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Today I received in the mail: my John Barrowman autograph from [livejournal.com profile] praguematic, the hard copies of my TorchSong photos (minus my second Gareth photo, which I figured would come late) and my Deluxe Edition of the Cobra Starship album, including one of the limited edition covers (Ryland's!).

I still feel like crap and decided to ditch out on going to the Irish Fair. I spent most of the day in bed, either sleeping or reading Star Trek fic. Not very productive, but okay. I hate being sick.

Big storms again tonight. We haven't had much of this weather this summer and it's been very odd.
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I have had a pounding headache the past two mornings. And it's back again today. Oh joy. Caffeine, sugar and the YUMMY brownies [livejournal.com profile] wilowisp was nice enough to bring me aren't helping. I think the answer is sleep, but I would probably get caught if I take a nap under my desk.

I had a giant list of things that needed to get done last night (my only free night this week). Most but not all of them got done. So, a solid B maybe? I don't know. I DID get my hair done and I love how it looks.

here's a crappy photo from my phone )

Because you know I couldn't keep it all one color for long. =P

Tonight = work. Tomorrow = work. Friday = ROAD TRIP! Saturday = Cobras and the Fall Out Boys! YAY!

I thought I had more witty things to say but my brain is not cooperating. Send help!


Nov. 2nd, 2008 05:50 pm
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A update on me, because I'm sure you're all wondering. My cold is finally at a place where I'd say I'm actually better. I'm still kind of stuffed up in the mornings but I can pretty much make it through the day with just a decongestant. Fever is gone. Sore throat is gone. Cough is pretty much gone. It's such a relief! I know being able to get some actual rest this weekend definitely helped.

But. (why is there always a but?) I moved my pillows around last week so I'd be sleeping at a higher angle so my sinuses could drain and I didn't suffocate in my own mucus during the night. And one night I must have been sleeping in a weird position because I did something to my neck. What exactly did I do? Who knows. It just HURTS. Sitting, standing, laying down, moving my neck in any direction...PAIN. Ouch! I'm kind of miserable. Especially since I ran out of Advil the other day and I haven't had anything to deaden the pain. And no money to go out and buy any. (really, I needed that T-shirt at the TAI concert) But I'm at my parents hours right now helping my mom with something and she has a nearly full bottle of Advil. I took some a little while ago and I already feel a million times better! Some of those little pills will definitely be coming home with me. ::clings to drugs::

Along with some of the leftovers from the dinner we're about to eat. YUM! =)

Also, seekrit to [livejournal.com profile] duckduck: clicky here
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Hi there. You might have noticed that I've been MIA for a couple days. Or maybe you didn't. Whatever. Anyhow, I'm sick. SICK. Curling up in a ball, shaking with fever, coughing my lungs out kind of sick. Oh yeah. Good times. Yet I still worked at Hallmark on Saturday for 9 hours without a break. I even managed to fight off passing out from my fever several times. Go me. =/

I called in sick to the day job yesterday and dragged myself to the doctor, who told me there wasn't anything she could really do. She was nice enough to give me some Robitussin with Codeine so I could try to get some sleep. It helped a little. I only woke up every 3 hours last night, instead of every hour.

I still feel pretty crappy and I still have a light fever, but I'm at work anyways. And I'll be at Hallmark tonight. And I'm determined to show up at Applebees for karaoke tonight, even if it's only for a little while. It's not like I can sing anyways since my voice is pretty much shot.

Since I had to go out yesterday, I gave in to my ingrained desire to own things and used my 40% off DVD box sets at Borders coupon to buy Doctor Who series 1. What can I say? I'm weak.

Anyhow. That's what's up with me right now. How are you guys?


Feb. 22nd, 2008 11:41 am
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Did you also watch Torchwood episode 2x07 and determine that it made no sense? You're not the only one! Here is an awesomely entertaining pic-spam with comments! Spoilers, obvs.

Chris Chibnall is leaving Torchwood for Law & Order: London? That doesn't seem like a good idea. But what do I know? Dick Wolf has to have a gazillion dollars. Maybe he pays super well.

Dude, I'm already SO OVER having a constant cough. And it's only been three days. =(
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Brain: Hey! Looks like we're finally shaking that cold we've had for two months. Hooray! Feeling better FTW!
Body: Oh no. We can't have any of that. Here, have this mysterious hacking cough!

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Grrrr. I was actually feeling better yesterday, so of course I feel like crap again today. =/ Runny nose. Cough. Pounding headache. Ugh. Maybe I'm allergic to work.

Dudes, I have over 450 music videos in my iTunes now. Why? I have no idea. I just seem to collect them. It's not like I watch them very often. My days of watching videos for hours at a time ended back in high school.

I rearranged some of the stuff in my cube and now I have my awesome Cobra Starship poster watching over me as I 'work'. Two people have already come over to ask me who they are.

Wow. I am a wealth of non-information today. =/

let's finish this up with some last.fm stats...
yup, still listening to my John Barrowman playlist )
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Hmmmm. I think I've been to Detroit too many times. I'm watching the Flavor of Love 3 Casting Special (yeah, I know - there isn't anything else on though) and I could tell that they were outside St. Andrew's Hall before they even mentioned this segment was from the Detroit casting call. That was a little scary.

I have slept most of today away. I still have a pounding headache. =/ I don't know what it's going to take to get rid of it.
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Well. Nothing wakes you up faster than nearly dying on the way too work. =/

Dear SUV drivers,
You are not invincible. Don't drive like fucktards when the roads are so shitty. Otherwise you will wipe out right in front of me and nearly take out my car too. And that won't make me happy.
No love, me

We just figured out that there are four people in my department today and none of them are management. I see a lot of goofing off in my future, with a possible departure by noon. Because of course I'm sick as all hell and I really just want to go back to sleep.

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Hooray! I can turn my head today! There's definitely still something wrong with my neck, but it's not crippling painful anymore. Driving was kind of complicated without not being able to look behind me.

I would rant about traffic and people and how much I hate them, but I don't have the energy. I'll just say that my almost new car has a huge chip in the paint from a rock, a ding in the windshield from another rock and SOME FUCKING MORON SWIPED MY BUMPER AND IT IS NOW SCRATCHED UP AND MISSING PAINT. It either happened at my apartment or at Hallmark and I am VERY MUCH NOT HAPPY.


The Will.i.am CD is horrible. Yeah, I know. What was I expecting? But it's even worse than that. =/

[livejournal.com profile] f_o_n_y gave me a list for the interest meme. Five of them are actually tied together.

Oh VH1! How I adore you and your cheesy, addicting Celebreality TV shows! What would I do on Sundays if I didn't have Rock of Love and Flavor of Love and My Fair Brady and Surreal Life to watch? They also have one of the best blogs around, which I created an lj feed for: [livejournal.com profile] vh1celebreality

Sven Sundgaard
I'm kind of a news junkie. And on March 10th, 2006 (yes, I remember the exact day) KARE-11 introduced their new weather guy, the adorably elfin Sven Sundgaard. I was immediately smitten! How can you not adore someone named Sven? It became my life's goal to meet him, which finally happened at the State Fair on my birthday this year. Sven has a blog too, which I also created a feed for: [livejournal.com profile] svens_blog

it's just a ride
The other five interests jenni gave me all have to do with brilliant comedian Bill Hicks. "It's Just a Ride" is the title of the documentary that was produced about Bill's life after he died from pancreatic cancer in 1994. But it's really a philosophy that Bill would try to teach at his shows.

"The world is like a ride at an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it, you think it's real, because that's how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and down and round and round and it has thrills and chills and it's very brightly colored and it's very loud. And it's fun, for a while."

more of this long Hicksian quote behind the cut )

illuminate the collective unconscious
Bill's shows were just as much of a preaching session as they were about comedy bits. He often talked about how the human race was making itself dumber as a whole by watching things like American Gladiators and listening to people like Rush Limbaugh. He preached about trying to wake people up and making them realize that we need to better ourselves and make ourselves smarter so that we can move forward as a whole race.

squeegee your third eye
This is kind of the same concept as illuminating the collective unconscious. Clearing your mind (with or without the use of drugs), removing the haze put over us by the media and the government and seeing the world how it really is through your third eye.

people who hate people
One of my favorite Hicks bits is about creating a new political party, the People Who Hate People Party. They're having a little trouble getting together though. "People Who Hate People! Come together!" "NO!" *snicker*

Bill had a bit of an alter-ego that would come out during his shows, Beelzebozo. The satanic comic. He was pretty crude and rude and fucking hilarious.
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Ow. I obviously slept weird last night and pinched something in my neck. Again. I can only turn my head to my shoulder, and even that hurts. Looking behind me is definitely out. No money for a massage this week though. Any volunteers to give me one? ;)

This week's theme over in the Seekrit Music community is "Music We Grew Up With." I downloaded a bunch of stuff I haven't listened to in years so I can post it. Stuff I only have on vinyl or maybe cassette. It's terrible that I can listen to it and still remember all the words. Also, looking at the list of stuff I'm going to post makes it apparent that there is something mentally wrong with me. Seriously, it's all over the place. You'll see when I start posting it later this week.

This weekend was pretty boring. I had to work at Hallmark all weekend. Boo. And I had to help my mom set up the new ornament display. Ugh. I finally grabbed the book from her and started doing it myself since I was tired of her bitching. It didn't help that I was crampy and tired and cranky. But it got done and actually looks kind of cute. I also had to check in all the new ornament stock and pull all the orders for customers. No one else at the store is organized enough to be able to do it. Including our manager. =/

Also, listen. If you want to stand there and open all of the sound cards, whatever. Have fun. But for God's sake, don't come up to the counter and open them directly in my face and go on and on about how great that song is. Yes, I've heard it before. Yes, I've seen the card before. Can you just shut it? Please?

Also also, I will never ever get the women who carry around those fucking suitcases and then have to lug them onto the counter and dig through them for 5 minutes and take all kinds of junk out just to find their credit card, all the while going on about how they hate that purse because it has too many pockets or they can't find anything or needs to be cleaned out. No one is forcing you to carry that thing around. Clean it out, decide what you really need and carry a smaller purse. Really, it's possible. Sometimes I even go out with only what's in my pockets.

Also also also? Our store is next to a Curves. Can I please put out a plea to the Curves women? If you want to shop at our store after your workout, that's fine. But for the love of God, go out to your car first and put your workout stuff in there before coming into the store. Because carrying your smelly shoes around our store? Kind of disgusting. Putting your smelly shoes on our counter when you're checking out? Really disgusting. Setting your DIRTY SOCKS on the counter? Completely unacceptable. And this has happened more than once.

So, other than getting Hallmark rage, I also hung out with my family this weekend. I stopped by on Friday to see how Earl was doing and he was still kind of bad. He was shaking and didn't want to be touched. But he was better on Saturday and let me scratch him under the chin for a little while. He even came out from under the bed to see me. Riley is also doing much better. He's back to ignoring me at will. Stubborn dog.

I spent an infuriating amount of time trying to get my parent's cable modem to work with a wireless router. Comcast gave them some new modem and it works like shit. I never did get it to work with the router. But I did finally get the modem to recognize my mom's laptop when we had it connected by wire, so we called DJ. It was 10:30am there and he was just getting up. Unfortunately, his webcam was broken so I didn't get to see him, but I did talk to him for a while. It's some sort of Thanksgiving-type holiday in Korea this week, so he was taking a vacation to some tropical island with some of the other teachers at his school. He's going to learn how to surf! Sounds like he's having a great time. He's definitely not home sick.

Other than that, I watched a lot of TV and futzed around on the computer. Kind of a typical weekend.
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My wrist & hand have been killing me the past couple days, more than likely due to doing so much extra work lately. So, today I wandered over to Wal-Mart and bought some Aleve Arthritis, hoping that it might help some. It's some sort of miracle drug! I can actually move my hand without pain shooting up my arm. This is good. Needing Arthritis medicine at 31? Bad.

Amusing moment of the day:
I was walking to my car at Wal-Mart and some guy started his car up by mine. He was obviously trying to be a bad ass, sitting low in his seat with a cig hanging off his lip. His music was cranked really loud. Playing? Martika's "Toy Soldiers." *snicker* I honestly started giggling out loud.

Also? I don't think I've ever been gotten as many comments about something I was wearing as I did today while wearing my Al Franken for Senate shirt. Awesome!

And now to drag myself into the shower before heading to Hastings...
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I added the photo of Sven & I to my desk this morning and realized I had a whole section of photos of me with gay boys. I'm not exactly sure what kind of statement that is.

My dad came into work last night to bring my birthday present to me and I asked him to bring my dog with 'cause I miss him. Riley walked in, looked around to find me, made me scratch his neck and then decided he was done with me and turned to walk out. All in about 90 seconds. Love you too, you little twerp.

My boss told me yesterday that I'd finally be getting rid of one of the parts of my job that I hate. Yay! Also, my old old boss is coming back to work here. Not totally surprising, but still strange. She'll be heading up a new division in the company. I wonder what kind of openings she'll have?

I really am getting a cold. I had to take DayQuil, my allergy pill, Advil and Afrin just to feel halfway okay this morning. This sucks.

To do list for tonight:
make post for secret community
watch The Office bonus stuff
burn DVD for [livejournal.com profile] seimaisin

make best of Butch CD for A
make playlist for birthday party
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Crap. I think I'm getting a cold. Granted, I usually get horribly sick at least once every summer and I haven't had so much as a small cough this summer, so I've been lucky so far. That still doesn't mean I'm happy about this.

Listening to Steve Earle right after Fall Out Boy is kind of a jarring difference.

There's probably only 20% of our employees here today and pretty much every one has given up on any resemblance of work appropriate clothing. Myself included. I still can't believe someone at our Philly office scheduled a VERY IMPORTANT conference call at 11am today. Who the hell wants to be in a meeting where they have to pay attention on the day before a holiday weekend? I sure don't. But I'll be there anyways.

Note to self: Don't forget that you want to hit the bazaar at the Fair this weekend because you need to look for a new purse. Also, you need to go to the good Hallmark store and Claire's after work today.
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For the record: painting for 7 hours in one day is NOT good for my wrist. =( My mom was all "Why do you keep dropping your brush?" Gee mom, maybe because I've lost all feeling in my hand?!? Anyhow, it obviously wasn't my idea to paint the bedroom, but now it's done. And we have no other work that needs to be done this week except for some laundry.

Tomorrow we're picking up my dad's aunt Martha and meeting my dad & his sister in St. Cloud for her birthday. Because he told her they'd take her out for birthday and forgot that my mom would be up at the cabin with me. It's a lot more complicated than it needs to be.
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Well, that's one thing off my mind. My brother called last night and said that he'd made it to Korea just fine. The flight was really, really long but he and all his bags made it there. That's good! He's getting settled in at his new apartment (which doesn't have air conditioning, so his first big purchase is going to be a window unit) and he's been getting used to things at his school. His says everyone is really friendly and helpful. =)

Seriously, my wrist is killing me. It's been much worse since I went for my testing the other day. And I still haven't heard from my doctor's office. I'll have to call them on Monday. And maybe ask for some good drugs, because the Advil isn't enough anymore.
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I've been meaning to do this for a few days, but haven't gotten around to it. [livejournal.com profile] urbanblesky started this wonderful new meme:
List your top five, eight, ten, twenty, whatever of "I know I am truly alive because..." And it's not the resume, the degrees,the accomplishments or the awards...it's about those top however many I AM ALIVE! moments. List as many as you want: good, life-altering, sweet, juicy, devastating near misses, the thrill of victory, mellow, luscious, giggly, with friends, alone, anything. How do you know you're truly alive? Let's have them!


...I snuck out of the house when I was 16 to see Faster Pussycat & Blackboard Jungle at the Mirage. I still remember jumping around in glee because Brent pointed at me during "You're so Vain."

...of seeing FP again 8 years later at First Avenue. I wouldn't be on the strange ride that my life has taken since then if not for that show.

...of drifting thorugh the pit at the Jane's Addiction show at the X, surrounded by friends and all the people we randomly picked up to include in our group. It was one of the best concert experiences I've ever had.

...I met up with a bunch of strangers, drove out to South Bend to meet up with more strangers and came out of the day with some really great friends and very interesting memories. And some smelly clothes.

...of my first trip to Hollywood and being annoyed by C.C. DeVille and two dollars and getting tattoos and and drinking at the 'Bow and dancing at Goldfingers and walking three blocks and taking stealth photos and way way too many things to mention in a meme!

...of playing the penis game and dancing to Shakira at the goth bar in Milwaukee and then acting inappropriately in that little diner with some of my favorite people.

...of finally achieving my goal of seeing Rent on Broadway, watching an amazing cast (well, except for Scary Spice) and sobbing uncontrollably during Mark Richard Ford's "I'll Cover You (Reprise)."

...of sitting on the dock at the cabin with Riley and watching for shooting stars.

...of every time I'm welcomed somewhere with a smile and a hug. This life is what I wanted when I used dream about my future and I feel extremely blessed to have so many friends and wonderful experiences.


Tonight is Poison/RATT/Vains of Jenna and I'm pretty excited about it. I was kind of miffed that it wasn't going to be outdoors. But with enough humidity to swim through the air right now, I'm not complaining any more. Should be a good time!

A mysterious bump has appeared on my wrist. I keep repeating "It's not a cyst" to myself. Positive thinking, right? My EMG testing isn't until the 31st, so I have two weeks to freak out about it. Oh goodie.

Also, I haven't been sleeping well since the pain in my wrist keeps waking me up. I took a couple Tylenol PM before bed last night and I finally slept through the night, but I had some wacky dreams. I decided to fly to Chicago for some reason and decided that I just needed to throw a few things into a bag and I'd be fine. I only made it to the airport 15 minutes before my flight was to leave and I didn't have my toothbrush or any of my toiletries and the only pair of shoes I had was the stiletto heels I was wearing. I was frantically running from gate to gate to find my flight before it left. Apparently, this is what passes for a nightmare for me. Being disorganized and unprepared and late. =/


Jul. 16th, 2007 09:20 am
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I have finally given in and I'm going to the doctor today to have my wrist looked at. Usually I can deal with the pain in my wrist, but it's been really bad for the last couple weeks. Like going from a pain factor of an occasional 2 to a nearly constant 6. It's bad enough that I'm worried there's something else wrong. Taking 4 Advil every fours hours and wearing my brace at night hasn't really been helping and that's kind of bad. And I'm stuck hugging my arm to my chest to help keep my wrist immobilzed. So yes, I'm going to the doctor. But that doesn't mean I'm happy about it. Unless I get some nice painkillers.

This weekend was quite lovely. Well, except for working at Hallmark both days. Since I have my new external hard drive, I've been downloading music like whoa and added around another 1,000 songs to my iTunes over the past three days. =/ I don't know how this happens.

Sat night was [livejournal.com profile] duckduck's birthday celebration. There was good food, protein cake, dripping and burning shuttlecock, some very inappropriate conversation and lots of wonderful people. It was lovely! I made sure to take some photos with people since I don't seem to have a lot of photos with my "home" friends. I'm going to get them printed off so that I can add them to all the photos of my "away" friends on my desk.

Oh, I know it was mentioned that folks would like to view Done the Impossible. I would love to do a group viewing but I can't really have people over to my place. So if anyone would like to volunteer their location, I would be happy to bring the movie! I have the next two Sundays off, if that works at all.

Both Rock of Love and Scott Baio is 45...and Single were great last night. Adding Hogan Knows Best into the mix next week may kill me with awesomeness. And then Man Band starts up in like three weeks. VH1 does indeed own my soul.

I don't know why, but I thought this week was going to be quiet. Until I looked at the calendar and realized that Poison/RATT is Wed night, Friday is my brother's going away party and both my aunt and [livejournal.com profile] stardiver will be in town this weekend. Happily though, I'm off from both jobs Thurs-Sun!


Jun. 14th, 2007 01:10 pm
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I lose all feeling in my right hand about three times a day now. It might just be about time to finally see a doctor about my carpal tunnel. But since we're getting a new insurance carrier on July 1st, I guess I'll wait until then. Maybe this will get me out of painting the cabin over the 4th of July week. Probably not.

I'm listening to Julia Murney's CD right now. I was looking forward to hearing it since I enjoyed seeing her as Elphaba in Wicked last year. But I have no idea how to explain this CD. There's something terribly wrong with it. Her voice is fine, but the rhythm of the songs is just...odd. Not quite right. And some of the lyrics are very weird. Maybe I'll post a couple songs tonight.

A few weeks ago, I posted this meme about making a friends list playlist. But I posted it right before Memorial Day so I didn't get a lot of participation. =( So, let's try it again!

I'd love to have a playlist made up of songs from the fabulous people on my friends list (and if you can read this, clearly you're one of them.) Comment with one or two songs you'd like me to associate with you. It can be your favorite song in the whole world, a song that people have said reminds them of you, or any song that you think really identifies you (feel free to explain why, if you like.) If you can upload the song(s) for me, that would be fab, but it's not necessary. I probably have most of the songs already anyways. I just want a shiny new playlist that I can listen to at work and think of all of you!

If you already gave me your songs, then no need to play again. I already have them in my playlist!

Since I'll probably be around this weekend, I'm thinking of taking music requests. Would anyone be interested?
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I haven't even looked at our book group book for tomorrow night, much less read it. Won't be the first time. I kinda feel like I should've made an effort though. Oh well...Sorry, Rory. It wasn't your choice, but my available time/laziness.

I know that no one wants to hear me whine, but DEAR GUS I'M IN SOME FUCKING PAIN!! Every movement kinds of aches right now. I hope a massage or two is enough to work it out, because I really don't want to have to pay for physical therapy or a chiropractor again. I pretty much had to sleep flat on my back last night and that kind of sucked. I don't even want to think about how awful it's going to be sitting in the bleachers at the baseball field on Sat or being on my feet for hours at the church dinner on Sun. Ugh. =(

I am competely having concert withdrawal right now. I really wish things were different this weekend and I could go up to Fargo for L.A. Guns. But things are what they are and I won't be going and I'm trying not to linger on it.

Wow. What a depressing entry. Ummm, something good...Hey! There's a new episode of The Office tonight! I am totally avoiding spoilers so I don't even know what the ep is about.


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