40 Things That Only Happen in Movies

Have I pimped out Passive-Aggressive Notes on here yet? It's made of awesome!

I'm in the middle of reading four different ongoing Firefly fics. It's getting harder to keep straight exactly what's going on in each of them. I've seriously said ain't more times in the last week than I probably have in my whole life.

Can't Stop the Serenity is in 5 days!
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I know what I'll be doing all day.


See Flickr photos uploaded in real time, with a map to boot!


May. 15th, 2007 12:05 pm
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Shooter & Drea are pregnant! Those two are way too damn adorable together.

In other news, I am bored out of my skull today. I have refreshed Dlisted about 100 times and I have resorted to reading my actual entire Friends list, rather than my usual filter. Also, I may have added bunches of Firefly icons. If this day gets much worse, I may have to resort to reading Mal/Jayne slash. Okay, no. I can't do it! It's so wrong!

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I was going to be nice and not post the first story, but then I saw the second story and well...it's just too much of a coincidence to have two spider stories! They must be posted!

Doctor finds two spiders in boy's ear

Chasing the chicken-eating spider Yes, CHICKENS.

Hey! I just noticed [livejournal.com profile] i_wanna_puck is in the lj spotlight on the front page. Way to go [livejournal.com profile] dead_dolly13! I suppose you guys are getting flooded. =)
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Seriously, this is fucking brilliant!

OUCH! My wrist/hand is throbbing with so much pain today that I am contemplating crawling under my desk to cry. I can't believe that I have NO Advil with me! This is bad.

This is also bad because I think I figured out this morning what mood theme I want to make, since I really need a new one. I was going to start working on it tonight, but I guess not. Boo.

Is tonight the "Outbreak" episode of CJ? I pretty much have no interest in it. Is Jordan going to get sick and die?!? Oh wait. The show is called Crossing Jordan? Nevermind.

I am suddenly & unexpectedly dog sitting for part of this weekend. My mom called me four different times to arrange it. =/ I'm okay with it because now I can do my laundry for free!
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Dear CNN,

Please stop sending me Breaking News!!11!! emails about Anna Nicole Smith's death. This is the third one. Don't you have better things to be reporting on? I hear there's a war going on or something.

No love, Me

holy crap!

Jan. 25th, 2007 12:35 pm
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You have to download and watch this video!

from BoingBoing:
Michael sez, "The 3,150 m long Lefortovo tunnel, in Russia, is the longest in-city tunnel in all of Europe. There is a river running over it and water leaks at some points. When the temperature reaches -38 degrees like it did this winter, the road freezes and the result is black ice and a dangerous collision course. Speeding drivers don't help matters. These pictures, taken with a security camera inside the tunnel, shows the results. The collisions are quite astounding."

This is some of the scariest traffic-accident footage I've ever seen -- cars on a black skating rink disintegrating as they ping-pong back and forth down the length of the narrow tunnel. Not for the faint of heart.
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I did something this weekend that I should have done ages ago. I bought a jump drive and put the portable version of Firefox on it so that I can actually use Firefox at work. Hallelujah! It's like a dream come true! And now I can just bring home all the crap I download at work, rather than having to SendSpace it to myself. =) I am a happy camper today.

Especially since I'm watching the snow melt. My little car is now snow & ice free! Hooray for the sun!

Also, I have not written or typed 2006 accidentally even once today.

I really was not too productive on my five days off. Well, I worked at Hallmark two of those days, but I'm not sure that counts. I did start taking ornaments off of the tree yesterday, but quickly lost interest. I'll try to finish tonight. Otherwise, I spent a LOT of time cleaning up the music on my computer. As I've probably mentioned before, I'm a little particular about my music. So when I download things, I put them into a "waiting" folder. Then, when I have some free time, I'll go through it to make sure that things are tagged correctly before I'll actually move them into my iTunes folder. I hadn't gone through the folder in a long time though and it was getting rather large and something needed to be done. I've loaded over 7 Gigs of new music and videos into my iTunes over the past week. And I still have to get to the soundtracks and bootlegs. But I'm almost done! I now have well over 15,000 songs in my iTunes. That's crazy! When am I going to listen to all this stuff??

New Year's Eve was a rather quiet evening spent with some of my favorite people. And that was perfect. Well, except for the DVD player thwarting our attempt to watch Dead End.

I'm already halfway through the first book of the year and I watched 2 DVDs yesterday. I might actually achieve my resolutions!
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So, I was going to compile some sort of Top 10 CDS of 2006 list because I guess that's what bloggers/journalers do at the end of the year. But...eh? That's kind of boring. Instead I bring you:

The Top Things I've Been in Denial About in 2006
* Sven Sundgaard is NOT gay (and why do people find so much delight in telling me about when they've seen him at the gay bars making out with boys?)
* I actually downloaded the Kevin Federline CD
* And I downloaded the Paris Hilton CD
* Jebus I love "Fergalicious" - even more than "London Bridge"
* Exactly how much country music have I been listening to anyways?? What's wrong with me????
* I was in super-denial for a long time about how close my car was to dying...and then it died. Denial was over pretty fast.
* My ankle is going to be fine. Nevermind that I injured it 17 months ago.
* Wait. I still work at Hallmark? How did that happen??

Okay, not ten things. But still a good list.

What the hell? I'll throw in my favorite CDs of the year too.

My number one without a doubt absolutely favorite CD of 2006 is The City Drive's Always Moving, Never Stopping! Nothing else even comes close.
Honorable mentions:
* Boys Like Girls - Boys Like Girls
* Butch Walker & The Lets-Go-Out-Tonites - The Rise & Fall of...
* Faster Pussycat - The Power and the Glory Hole (more of a loyalty nod, probably - I mean, it's not a horrible CD - it's just not a great CD either)
* Motochrist - Hollywood High
* Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam
* Prince - 3121
* Shooter Jennings - Electric Rodeo
* "Weird Al" Yankovic - Straight Outta Lynwood
* The Wreckers - Stand Still, Look Pretty
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I could seriously see my mother doing something like this.
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I can hear my ankle cracking as I walk today. Good times. =/ I guess I'm headed back to wearing a brace around again. I blame it all on Irish dancing.

Who I am kidding? It was worth it to have the yummy Irish guy touch me. *g*

PS. The Sven countdown is now at 12 days.


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