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Jan. 2nd, 2009 08:35 am
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To do this weekend, a WIP:

- post P365 photos to photo blog
- start making packing list for TRB (OMG we leave in TWO WEEKS)
- locate a larger suitcase
- work on Magenta costume for RHPS night
- pack away Xmess tree/ornaments
- clean bedroom
- clean out Lil Min's backseat
- watch the internet explode after the BBC announces who the eleventh doctor is going to be

I've decided to once again not set any kind of New Year's resolutions, but instead to make some goals. Little ones. The ones I set last year sort of worked out.

1. I will read more books than in 2008.
I finished 65 books in 2008, but I had set a goal of 75 books. This year I just want to read more than 65. I think I can do it.

2. I will attend at least 50 concerts.
This is totally going to be doable. We have so many things we're already planning to go to! And Butch STILL hasn't announced his tour dates.

3. I will complete Project 365.
I got derailed on this at the beginning of last year, but started over on August 1st and have been going strong since then. This is definitely something I can achieve.

4. I will be better about uploading photos and video.
*sigh* I still have video from the Cobra show last January that I've never uploaded. Not in 2009! I will make myself upload video no later than a week after the show. To start off, I uploaded my Quietdrive videos from their holiday show on my YouTube last night.

5. Be excellent to each other.
Heh. ;)
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to do today:

- lunch with [ profile] wonderfungus
- go to grocery store
- wrap christmas/birthday presents
- finish reading book #65? (I'm going to make it happen!)
- Rock Band 2, DDR and bad movie night at the House 'O Cats YAY!

Happy New Year's everyone! Hope you'll all be having fun tonight!
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Every time I take something off the 'Upcoming Events' section of my sidebar, I end up adding something on. I took off the FP show and added Cobra Starship at The Cabooze in Oct. It's great to be busy and have a social life and all, but it's kind of getting ridiculous.

I had this grand plan to come home after work, alphabetize the stacks of CDs I have sitting in random piles and put them away in my CD racks. Well, I moved the CDs into nicely stacked piles on my living room floor and that's as far as I've gotten. =/ But I am NOT going to let myself go to bed until it's finished.
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OH EM GEE. I do not have to be back at Hallmark until Tuesday. That's FOUR WHOLE DAYS off! I'm so happy about it, I could cry. That job is crushing my soul, yet I feel an ridiculous amount of loyalty towards it and can't imagine just leaving. Something is totally wrong with me.

Secret to Sunday Sven Stalkers:
Meet at [ profile] auroram's house at 2pm. Does that work for everyone?

To do this weekend:
- Laundry
- Dinner on Sat night
- Hairball show also on Sat night
- Stalk Sven on Sunday
- Figure out where to buy Welsh beer, if possible
- Also gummy sharks
- CLEAN OFF HARD DRIVES (very important! I have less than 10G free right now)
- Edit & post Project 365 photos
- upload season 1 of Torchwood
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Three straight days of snow after it's a officially Spring is a little much, don't you think? I agree. WTF Mother Nature?

I'm glad Easter is here. I know the Hallmark customers are just being nice but I cringe every time someone told me to have a good Easter. I'd always give a "you too" back but I really just want to say, "yeah, I'm not Christian."

To do today:
- Laundry
- Theme Mix post
- regular post
- dinner with the fam
- Project 365 photos?
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To do list for today (kind of belated):
- grocery store run
- hair color (finally!)
- finish Capt Jack mood theme
- set up guest poster (hi Monette!)
- contact potential new poster
- theme mix
- Project 365 photos
- create playlists for all my upcoming concerts
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Ugh. I spent a very very long time working on my animated Captain Jack mood theme yesterday and I still have 32 moods to get done. Part of my problem? Capt Jack is not geeky nor ditzy nor very bouncy. He is however very angsty, but that's not an lj mood even though it rilly rilly should be. I only have seven more episodes to go through though, so hopefully I'll find the rest of what I need. Next up is 'Ghost Machine' and I'm rather excited about that since I kind of have a thing for his waistcoat. *guh*

To do this week:
- HAIR COLOR (desperately needed - I'm not going to have any hair left if I keep plucking out the gray ones)
- clean bedroom
- finish tag cleanup
- ummmm...something? this is a pretty weak list
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To do this weekend:
- Clean living room
- Work on Capt Jack mood theme (sheesh, I still have 54 moods to go!)
- Read the new Kim Harrison book
- Get my car washed

I think I can accomplish that. Yes. Also, I'm going to restart my Project 365 photos today because I've missed a few and I haven't uploaded anything in weeks. The nicer weather will hopefully keep me motivated.

Oh, there were two movie quotes left from the meme from the other day. Answers:
"Speak for yourself. You may be a sinner, but I ain't yet had the opportunity." Brokeback Mountain

"Wait. Wait! Your friend Anna thinks I'm cute? Your friend ANNA thinks I'm cute? Shit, I just blew - wait [looks at menu] - two eighty-five on the wrong girl!" Sliding Doors (I knew this one would be hard)

Good job on getting the rest, f-list! =)
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Oh my goodness, you guys! I now have over 30,000 mp3s loaded into my iTunes! And I still have tons more sitting here that I haven't done anything with yet. That's completely ridiculous! When the hell am I going to listen to all this stuff??

To do list for tomorrow:
- Laundry
- Manicure
- Hair color?
- Pack to crash at [ profile] seimaisin's for the night

The AT&T commercial about getting yourself a Sven seriously cracks me up everytime I see it. Because of course I want my own Sven! Just not some giant, buff Nordic guy. More like an adorable, elfin weather guy. ;)

In closing, my stats, in which I listened to the last of the Christmas music for quite a while )
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How often does it happen that some jerkwad runs a red light right in front of you but there just happens to be a cop on the other side of the intersection who then flips on his lights and goes after the guy? Not very often, right? But it did indeed happen to me on Saturday. I giggled about it a lot. Moron.

My grandma is pretty sick and while I don't want to say I don't care...I'm more worried about Riley, who is also not doing so great. Riley is, of course, my dog. But my grandma and I have never been close. She's not very loving or lovable. In fact, she's pretty crabby & mean. But Riley & I love each other. (not like that, you perv) It's hard to know that we'll have to put him down soon, but he's getting first class care until then. We've all decided that we'll do everything we can to make him comfortable for now. Not that grandma's not being taken care of, but I guess I'm just not as concerned. That probably makes me a horrible person, but oh well. I can't change how I feel.

I have no idea where I was going with that...

To do today:
- Stop by the Sprawl of America to go to the Lindt store
- Go to Borders to use 'all CDs for $10.99' coupon
- Stop by Best Buy(?) to buy a new mouse to replace my old one that finally died
- Hit Wal-Mart to get more Aleve

- Finish Christmas cards
- Renew SendSpace Max
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Writing out my to do list for the weekend worked out well, so I have one for tonight too.

to do:
laundry (nevermind, I'll do it on Wed night at my parents house)
finish cleaning kitchen
finish cleaning living room
make Halloween/pirate mix for work
more tags cleanup
clean out OiNK torrent folder
find Las Vegas & DH torrents
convert Shooter Jennings bootleg to mp3
upload The Cure Unplugged

So, Jericho didn't show up on Cyber Sunday last night? Lame. Every time I think I'll get sucked back into wrestling I end up deciding it's not worth it.
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I got home from work today and took a five hour nap. Ugh. Which means that I didn't get done all the things I was planning to do today. I have to be ultra productive tomorrow.

To do list:
set up dreamhost account
create new graphics for dreamhost download page
make member request post in seekrit comm
make last theme post in seekrit comm
theme mix post
write up staff rec
check work email to see if my import file came in
laundry (yeah, this isn't happening today)
clean kitchen (well, it's cleaner)
clean bathroom
clean living room (also cleaner)
work on tags cleanup
clean crappy music off my iPod
put Halloween costume together
make Halloween and/or pirate mix for work
make new icons
update lj sidebar
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I have today off, which is kind of a lifesaver. Work has been driving me nuts. We can totally tell that one of our projects is going to completely crash & burn, and there's not much we can do about it. =/ It's my first client too, so that's not good.

Anyhow, my list of things to do today:
- Laundry
- Go to Borders
- Go to Wal-Mart
- Lunch with my mom
- Talk to my brother in Korea (I missed him - maybe we'll talk when I get home tonight)
- Make a new post in the seekrit community
- Go see Matty Nay tonight and laugh my ass off

I had to work last night so I missed the hockey game. =/ But we won! And Boogaard already got in a huge fight. Nice! (yes, I already made an icon of it - shut up)

I can't even begin to go into how many ways The Office was MADE OF WIN last night. SO WONDERFUL! But Dwangela! *heart breaks*

Dear humidity,

Look, we had a nice summer fling. Sure you were a little too clingy and smothering sometimes. It wasn't awful though. But now summer is over. It's time for you to give it up.

No love, me
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Confidential to [ profile] seimaisin: The promised DVD has been burned. I'm watching it right now & it looks great! It's still pretty freakin lolarious.

I accomplished about half of what I wanted to get done tonight. That's good enough, right? =/


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I added the photo of Sven & I to my desk this morning and realized I had a whole section of photos of me with gay boys. I'm not exactly sure what kind of statement that is.

My dad came into work last night to bring my birthday present to me and I asked him to bring my dog with 'cause I miss him. Riley walked in, looked around to find me, made me scratch his neck and then decided he was done with me and turned to walk out. All in about 90 seconds. Love you too, you little twerp.

My boss told me yesterday that I'd finally be getting rid of one of the parts of my job that I hate. Yay! Also, my old old boss is coming back to work here. Not totally surprising, but still strange. She'll be heading up a new division in the company. I wonder what kind of openings she'll have?

I really am getting a cold. I had to take DayQuil, my allergy pill, Advil and Afrin just to feel halfway okay this morning. This sucks.

To do list for tonight:
make post for secret community
watch The Office bonus stuff
burn DVD for [ profile] seimaisin

make best of Butch CD for A
make playlist for birthday party
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To Do for today (since I suddenly have the day free):
- laundry (last load is in the dryer)
- work on new year's resolution to watch DVDs (Secretary is on right now)
- tag downloaded music and move into iTunes (working on this right now)
- screencap CJ episodes Shattered and 33 Bullets and post on Crossing Nigel
- post Gaelic Storm photos on Midnight Rose
- work on website redesign
- skim bookclub book (which I already read last summer - I just need to refresh)

I think that list is doable.

Holy crap this Madonna picture is hawt! I iconned it about 30 seconds after I saw it.
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Notes for this weekend:

* Go to Target
* Go to Office Max (RESIST looking at laptop accessories, ONLY buy pens & maybe a cord to link laptop to desktop)
* Go to Best Buy to get Johnny Cash CDs for Dad's bday present & printer ink
* Work tomorrow
* Dinner at Buca with the fam on Sunday
* Figure out a name for my new laptop
* Work on cleaning off desktop and figuring out what needs to be transferred to laptop, what to leave on the 'puter when I give it to the 'rents and what needs to be deleted

Techie nerds: Am I going to be able to figure out how to transfer things from my desktop to the laptop? The Microsoft site pretty much says to link them together and run the wizard. Or that I could store the files on a drive (like my external hard drive) instead of linking the 'puters together, which is probably what I'll end up doing. I just really don't want to have to setup all my Firefox stuff again if I don't have to. And keep my iTunes playlists, if that's even possible. Most everything else is already on my external hard drive, are just files that I'll be plopping onto the hard drive to move them over or software that I can just move & reinstall without worrying about keeping the settings. Is there anything else that I really need to do? I've only owned my one computer so this is all new territory to me.
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To do list for this weekend, redux:
1) Look for new car
2) Clean out old car
3) Fill out Xmess cards
4) Go to post office for Xmess stamps
5) Laundry, maybe
6) Clean bedroom
7) Make Sammi's Marv 3 boot CDs
8) Finish watching POTC: DMC
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To do list for this weekend:
1) Look for new car =(
2) Clean out old car
3) Fill out Xmess cards
4) Go to post office for Xmess stamps
5) Laundry, maybe
6) Clean bedroom
7) Make Sammi's Marv 3 boot CDs
8) Finish watching POTC: DMC
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My list of things to do this weekend, redux:
Clean bedroom
Clean living room
Put up Xmas tree
Find address book
Find Faster Vegas boot DVD for Marie
Upload Tapes n' Tapes clips for Angie
Find holiday cards and decide if I need to buy more
Buy Rock Star: Supernova CD
Find out if "pet photos with Santa" will be possible for mom's present
Buy new calendar on eBay

Edit and upload Shooter Jennings photos
Edit and upload L.A. Guns photos
Edit and upload Gaelic Storm photos
Edit and upload The Fuschia Band photos
Enjoy beautiful weather!


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