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I don't fandom much and I'm a few days behind, but I'm bored at work. So let's go!

Your main fandom of the year?
CockyBoys/gay porn. yes, it's a fandom. yes, it's strange.

Your favorite film watched this year?
...Mad Max: Fury Road, I think.

Your favorite book read this year?
Oh boy. Fever Pitch by Heidi Cullinan. Honorable mention to Trade Me by Courtney Milan.

Your favorite album or song to listen to this year?
lol. Probably Afraid of Ghosts by Butch Walker, but maybe Shartistry in Motion by Willam.

Your favorite TV show of the year?
I binge watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine and it is amazing!

Your favorite video game of the year?
Uhh. I play a lot of Star Trek: Wrath of Gems on my phone?

Your best new fandom discovery of the year?
I started watching the Comedy Bang Bang TV show and it's just as bonkers as the podcast. I love it!

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?
Get it together, Marvel. Age of Ultron was terrible. I had to be dragged to see Ant-Man. Civil War should (hopefully) be amazing, but I don't care a bit about Doctor Strange.

Your fandom boyfriend of the year?
This is weird when your fandom is made up of real people that you've met in person. So maybe I'll just go with Groot.

Your fandom girlfriend of the year?
Willam? No wait, Bella Bean Karter. She did grope my boob. lol.

Your biggest squee moment of the year?

THIS. I love this boy so much.

The most missed of your old fandoms?
Sometimes I think about Pinto de Mayo and how ridiculously fun Pinto fandom was for awhile and it makes me sad that it's nothing like it used to be.

The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?
Eh. I tend to just accidentally fall into fandoms.

Your biggest fan anticipations for the coming year?
I am cautiously optimistic about Star Trek Beyond, even if the trailer is junk. I'm definitely ready for the Trek fandom to wake up again. Captain America: Civil War, of course. Grabbys weekend in Chicago? Oh! Deadpool, for sure!
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I made this same post for 2008, 2009 and 2010 and 2011 AND 2012. I'm going to keep it going for 2013! It's helped me keep track of what I've done over the year!

The 2013 Meme...
cutty mccut )

Last updated: Jun 05
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Uhhhh, yeah. Hi there. I haven't posted in ages. I should probably say something about how awesome CONvergence was. Or squee over how adorable my niece Arianna is. Or maybe talk about some of the projects I'm working on. But all of that takes time. So...

[livejournal.com profile] seimaisin gave me some questions to answer and I thought that would be a good way to start posting again, right? Riiiiight.

1) A fic you wish someone would write for you.
Hmmmmm. I haven't been reading much fic lately. I don't know what it is that I'm missing out on. Maybe that time Iron Man accidentally runs into Magneto and Erik starts taking wagers on what shapes he can put Tony into. Like Puppetry of the Penis, only with Tony Stark. And then there's hate sex or something. idek.

2) Your favorite story about your niece.
Well, she likes to tell herself jokes in baby babble and then laugh hysterically at herself. I think that's pretty adorable. I guess she's a good comedian, we just don't understand it. =)

3) The podcasts you're currently listening to.
Oh boy. Settle in for this answer. The weird reality is that I rarely ever listen to music anymore. I pretty much only listen to podcasts. I still don't entirely know how that happened, but I'm okay with it. Mostly comedy podcasts, but other ones have snuck in.

My five favorites are probably:
Doug Loves Movies
WTF with Marc Maron
The Pod F. Tompkast
Cashing in With T.J. Miller

Cashing in With T.J. Miller is one of the strangest things in existence. And I like it that way. I've gone to two live tapings of Doug Loves Movies and one taping of Nerdist. I would love love love to go to LA for the LA Podcast Festival in October!

Others I listen to are Dead Author Podcast, 5 Decisions Away with Matt Paxton (yes, the dude from Hoarders), How Did This Get Made?, Comedy Film Nerds, You Made it Weird with Pete Homes (aka the dude that does the E-Trade baby voice), The Todd Glass Show, Dining with Doug and Karen, Comedy Bang Bang and I just started listening to Seeing Clearly with Matt Paxton.

4) The books that are on your immediate TBR list.
I'm in the middle of Kaje Harper's free story Show Me Yours, from the Goodreads MM Romance group Love is Always Write event. Then Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis came out today and I'll probably pick that up to read next. I kind of adore the Lucky Harbor series. Oh! And Liz Carlyle's The Bride Wore Pearls also came out today. I'll be getting that one too. I bought Fire on the Mountain by P.D. Singer last week (sexy gay forest rangers - rawr!) so I'll probably read that one after those books. Guess I have my weekend reading material set. =) Though really, I'm just waiting for the new K.A. Mitchell book to come out. Only 3 more weeks to wait!

5) A place you'd like to visit that you haven't been to yet.
Australia, definitely. I don't even care where in the country. Just somewhere gorgeous and different. Reading some Sarah Mayberry books recently has really renewed my interest.

book meme!

Feb. 3rd, 2012 10:51 am
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stolen from [livejournal.com profile] facingtheanimal

Friday Fiver: Bookworm

1. What was the last book you read?
I just finished Josh Lanyon's Adrien English Mysteries series. It was enjoyable, even if the cop boyfriend of the narrator was a giant asshole douchebag for most of the series. That's kind of par for the course in Josh Lanyon's books so it's not like it was unexpected.

2. What book(s) are you reading now?
I don't know yet. I just went through a spree of reading gay cops/detectives, so it's probably time for something different. Maybe some gay cowboys. ;) But I'm also way behind on my historical romance reading, so I might read the new Nicole Jordan book this weekend too.

I'm reading SOOOOO much thanks to my kindle. I've already read over 30 books/novellas for the year. That's a lot for me, since my free time is usually taken up with other things. But I've bought a ton of books since Christmas and I'm trying to work my way through them.

3. Do you have a library card? Do you use it?
Uhhhhh, somewhere in a drawer I do indeed have a library card. But I haven't stepped into a library in over 10 years. I like to own things way too much. Reading a book and then giving it back is kind of a weird concept for me.

4. How do you choose a new book to read?
Yeah, not gonna lie, the cover has to be eye-catching. Or at least not repulsive. But the book also has to be something I'm vaguely interested in. And I have a list of writers that are always a must buy. I also read a bunch of book blogs, get recs from friends and haunt the Recommended for You sections on Amazon.

But when I'm specifically choosing what to read, it's usually what I'm in the mood for. Which really could be anything.

5. We all had to read books in school. Which was your favorite? Your least favorite? Do you think you would feel differently about them if you read them now?
Did I have a favorite book from school reading? I really can't say that I do. Oh wait. I think we read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein for class and I do enjoy that book quite a bit. I re-read it a few years ago and still enjoyed it.

My least favorite was definitely Thackeray's Vanity Fair. Thankfully, I was able to stop reading it about halfway through. It was dreadfully long and boring. Can't say that I think that would change if I read it now. Actually, you couldn't make me read it, even at gun point.
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I made this same post for 2008, 2009 and 2010 AND 2011. Seems like I should keep it going for 2012! It's helped me keep track of what I've done over the year!

The 2012 Meme...
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Last updated: Dec 31
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Hey hey! I haven't posted anything here in ages! And so very much has happened lately. Which I'm not going to talk about. Instead, I'm going to try to do that fandom meme thing. Except that I kind of skirt the edges of fandom, so it might be a little difficult. Maybe it'll just be more like 'TV shows I really liked'.

The one who seduced you, screwed you over, broke your heart in a million pieces, and laughed about it.
Nip/Tuck. I loved it SO much for the first 2.9998 seasons! And then the end of season 3 happened. And then season 4 happened and I just could not do it anymore. Oh, Ryan Murphy. Why you gotta be that way?

The old flame you don't see very often any more but whom you still really enjoy getting together with for a few drinks and maybe a pleasant nostalgic romp.
Firefly/Serenity. I've been thinking lately that it's been way too long since I've watched it. And I really should make it a yearly thing. It's such a fantastic world to visit!

The mysterious dark one whom you used to sit up with talking until 3 AM at weird coffee houses and with whom you were quite smitten until you realized s/he really was fucking crazy:
Torchwood. Love the show, hate the fandom. Haaaaaaaate the fandom. I might throw up if I see one more image of Ianto with wings. Or another Long Live Ianto bingo card. John Barrowman's legion of 'he can do no wrong!' floozies doesn't help either.

The one you spent a whole weekend in bed with and who drank up all your liquor and whom you'd still really like to get with again, although you're relieved s/he doesn't actually live in town:
Doctor Who. Such a great show. Such a batshit crazy fandom. I prefer to talk about the show with my friends and stay far far away from fandom itself.

The steady:
Star Trek Reboot! Kirk/McCoy specifically, but I'm totally open to reading other pairings. 2+ years now. I never ever would have guessed I'd still be talking with people about that movie. Or still reading fic. Or mixing for STBB. The allure of Chris Pine and Karl Urban is strong.

The alluring stranger whom you've flirted with at parties but have never gotten really serious with:
Bandom. Lots of my friends are/were involved with it. I know and (mostly) love all the bands. But I just don't really want to read stories about them. I will read fic once in a while, but mostly I just listen to the music.

The one you hang out with and have vague fantasies about maybe having a thing with, but ultimately you're just good buddies:
Burn Notice. I adore the show but I just have no desire to search out fic. Even though I'm a huge Michael/Fiona shipper.

The one your friends keep introducing you to and who seems like a hell of a cool person except it's never really gone anywhere:
The Vampire Diaries. I'm sure it's really good. But it really just contains all the things I hate about TV.

The one who's slept with all your friends, and you keep looking at them and thinking, "How the hell did they land all these cool people?"
Sorry guys, but Glee. I don't get it. At all. I tried, I tried. But it just makes me want to weep for humanity.

The one who gave you the best damned summer of your life and against whom you measure all other potential partners:
Crossing Jordan. OMG, we had so much fun over there. Fandom fights, OTP wars, flouncing, name changing, baninating. Oh yeah. And I enjoyed the show! And ran a Steve Valentine fansite. Those were the days...

The one you recently met at a party and would like to get to know better:
X-Men: First Class? It seems like I could get into it. Or I could hate myself for it.

The old flame that you wouldn't totally object to hooking up with again for a one night romp if only they'd clean up a bit:
Wrestling. Every once in a while, I get a bit of news that makes me totally want to start watching again. Plus, I still love CM Punk. No matter how weird his character gets.

Your hot new flame:
Honestly, I don't have one. I haven't gotten immersed into a new fandom since...

The one who stole your significant other:
Pinto. I still don't understand where it came from. But I'm rather hooked! It's taken a lot of my attention away from Kirk/McCoy (and Urbine) and put it right onto those ridiculous boys.

iTunes meme

Apr. 4th, 2011 03:37 pm
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I saw a couple people do this meme over the weekend and thought I'd join in....

How many total songs?
64,684 songs, 377.70 GB (yeah, A LOT - and that doesn't include the folders of random things I've never loaded into iTunes)

Sort by song title - first and last?
first: Cartel - 'A'
last: Prince - '$'

Sort by time - shortest and longest?
shortest: Madonna - 'Hi, this is Madonna...What the Fuck' (0:03)
longest: Swallow the Sun - 'Plague of Butterflies' (34:43)

Sort by Album - first and last?
first: Matt Hires - 'Honey, Let Me Sing You a Song' (Alternate Version) (from A to B EP)
last: Shawn Mullins - 'House of the Rising Sun' (from 9th Ward Pickin' Parlor')

Sort by Artist - first and last?
first: a-ha - ' The Bandstand'
last: 98 Degrees - 'Because of You' (LOL)

Top ten played songs?
I'll do both my iTunes and last.fm stats, since neither are perfectly accurate. I don't remember when I started using iTunes, but it was after I set up my last.fm account. And my last.fm hasn't been scrobbling correctly lately, so I'm missing plays. So it's some combo of both.

iTunes (since ???):
Butch Walker - 'Closer to the Truth and Further From the Sky' (152)
Butch Walker & The Let's-Go-Out-Tonites - 'Hot Girls in Good Moods' (143)
Green River Ordinance - 'Outside' (137)
Boys Like Girls - 'Five Minutes to Midnight' (140)
Butch Walker - 'Pretty Melody' (129)
Fall Out Boy - 'Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes (124)
1969 -'Wreck Me' (118)
Matt Nathanson - Falling Apart (117)
Shooter Jennings - '4th of July' (115)
Butch Walker - You Belong With Me (10)

last.fm (since May 2005):
Butch Walker - 'You Belong With Me' (184)
1969 - 'Wreck Me' (173)
Cobra Starship - 'I Kissed a Boy' (165)
Butch Walker - 'Don't Move' (159)
Cobra Starship - 'Pete Wentz Is the Only Reason We're Famous' (157)
Butch Walker & The Let's-Go-Out-Tonites - 'Hot Girls in Good Moods' (155)
Butch Walker - 'Closer to the Truth and Further From the Sky' (152)
Boys Like Girls - 'Five Minutes to Midnight' (140)
Shooter Jennings - '4th of July' (139)
Green River Ordinance - 'Outside' (138)

Find the following words. How many songs show up?
Sex: 393
Death: 252
Love: 3507
You: 7614
Home: 752
Boy: 1736
Girl: 1487
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You were born during a First Quarter moon

This phase occurs in the middle of the moon's waxing phases, after the new moon and before the full moon.

- what it says about you -

You test everything. You're sometimes unhappy with what others think is "good enough". You point out things you see wrong with the world, even if others are afraid it may cause some unrest. When something isn't right, you're the one who's not afraid to make dramatic changes. You're good at keeping your head in a crisis and reminding people that it takes a shakeup to fix things.

What phase was the moon at on your birthday? Find out at Spacefem.com

yes, I have Tiny Toons icons now! the episode with 'Duck Trek' is totally one of my very favorites! still contemplating cosplaying Elmyra at CONvergence...
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I was tagged by [livejournal.com profile] rhye, so here goes!

A. People who have been tagged must write the answers on their blog and replace any question they dislike with a new, original question.

B. Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.
Yeah, I'm refusing anyways. Do it if you want!

behind the cut! )
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swiped from [livejournal.com profile] bubbleslayer

A. Age: 34

B. Bed size: Full with 7 pillows on it

C. Chore you hate: ummm...chores?

D. Dogs: LOVE THEM! My parents just got a new one and he's adorable!

E. Essential start to your day: caffeinated soda

F. Favorite color: black, silver or blue

G. Gold or silver: silver, always. I never wear gold.

H. Height: 5'0"

I. Instruments you play: ummm...plastic guitar and drums?

J. Job title: Business Systems Analyst

K. Kids: not for me

L. Live: in the 'burbs of St Paul, Minnesnowta

M. Mom’s name: Amelia, aka Meme (one of my brother's friends just named their baby after her)

N. Nicknames: The Legend, TL

O. Overnight hospital stays: haven't been in the hospital since I was born

P. Pet peeve: traffic, people who believe they're the only people in existance

Q. Quote from a movie: DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! (from Star Trek. lame, but I got nothin' else)

R. Right or left handed: right handed, left brained

S. Siblings: one sister and two brothers. I'm the oldest.

T. Time you wake up: alarm goes off at 5:15am, but I don't usually get out of bed until 5:45-6:00am

U. Underwear: hipsters or boyshorts

V. Vegetables you dislike: asparagus,

W. What makes you run late: other people, traffic. I'm usually on-time or early, if at all possible.

X. X-Rays you’ve had: I think chest is the only one

Y. Yummy food you make: cheesy hashbrown potatoes, yum!

Z. Zoo: I was just there on Saturday for H's bday party. I would show you photos, but they're still on my camera.
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] bubbleslayer

Your main fandom of the year?
Oh gods, it's probably Pinto. (aka Chris Pine/Zach Quinto) I don't even know how that happened!! I still obsess over get excited about Star Trek, but am probably more involved with Pinto.

Your favourite film watched this year?

Your favourite book read this year?
Feed by Mira Grant. SO fantastic!! Read it!

Your favourite fanfic read this year?
Hmmmmm. So my very favorite Pinto story was deleted by the author. And then the author eventually left lj all together. =( Kind souls saved and reposted her fic and this is my second-favorite Pinto fic.
Primavera by [livejournal.com profile] beedlebarg
Summary: AU - Teenage Chris went to live with the Quinto family when his mom got sick.

My favorite Star Trek fic is this one, hands down. Possibly my favorite piece of fic OF ALL TIME. It's SO GOOD!
Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe by [livejournal.com profile] jlh
Summary: From Variety, June 2008:
Pavel Chekov ("Charlie X") and Gaila ("Bread and Circuses") have joined the cast of small budget drama "That Which Survives," funded by Fleet's indie arm Academy and supervised by Nyota Uhura.
The debut feature from longtime script doctor Leonard McCoy, former show runner on sitcom "Three to Tango," centers on a college student coping with his father's terminal cancer. Chekov plays the son, Gaila the nurse. The father is yet to be cast.
Also attached are director James T. Kirk and producer Spock, the team behind the blockbuster spy-girl franchise starring Carol Marcus, the latest of which, "A Taste of Armageddon," opened last month. (A modern-day Hollywood AU.)

Your favourite album or song to listen to this year?
Motion City Soundtrack's My Dinosaur Life (yes, more than the Butch album. I KNOW.)

Your favourite TV shows of the year?
Doctor Who, Burn Notice, 30 Rock, Hoarders, Sherlock. That's about all I've watched.

Your favourite LJ community of the year?
[livejournal.com profile] ontd_pinto. Love the beans!

Your best new TV discovery of the year?
Ummmmmmmmm, oh! I finally watched Secret Diary of a Call Girl and loved it! Can't wait for the new series to start!

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?
That stupid whore, pie?? Honestly, I have no idea. I really try to only have fun in fandom and avoid the stupid wank.

Your TV boyfriend of the year?
Don't really have one. I don't watch much TV.

Your TV girlfriend of the year?
Don't have one of those either.

Your biggest squee moment of the year?
Not really a fandom thing, but it was pretty spiffy when Tyrone Wells moved a concert to a different day for me. (okay, not specifically for me, but it sounds better that way)

The most missed of your old fandoms?
I don't really miss any of them...

The TV you haven't tried yet, but want to?
The Walking Dead. I have it downloaded, just need the time to watch it!

Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year?
The new Star Trek movie starts shooting! This Means War! Priest! POTC IV!
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I promised to post actual content today, didn't I? Hmmmmm. Have this icon meme I snagged from [livejournal.com profile] sangueuk instead.

clicky clicky )

I've actually (sort-of) agreed with the Project Runway judges for the last two weeks. It's like opposite land!

Actual journal content tomorrow. For realsies. I'm just too exhausted to make my brain work tonight. =(
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Day 30 - Your favorite song at this time last year
Panic! at the Disco - 'New Perspective'

OMG, I love this song. I've never been a huge PATD fan or anything, but I certainly like them. However, something about this song just made me fall in love with it:

And it stayed my favorite song until the day Motion City Soundtrack released 'Disappear'. =)

full list of days behind the cut )

And that's it! I made it to the end of the meme! =) I thought about finding another 30 Day meme to do, but I think I've decided to try posting actual content daily. We'll see how that goes!
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Day 29 - A song from your childhood
The Monkees - 'Every Step of the Way

In '86-'88, I was TOTALLY in love with The Monkees. They were replaying the show on Nickelodeon and I had a crazy crush on Davy Jones. And in 1987 they released a new album (Pool It!) with this song as the first single:

And I loved it. LOVED IT! It comes up on my iPod once in a while and I still singalong, even though it's really a terrible song. I can't help what I love!

full list of days behind the cut )
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Day 28 - A song that makes you feel guilty
Sarah McLachlan - 'Angel'

I really had no idea what to choose for this. Then I realized that this song was perfect:

Because every time that ASPCA commercial comes on, I feel incredibly guilty that I can't save all the animals. =(

full list of days behind the cut )
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Day 27 - A song that you wish you could play
Melissa Etheridge & Bruce Springsteen - 'Thunder Road'

I was just about to go to bed when I realized I'd forgotten to do something. And here I am posting instead of sleeping. ;) So, 'Thunder Road' is a great song. One of the all-time greatest. But I fell in love with it from this version:

Melissa & Bruce doing a live acoustic version on MTV Unplugged. Absolute perfection! I listen to this all the time. I used to own this on a bootleg cassette I bought years and years ago that I actually wore the tape out on. So yeah, if I knew how to play guitar, this would be one of the songs I would need to know how to play.

full list of days behind the cut )
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Day 26 - A song that you can play on an instrument
Pebbles - 'Girlfriend'

Soooooooooo. I don't really play an instrument anymore. But I used to know how to play the flute and for reasons I can't even begin to explain, I taught myself how to play this song:

The 80s were a weird time.

full list of days behind the cut )
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Day 25 - A song that makes you laugh
Southgang - 'Tainted Angel'

First off, I LOVE this song. I love this whole album! Since the first time I heard it and still adore it now. But this is kind of ridiculous:

Knowing Butch Walker now (well, not that I know him) and listening to this, it gives me a serious case of the giggles. Look at all the hair whipping and hip thrusting in this video! No wonder he pretty much refused to talk about his hair band days for years...

full list of days behind the cut )

Doing this early today since I won't be home until late. Gotta get my party on! ;)
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Day 24 - A song that you want to play at your funeral
Pearl Jam - 'Release'

I don't really know how to answer this one. It's not something I think about. I'd rather people have a party to celebrate life than a funeral, you know? But this song seems fitting:

There's a lot of Pearl Jam on this list. Ten is obviously still one of my favorite albums ever.

full list of days behind the cut )

and now to watch Project Runway!
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Day 23 - A song that you want to play at your wedding
Sam Thacker - 'The Last'

This song is so beautiful:

and kind of bittersweet. Which is probably why I love it. I can totally envision it being the song for the first dance at my theoretical wedding.

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