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I haven't forgotten you! Just SUPER BUSY at work. I pretty much just collapse in a heap when I get home and stare at things. Good times. But it's getting better, little by little, and will soon be back to the normal level of stupid. Hopefully.

Still reading a lot. Still in a ridiculous fandom. Still wishing autumn had been longer...
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I love it when co-workers come over here, expecting it to be peaceful and quiet since most of the cubes around me are empty now. And then get a sour look on their face when they hear Chatty Co-Worker talking to anyone and everyone about her personal business. ALL. DAY. LONG.

I ♥ my ear buds!

BTW, it's been a while. How are you, el jay?
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Ummm, hi. It's been a while. I really don't have time to write anything of significance right now either, but I figured that I should write a little something.

- Work. WORK. It blows. Both jobs, actually. I'm working a lot of hours with little reward.

- Last Friday, we celebrated [livejournal.com profile] wilowisp's last hurrah as a bachelor. Drinks were had. Tears were weeped. Photos of Jon Groff's private area were expanded. The pterodactyl porn dance was created. Good times.

- Last Saturday, [livejournal.com profile] duckduck and I attended the podcast taping of Doug Benson's Doug Loves Movies. It was amazing! Even though I've been a comedy fan since I was in my teens, it was only the second comedy show I've ever attended. But now I definitely want to go more often. And I was very sad that we would be too tired to go over to Amy Schumer's show at the Varsity later that night and then she showed up to DLM as a surprise guest. Perfection.

- Last Sunday, I finished my dress and jacket for the wedding. Well, I still need to hem the bottom of the dress but that won't take long. I bought snazzy shoes to go with it, so I'm pretty much ready to go. Getting all dolled up for a big fabulous wedding is hard work.

And now back to the 'fun' that is my job...
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hi there!

So you may have heard that we've had some weather around here this weekend. Either on my twitter or Facebook or on the news or whatever. We got about 18 inches of snow, making it the 5th largest snowstorm of all time here in the Cities. Or something like that. We already had like 10-12 inches on the ground, so there's a lot of fucking snow out there.

Knowing that it was going to be bad and the fact that they never, ever plow the lot at my apt building well or on time, I decided to stay at my parents house on Fri night since I had to work in the morning. (they live like a mile from my crap retail job) This worked out well. I brought laundry. I helped my mom decorate for Christmas. My dad cleaned off my car for me in the morning. Aces.

Work SUCKED. The storm got worse and we'd had 3 whole customers by the time our owners let us close at 1pm. I only made it out of the parking lot because one of the plow guys saw me trying to get traction and made a path for me. The short drive back to my parents was ridic and I knew I'd never make it all the way to my place, so I stayed there another night. My dad moved his POS Jeep so I could park in his car port. Finished Christmas decorating. Finished cross-stitching gifts for my Star Trek secret santa person. Stayed warm.

This morning was cold and sunny. My dad moved my car into the sun to warm it up and clean the snow off. I stayed through dinner and finally got back to my place about an hour ago. Which was hardly plowed. =( I barely made it up the hill into the lot, but Lil' Min is a champ and made it! And I managed to snag the one lone spot in the entire lot that was actually plowed out. Thankfully, my dad also gave me a shovel just in case I have to dig my way out tomorrow. The streets around are mostly okay, it's just this place that sucks. But there's a guy in a truck and one with a snowblower now trying to make a dent. Which is good because several cars were plowed in behind 3-4 foot high walls of snow.

Also, this happened this morning:

I realize you've probably seen it today, on the news or sports coverage, but it bears watching again. And again and again! The best part is the dude in the golf cart hightailing it the fuck out of there. Can we just burn the whole thing to the ground?

tl;dr version: I am safe and dry and happy. And now going to spend the rest of the evening reading Pinto fic like it's my job. =)
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ARGH. I have much to say, but I want to work on my project 365 photos, so this will be fast. Again.

- Zombie pirate costume is complete! I tried it all on and it looks GOOD. I'm so happy! I also made my gory hand wound tonight and it looks awesome.
- I was supposed to see The Cab last night, but got stuck working at Hallmark late and didn't make it to the show. Grrrr. My mom even came down to the store to help me out and we still didn't get done in time.
- My mom & I had a weird conversation while she was there. Normally, she doesn't really show much interest in what's going on in my life. Especially if it's geek related. But she kept asking questions about CONvergence and what we'd be doing. It was odd. Also, she apparently thinks the Star Trek party we had on my 18th birthday was a lot of fun. Funny, I don't remember her thinking that back then.
- The first Torchwood radio play was on today. And it was pretty meh. =/
- We officially closed down my music community today. This is the first time in almost two years I haven't felt guilty about spending time on myself instead of working on uploading things. YES.

Okay, nothing else for now. Have another macro.

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You guys. This is my THIRD Monday morning in a row with only a couple hours of sleep. At least today it's because I was at a concert last night, rather than my usual struggle with insomnia. And I think I managed to squeeze in a whole three hours of sleep last night. I'm sure that's enough to get through the day, right? =/

Last night was the Voltaire show at Station 4. And to be perfectly honest, our experience at Station 4 was not horrific, as it normally is. In fact, it could almost be called pleasant! Weird, I know. Voltaire was fantastic, the goths were entertaining to watch and some people did the Electric Slide to the punk band that opened the show. Fun for everyone!

But now I just want to curl up under my desk and take a nap.
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A) I did not have to stay late at Hallmark today. Hooray!
B) I managed to finish all the displays and crap for tomorrow, so I also do not have to go in early in the morning. Double hooray!
C) Severe weather = lots of Sven on my TV!
D) Except that this storm killed two of the trees up at the cabin a couple hours ago. Boo!
F) dramallama is not my favorite activity
G) mmmmm...whiskey! crap, I'm outta Jack. Goldschlager it is then!
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Well, it's Monday morning and I can still see LJ, so I'm guessing it's sticking around on ye olde work filter. YAY! But BOO to the fact that part of our software is broken this morning. The part I need to use. =/

Here's some last.fm stats to pass the time. in which I obviously went to see RENT )
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OH MY GAWD I missed you guys today! Big thanks to the people who kept me entertained this morning!

I still can't read you because I need to go pick [livejournal.com profile] seimaisin up from work in a little while. *sob* Later tonight, we'll reconnect. I promise!
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OMG you guys! My work suddenly decided to put on internet filters & I can't get on lj anymore! This is terrible! What am I going to do all day now?
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It is fucking snowing out there. SNOWING. This is the most ridiculous thing ever. GO AWAY WINTER!

The only good thing is that work will probably be dead today because the old biddies won't go out in this weather. Maybe I can work more on the story I've been writing forever.
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OH EM GEE. I do not have to be back at Hallmark until Tuesday. That's FOUR WHOLE DAYS off! I'm so happy about it, I could cry. That job is crushing my soul, yet I feel an ridiculous amount of loyalty towards it and can't imagine just leaving. Something is totally wrong with me.

Secret to Sunday Sven Stalkers:
Meet at [livejournal.com profile] auroram's house at 2pm. Does that work for everyone?

To do this weekend:
- Laundry
- Dinner on Sat night
- Hairball show also on Sat night
- Stalk Sven on Sunday
- Figure out where to buy Welsh beer, if possible
- Also gummy sharks
- CLEAN OFF HARD DRIVES (very important! I have less than 10G free right now)
- Edit & post Project 365 photos
- upload season 1 of Torchwood
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Three straight days of snow after it's a officially Spring is a little much, don't you think? I agree. WTF Mother Nature?

I'm glad Easter is here. I know the Hallmark customers are just being nice but I cringe every time someone told me to have a good Easter. I'd always give a "you too" back but I really just want to say, "yeah, I'm not Christian."

To do today:
- Laundry
- Theme Mix post
- regular post
- dinner with the fam
- Project 365 photos?
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Do you ever worry that something is wrong with you? Because I bought both I am Legend and Enchanted on DVD today and I'm really concerned that that odd combination indicates that I'm mentally unbalanced. Or something.

I already want this week to END ALREADY and it's only Tuesday. Ugh. Thank the gods that I'll have a double dose of Captain Jack & Ianto to help me get through the week.
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Ugh. Over sleeping sucks. I feel totally out of it. Of course, not as out of it as I felt when I woke up at 7:39am and was like "Uh? Is it Saturday? SHIT!" Somehow I had actually managed to turn my alarm off. I iz talented. =/ Not a big deal though, since I don't really have a specific time to be at work. We're just supposed to be in by 9am. I have a feeling I'll be trying to sneak out a little early though. I don't think anyone even noticed I was late so it shouldn't be too hard.

Last night there was a concert and it was good! I really really needed it. My very mini-concert review:
We Shot the Moon - A nice way to open the show. They have a kind of mellow pop rock vibe. I really dig their EP and bought an actual copy of it at the show. I'm looking forward to their full CD next month.

The Higher - Eh, they're all right. Nothing special. The lead singer looks WAY too much like Zac Hanson. They did do (part of) a cover of "Bye Bye Bye" so that got some bonus points. They would have won the game though if they'd kicked into "Mmmm Bop" instead.

Houston Calls - [livejournal.com profile] seimaisin and I tend to hang at the back or side of the crowd at all ages show because we have a low tolerance for the energetic teeny boppers. But we decided to head into the fray for Houston Calls because we both like them a lot. And they didn't disappoint! The band was really into it and so was the crowd. Which was way different than when we saw them play for about 30 people back in September. People were definitely singing along and dancing and gettin' rowdy. Good times! I ended up really sweaty and tired. Cool.

Sherwood - They were okay. They had a lot of white boy 'fros going on. Kind of scary. Unfortunately, we were hungry and getting cranky so we only stayed for about 5 songs. But I'd be willing to see them again.

Tonight: work, uploading music for the secret community, sleep
Tomorrow: St Patrick's Day parade and aimless wandering around downtown St Paul, more uploading
Sunday: work, Lifehouse/Matt Nathanson (♥) show, even more uploading
Monday: GAELIC STORM! (♥ ♥) YAY!!
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Thing the First:
I picked my parents up from the airport tonight and I am finally home after four days. I brought Earl with me in the car and he absolutely flipped his gourd when he saw my mom waiting on the sidewalk. It was adorable. We had an okay time together but I'm still happy that I'll be able to sleep in my own bed tonight where there's not a furry little creature trying to get my attention while I'm sleeping.

Thing the Second:
YOU GUYS! I finally got my client invoice to work properly today! I've been working on that stupid thing for like two weeks. I think the rest of my work week will be much easier now that I have that off my plate.

Thing the Third:
Because I'm all about rewarding myself for the little things lately, I bought the audio of John Barrowman's biography as a congrats for getting my invoice done. I've decided that I can wait to get the book until it's released here in the US in April, but I wanted needed to hear John read it before then. Even if it is the abridged version. I've already made it through some of it and it's pretty hilarious. =)

Thing the Fourth:
My brother called my parents house earlier, looking for my dad. Since they were in the air at that point, I ended up talking to DJ myself for like 15 minutes. I haven't talked to him in a couple weeks, so that was nice. I miss him so much. He's trying to narrow down when he'll be home during the summer, but he's pretty sure that he'll be here for the 4th of July. Yay!

Thing the Fifth:
Hey! Minnesota has been declared for Obama. Sweet! I still feel bad that I couldn't get out to caucus today since I had airport duty to perform.

I think that's it for today. I'm going to suck down some Advil PM, listen the commentary for Combat and then conk out for a while.
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I know I've complained about this before. But why oh why do customers insist on telling me how beautiful and gorgeous it is outside when I'm clearly stuck indoors all day?? Yeah, I fucking know that already. But I'm stuck serving you assholes so I won't get to enjoy any bit of it. Ugh. =/

Okay, I can't let my journal be all negative all the time. Something positive...Oh! I've already read seven books this month and am in the middle of two others. So that will be nine or possibly even ten books read this month. I'd say that's pretty good.

Oh hey! There's a midnight screening of Serenity on Saturday night! With all the crap going on last week, I almost forgot about it. Also? I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off from both jobs. That's something of a miracle!

And the Cobra Starship show is on Thursday. And the free Shawn Mullins show is tomorrow. The week is already much improved!

Here, have some last.fm stats: one of these weeks I'm going to listen to something besides John Barrowman )
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Thanks everyone for your kind words and concern. My mom is refusing to talk about what happened this morning, but I'm sure Riley was well taken care of. The vet loved him just as much as everyone else did. But I may never get used to talking about him in past tense. =(

I had a really shitty day at work today to top it all off. Except that one of the managers told me about how much she missed having me around while I was out of the office yesterday. I guess she told the Boss Lady about how much she needed me. That's nice, I suppose. I mean, eventually we'll be getting our reviews and it can't hurt for someone to say something like that.

Anyhow, to counteract my craptacular day I did a little retail therapy and bought season 1 of Torchwood on DVD after work. Whatever. I deserve it. Watching it reminds me of a question I had after last week's episode. it's not too spoilery )

That's about it, I guess. I'm drinking and watching Jack and then I'll be heading to bed.
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Well. Nothing wakes you up faster than nearly dying on the way too work. =/

Dear SUV drivers,
You are not invincible. Don't drive like fucktards when the roads are so shitty. Otherwise you will wipe out right in front of me and nearly take out my car too. And that won't make me happy.
No love, me

We just figured out that there are four people in my department today and none of them are management. I see a lot of goofing off in my future, with a possible departure by noon. Because of course I'm sick as all hell and I really just want to go back to sleep.

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I have today and tomorrow off from the day job and they did not call me once yet today. Hooray! I am scared to check my email, though. Unfortunately, I do have to work at Hallmark tonight. Which means that I'll miss the first airing of the I Love New York 2 finale. *grumble*

I finished my Christmas shopping today! Well, I do have to get a couple little gift cards yet, but that's not any hassle. I also have more junk food and supplies than will ever, ever be needed for our holiday party tomorrow night. And the Secret Project is washed and ready to be ironed before I wrap it up. Yay me!

My Mom made me go to Borders with her yesterday. (yeah, made me! that's the story I'm sticking with) So I have more books to add to my list of books I've bought in 2007:
#121 Swimming Without a Net - MaryJanice Davidson
#122 Her Secret Fantasy - Gaelen Foley
#123 For a Few Demons More - Kim Harrison
#124 Holy Smokes - Katie MacAlister
#125 Light Before Day - Christopher Rice
#126 My Boring-Ass Life - Kevin Smith
#127 Body Electric - Susan Squires
#128 One With the Shadows - Susan Squires (yes!! can't wait to start reading it!)
#129 Kitty and the Silver Bullet - Carrie Vaughn

Sheesh! Hopefully that's the end of the list for the year. We'll see. Next year I do believe I'll make a list of all the DVDs I purchase instead. 'Cause that's a pretty big list too.


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