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Is it wrong that I'm happy they officially cancelled Crossing Jordan? I just don't want them to ruin what was once a great show any more than they've already ruined it. Bonus: I also don't have to watch any stupid Woody/Jordan crap.

It's win/win.
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I feel like I should say something about tonight's Crossing Jordan.


Well, I like Michael Rooker. It was weird to see him with hair.

And I got nothin' else. I don't even dare go over to CR after that teaser for next week.
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I just finished watching CJ late since I wasn't home when it was on. spoilers! )

*shakes head sadly*
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Hmmmm. I'm watching last night's Crossing Jordan. I think I'm laughing way more than I'm supposed to be. =/

red plaid jacket + blue & white polka dot dress = NO
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Crossing Jordan? *snooooooooore*

But. I will say that I am always amused whenever Woody yells "Stop! Police! Stop!" while chasing people who don't ever stop. This is one of my secret guilty pleasures. Shhhhh. Don't tell anyone.

Otherwise, this was a totally boring episode. I was even saying lines at the same time as the characters because they were just that predictable.
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Seriously, this is fucking brilliant!

OUCH! My wrist/hand is throbbing with so much pain today that I am contemplating crawling under my desk to cry. I can't believe that I have NO Advil with me! This is bad.

This is also bad because I think I figured out this morning what mood theme I want to make, since I really need a new one. I was going to start working on it tonight, but I guess not. Boo.

Is tonight the "Outbreak" episode of CJ? I pretty much have no interest in it. Is Jordan going to get sick and die?!? Oh wait. The show is called Crossing Jordan? Nevermind.

I am suddenly & unexpectedly dog sitting for part of this weekend. My mom called me four different times to arrange it. =/ I'm okay with it because now I can do my laundry for free!
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Dear F-list,

Sooooo, what are you doing on Sat night? Due to family obligations, [livejournal.com profile] seimaisin is no longer able to accompany me to the Gaelic Storm show at the Fine Line, so I have an extra ticket. Would one of you like to go?

Love, me
[livejournal.com profile] lafemmezilla will be joining me!

Does anyone else feel off this week? Yesterday felt like Thursday and today feels like Friday to me. This will be a harsh reality when the alarm goes off tomorrow morning.

My mom's birthday is Monday and I haven't even thought about a gift. Shit. I hope she'll be okay with a Border's gift card.

Would someone me willing to knit these for me? Seriously, I'd pay.

Oh, dlisted, why are you down? How can I get through a day without you???

I feel like I should say something about last night's CJ, since it was a Nigel episode and all. But I just still don't have any real love for this season so it's hard. Actually, it was nice to have an episode that had two storylines that revolved around background characters, rather than Jordan or Woody or Jordan and Woody. Nigel and Bug need air time too. Steve did a great job as usual, but seriously? I still didn't fully pay attention.

Was anyone else completely grossed out by New York and Chance making out the other night? I had to look away. I love that crazy bitch!
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Also, Irene Cara? WTF? Allen needs to seriously start choosing the music for the show again.
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My non-spoilery Crossing Jordan wrap up:


Rehash of the Elaine storyline. Lily's storyline is stupid. Nigel was the only entertaining part of the episode, and that was pretty limited.

Boring. I expect so much more.

Next week looks good though, even without the whole "who's going to die?" thing.


Jan. 21st, 2007 09:24 pm
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I went to Borders with my mom and it took longer than I thought it would and I missed the first two segments of Crossing Jordan. Did I miss anything? Can someone fill me in quickly? I'll have to torrent the ep tomorrow. Or catch the replay on Saturday night.

Also, I have additions to my "books I've bought in 2007" list:
#20 Hell's Belles - Jackie Kessler
#21 The Veil of Night - Lydia Joyce
#22 The Hidden Heart - Laura Kinsale
#23 The Commitment - Dan Savage (I've been looking for this one forever!)

And I also bought the Bandidas DVD, since it was on sale. Salma Hayak...yum!

UGH! Bug is making me sick. I can already tell I'm going to hate this episode.

Oh brother! Are they really doing that to Lily?!? Now I really do hate this episode.
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Hmph. Not too impressed with the season opener of Crossing Jordan. Of course, they had to use the episode to wrap up the cliffhanger from last season. I guess we'll see what happens next week to see if this season is actually going to be better than last season.

I liked Dr. Switzer. But...
a)Brought in to work on a specific case
b)Ends up sticking around
d)No one likes her
Elaine, anyone? =/

I already made an icon from the ep!
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My willpower to not buy The Boondock Saints special edition DVD lasted...well, I deposited my check at 7am this morning and bought it at 4pm this afternoon. =o But it has commentary by Billy Connolly!!!! How am I supposed to resist that?!? Also, I've been thinking about getting another half Gig card for my digital camera so I have enough room for some video clips of both Killingbird and Blackboard Jungle. I've resisted because I really shouldn't spend the money right now. Then I turned a corner at the store and my exact card was on clearance. Fate, obviously. So now I have plenty of space for my trip.

That girly squeal you heard a few minutes ago? That was me because Sven is on the news tonight and I wasn't expecting him to be there. Yes, I squealed. Loudly.

You probably don't want to ask me what I think about Crossing Jordan being added to the schedule at 7pm on Fridays. I'm trying to stay in a happy place right now. *grumbles about NBC execs*


May. 8th, 2006 11:43 am
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Allan answered my moronic post on CR about Woody & his sammich. I'm entertained by that. Reposting here so I don't have to search through 18 pages of crap on CR to find it again.

So, why exactly was Woody making a pb sammich in the morgue?

Posted by LeighBlack on 11:58 5/8/2006:

Shouldn't he have been making it at the precinct? Or at home? Or just anywhere else?? Does he keep food there? Was he eating someone else's?

These are the things I wonder about.

Posted by Allan A on 12:04 5/8/2006:
In Reply to: So, why exactly was Woody making a pb sammich in the morgue? posted by LeighBlack on 11:58 5/8/2006:

He had morgue business that he never got to? He wanted to find out what he missed at the party? How else could he find out a story point? Location & Schedule driven? Jerry really does eat a peanut butter sammich every day!!! You should see his whole speech about peanut butter. Taken from real life by me.

Posted by LeighBlack on 12:33 5/8/2006:
In Reply to: Re: So, why exactly was Woody making a pb sammich in the morgue? posted by Allan A on 12:04 5/8/2006:

Okay, see now I just envision Woody carrying around a bag with a loaf of bread and a jar of pb everywhere, because who knows when he could get hungry? ;) Especially when there's a plot point to be learned!

Thanks for the info, Allan! It entertains me when things like that are taken from real life to screen.
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Huh. I'm strangely not caring much. Don't get me wrong. It was a great episode and I loved it. (Well, except for the Bug/Lily thing) Still, I don't care much about whatever it is that's going on. Hopefully it will have a good resolution.

I'm still laughing over "Unbreak My Heart" showing up in the episode. They always pick such great music and then they throw that cheesefest in. I giggled uncontrollably for at least a whole minute.

And are they ever going to freaking resolve Emily's murder?!? Geez.

Anyhow, I have absolutley NO idea when I'll have caps up. I'm busy every single night this week. I'll try my best. I have the Genesis Awards caps to do too. I do have the latest Nigel Blog video up though.

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Sorry there's not a whole lot of Bug caps. There wasn't much to work with.

Mace vs. Scalpel )

JD = Aussie hottness )

Caps from next week's preview )

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Fun TV Facts!

#1 Sven in High Def in 12 minutes!!!!!!

2) The lights were on in the Kare 11 "backyard" when I drove by after work, so I couldn't help but thinking that Sven was rehearsing for tonight's broadcast. There we both were. Only a couple hundred feet away from each other.

c. Hugh Jackman is on The Tonight Show tonight.

iv) I still can't find a torrent for Thief. This is sad. But I did find one for last night's Conan, which is downloading right now so I can iconize Jeff Goldblum licking Conan.

five: SNL is the best of TV Funhouse this weekend. Yay!

6. I'm excited for a Macy episode of CJ this weekend. And super excited for Nigel in a sexy suit next week. But I'm mostest excited that CJ was renewed for another season!!

~ Did I mention Sven in High Def?!?

My dad just called to say that my brother's baseball games have been delayed this weekend because of rain, so I don't have to dogsit for them. My weekend has suddenly become wide open!!
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Caps from the kisses!

No issues. No problems. All friends. )

Enjoy! Use them for anything you wish. ;)

Oh, and if anyone cares, there's a new video up on Nigel's Blog. I haven't watched it yet, but I will tonight. And I'll capture it to upload too. And you can vote for Lily's wedding dress. o_O
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Whoa! That kiss is going to drive those Coffeerooms prudes into a tizzy!

I can't stop laughing about it myself. *snicker*

I'm really, really enjoying this episode for some reason. Maybe because I spent 9 hours in a church today.

Am I invisible? *snerk*
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I missed Song of the Day yesterday since I was dog sitting for my parents again. I might keep up the songs from movies I like theme for another week since there seems to be a lot of them.

#1 Crush - Garbage from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

This episode of CJ, besides being interesting and very slashy, is extremely beautifully shot.

OMG! I got an email back from Sven!! Okay, it was pretty much just to say thanks for the email, but still...
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Did anyone else think the Crossing Jordan episode was rather blah? I kind of lost interest part way through.

I don't mind Lu at all, but I don't want her to come in and have huge chunks of episodes devoted to her at the expense of the other characters that we already love. Nigel? Bug? Garret?? Where the hell were they for most of the episode? Blah.


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