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LOOK AT THAT!!! Isn't it the most adorable thing ever?? It's today's shirt on Ript Apparel and it's pretty much like it was made just for me! IT'S A SCOTTIE DOG!!! *giggles*

Anywho. Yes, I bought it. I hope it gets here before our birthday party.
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- still sick, slept A LOT
- worked at Hallmark a lot, it sucked
- had a lovely gathering last night to celebrate [livejournal.com profile] stardiver's being home for the weekend
- slept in today
- saw Houston Calls tonight - they are a TOTALLY different band from the last time we saw them
- had A LOT of fun at the show!
- bought 2 more Houston Calls t-shirts
- bought Kirk & McCoy action figures at Target
- read A LOT of Kirk/McCoy porn

...and that's about it. Back to work tomorrow. =(
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I'm home! It was a fun & crazy weekend. I'm exhausted. Maybe I'll write up an actual concert review. Probably not. We'll see. I do have photos and video that I may get around to posting.

I spent $195 on merch. Yes, one hundred and ninety-five dollars. Crazy. But I got two Fall Out Boy shirts, a FOB hoodie, a Cobra shirt, Cobra sunglasses and my super-hot Cobra Thriller hoodie.

I have a ton of things I should be doing tonight. Instead I'm probably going to be staring blankly at the TV.
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When Borders announced that all CDs and DVDs were 30% off this week, I decided it would just be a good idea to STAY AWAY from there. Especially since I'm getting on a giant cruise ship in two weeks. But then I also got a 30% off of any book coupon. And I managed to earn another $5 in Borders Bucks. (it's rather scary how often I earn them) And then I received a $60 mileage reimbursement check from Hallmark. That was certainly enough justification for a swing by the store.

I got:
2 CDs
1 page-a-day calendar
2 paperback books

For $49! I saved $27.80. Not too shabby at all! I heart Borders a lot.
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Wow. I think the internet may explode on Friday, when Randall from xkcd will be doing a guest comic for Dinosaur Comics.

This weekend was kind of exhausting. I had to work ten hours at Hallmark on Saturday for the Ornament Debut. I could tell the exact point where my patience for people wore off and unfortunately I still had to be at work for about 3 hours after that. =/ And two of the 4 customers I can't stand graced us with their presence. It was a looooong day. I was supposed to hang out at the House O' Cats for a movie night and instead I pretty much collapsed into a heap when I got home and watched Torchwood.

I dragged myself to the Sprawl of America to meet [livejournal.com profile] seimaisin and [livejournal.com profile] sister_wolf on Sunday. My original plan had been to find a top to finish my Halloween costume, but since I managed to finally find the one I really wanted on eBay in the right size I really didn't need to buy anything. Which is good. I mostly stuck to a plan of not being distracted by shiny things and spending money I didn't need to spend.

But I did solve the issue of what to bring to have signed at the Cobra Starship show. I bought this super awesome T-shirt. Honestly, I saw it and I just started laughing. It's perfect!

Also, apparently we time warped back to 1988 while we were in the Mall, because there was a whole hell of a lot of day-glo, sparkles and other 80s fashion affronteries. They had a freaking NKOTB shirt for sale at Torrid! Honestly, who decided that the 80s should come back and can all of us who lived through them the first time kick that person in the kneecaps?

And then last night was the premiere of Rock of Love Charm School. It didn't disappoint! There was a catfight in the first 15 minutes! Oh girls, you're so classy.
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Dear Borders, ILU!! *hugs*

$79.99 DVD + 40% off any DVD Box Set coupon + $5 in Borders Bucks + $2.04 leftover merch credit + $20 gift card (thanks again [livejournal.com profile] sister_wolf! ) = $23.92 out of pocket

And now I own the far superior second season of Captain Jack and his merry band of inept alien chasers on DVD for my very own!! =) And you better believe that I went down to get it on my lunch break. Torchwood is SRS BZNS, you know.

CON loot

Jul. 6th, 2008 09:13 pm
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CON loot
Originally uploaded by LeighBlack.

All the stuff I bought at CONvergence:
- 'Tardis Express: When it absolutely has to be there before you sent it' shirt
- Dalek 'EXTERMINATE' shirt
- Serenity 'Everything is Shiny' shirt
- Flying Spaghetti Monster emblem
- T-Rex eating a Jesus fish emblem
- Sonic Screwdriver & Pen set
- TARDIS ice bucket
- Captain Jack Harkness action figure
- Doctor Who in Your Pocket

aaaaaand I bought a birthday present for Bella! =)

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Hai u guyz! I already have the new Doctor Who theme set as the ringtone for my phone. Iz nerd.

Also, I went to Borders today during their buy 3 for 2 DVD sale and DID NOT buy one DVD. Not one! I did however buy yummy Ghiardelli peppermint bark at half-price, because how could I not? And even better, I went to Wal-Mart to buy only FOUR things and I did indeed buy ONLY those four things. Wow! I'm amazed at myself.

Not much else going on. Just trying to get all the mucus in the world to drain out of my head. *cough*

ETA: ALSO? "Bret Michaels, Rock of Love, New Years Eve Party at the Myth just got hotter. Come take the chill off this new year's eve with Bret Michaels and two of Rock of Love's hottest ladies, Heather and Lacey!" YES!! It is now my life's quest to get a photo with Heather's hair.
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I have today and tomorrow off from the day job and they did not call me once yet today. Hooray! I am scared to check my email, though. Unfortunately, I do have to work at Hallmark tonight. Which means that I'll miss the first airing of the I Love New York 2 finale. *grumble*

I finished my Christmas shopping today! Well, I do have to get a couple little gift cards yet, but that's not any hassle. I also have more junk food and supplies than will ever, ever be needed for our holiday party tomorrow night. And the Secret Project is washed and ready to be ironed before I wrap it up. Yay me!

My Mom made me go to Borders with her yesterday. (yeah, made me! that's the story I'm sticking with) So I have more books to add to my list of books I've bought in 2007:
#121 Swimming Without a Net - MaryJanice Davidson
#122 Her Secret Fantasy - Gaelen Foley
#123 For a Few Demons More - Kim Harrison
#124 Holy Smokes - Katie MacAlister
#125 Light Before Day - Christopher Rice
#126 My Boring-Ass Life - Kevin Smith
#127 Body Electric - Susan Squires
#128 One With the Shadows - Susan Squires (yes!! can't wait to start reading it!)
#129 Kitty and the Silver Bullet - Carrie Vaughn

Sheesh! Hopefully that's the end of the list for the year. We'll see. Next year I do believe I'll make a list of all the DVDs I purchase instead. 'Cause that's a pretty big list too.
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I had to work this morning. Which wasn't as bad as you'd think. Hallmark doesn't really have any big specials for the weekend. And all I really had to do was take down the Thanksgiving stuff and put out the rest of the Christmas stuff. It only took about four hours and then I was free for the rest of the day.

I decided to run to Best buy to see if they had the re-released boys Like Girls CD. Since it was about 1pm when I got there, it was busy but not swamped. I walked in, grabbed a couple CDs, paid and got out in under ten minutes. Not too bad. Then I went to Wal-Mart. I went to get conditioner, allergy meds and goop for my hair. And I ended up spending $102. =/ But I needed a new pair of jeans. And a hockey jersey. And three DVDs. Seriously, I have no will power.

So I was sitting here watching the Law & Order marathon and it was nagging & nagging me that I should go back to Best Buy. I finally gave in and did, where I bought the first two seasons of The Wire on DVD. But they were 50% off! That's a damn good deal. I'm just not going to allow myself to watch them until I've gotten through Series 3 of Doctor Who. Because that's a TV priority right now.
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I just saw a commercial for Catchphrase: Music Edition. DO WANT.

Driving through Uptown on the Saturday night before Halloween is definitely an interesting experience. We saw more than a few really odd costumes.

And watching Slither on the big screen made it just about 100 times more awesome. I seriously love that movie.


Oct. 17th, 2007 08:08 pm
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At this very moment, I am supposed to be at the Josh Ritter show with Mo. Instead I ditched out because I am too tired and cranky and busy. You don't need to tell me what a loser I am. I already know. =/

My Hallmark manager called me today and begged me to take a shift tomorrow night since one of the girls is sick with mono. That will be my fifth day scheduled for the week, but I agreed to work. With the intentions of taking all the money from my extra shifts and buying myself a Derek Boogaard jersey. Because I deserve it, dammit! Then I looked in my account and noticed that I already have more cash than I thought I had. I could go buy my jersey right now! But I think I will wait until I get paid next week and then buy both my jersey and my new iPod. It'll be a day to circle on the calendar! Of course, that doesn't mean I can't stop by the Hockey Lodge on Friday and check the new jerseys out. ;)

Thanks to MetroBlogging Twin Cities (which I don't really recommend since they're a bunch of bitter twats, but I still can't seem to stop reading), I found out today about the blog We have Mixed Feelings About Sven Sundgaard. It's not very obsessive for a fan blog though. But now there's also Sven Sundgaard's Penis! (errr, NSFW) It's pretty damned funny! Yes, kids. The local weather guy has a fandom that is blogging as his penis. Oh, internet tubes. How you always amuse me!
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So we went to see 3:10 to Yuma and it was a touching love story and also very hi-larious. Of course, this all may have been because we were the only ones in the theater and there was snarking going on. ;)

Poor Alan Tudyk. Had the great lines. Didn't have a good ending. Sound familiar?

You know at the end, during the credits? When the lead actors have assistants and drivers and makeup people? And they're credited as "Assistant to Famous Actor Dude"? Well, Christian Bale and Peter Fonda's people were credited as that. But Russell Crowe's people were credited as his CHARACTER'S NAME. Yes, "Driver to Ben Wade." WTF?? Is he so method that everyone MUST call him by his character's name? So confusing, yet entirely hilarious.

Also? There was an apostrophe mishap in the credit's. Don't they have people's to check that kind of thing?

Also also? Let it be written in pen upon your calendars. Saturday October 27th. Midnight showing of Slither at the Uptown Theater. Oh yes! We will be there! You should be too!

Dear Borders,
Stop taunting me with your "all CDs are 11.99" coupon! You're not playing fair!
No love, me
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and...I just ordered my Schrute Farm Beets shirt and a Support the Rabid bracelet. =) I think I'm going to pass on the Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run For The Cure T-Shirt though.
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I went to the Sprawl of America today to pickup a present. Not for myself. But then I stopped by Barnes & Noble and...well, I have books to add to my list of books bought in 2007. I got one of these for my birthday a couple week ago, but hadn't added it to my list yet.

#100 Secrets of a Proper Lady - Victoria Alexander
#101 To Scotland, With Love - Karen Hawkins
#102 Ain't Myth-Behaving - Katie MacAlister
#103 Enslaved - Hope Tarr
#104 What is Goth? - Voltaire

I did also buy a couple gifts for someone else. And a pretzel. And Lindt truffles so I could flirt with the adorable gay boy that works there. ;)

OMG YOU GUYS! The Office premiere is in 28 minutes!!
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We had some weather going on here tonight. (actually, there are still tornado watches out right now - which is weird this late at night) This is always okay with me because that means extra Sven on the TV. Suddenly, he announced that there was an unconfirmed funnel cloud in my very suburb, located near the intersection of two highways that absolutely do not meet at any point. In fact, Hwy 13 is not even in Inver Grove. Oh Sven...*shakes head*

It didn't really matter though, since I wasn't at home. My dad called me at work today (which was strange in itself) and asked me if I'd feed Riley for him. My mom and Earl have been up at the cabin for several weeks now and she's basically been without a car. Poor Early got pancreatitus this week and my dad had to run up to Brainerd to pick them up and bring them home so Earl could go to his real Vet. Not that the Brainerd Vet isn't good, but it's not his real Vet. So, me and Riley were hanging out for a while. I was going to leave and then the storm started and he hates them so I stayed with him until it ended. He wouldn't leave my side and in fact kept snuggling up closer and closer to me. Awwww...

So, I finally left and then spent the rest of the night watching Butch and Stephen Kellogg concert DVDs with [livejournal.com profile] seimaisin and [livejournal.com profile] stardiver. A wonderful evening!

OMG! I almost forgot! I went back to Target and they finally had The Office sticky notes and the memo cubes in! I kind of did the happy dance there in the dollar spot. So I bought even more stuff that I absolutely do not need. =)

And now I should definitely be in bed. But Simon Pegg is on Conan, so I'm in front of the TV.
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I should probably write about this weekend, huh? We went to Ye Olde Malle of the Renaissance (aka the Minnesota Renaissance Festival) for [livejournal.com profile] seimaisin's early birthday outing. There were nine of us and no one got lost, no one lost anything important like wallets or cell phones, and we all had fun! Pretty good, I'd say! I spent more than I'd planned, but two of the bigger purchases were gifts. Yes, for other people. Not gifts for me. I got a totally yummy body butter in apricot freesia that makes me want to lick my skin when I'm wearing it. I also got some delish sugar scrub in Almond Kiss that I kind of want to eat out of the tub. And my day wouldn't have been complete without a "Dragon: The Other White Meat" T-shirt. I didn't get the bat wings that I kind of wanted because they were sold out. That was probably a sign that I wasn't destined to own them.

I also got this TERRIFIC shake on seasoning from Garlic Festival called Lemon Garli Garni. It's essentially lemon with garlic powder. They had it mixed with olive oil with bread for dipping. SO GOOD! I got some awesome sourbread to do the same and I also cooked some chicken in it. Oh man. I totally woke up craving it yesterday morning. I have a feeling I'll be ordering some more!

Other than that, I tried to spend some time relaxing. I haven't had any weekend time to myself in weeks, so it was nice to have all of Sunday free. I got up early to watch Rock of Love (I can't believe it's almost over!) and then spent much of the day being lazy. I uploaded a bunch of music for posts during the week. I went to the grocery store. I sat on my ass in my scottie dog jammies. It was a good day.

This week is not quite as crazy as the last couple weeks have been. This is good because I'm suffering from a severe lack of sleep. Also, work is getting kind of crazy. It's going to be a long, looooooong open enrollment. My first client is okay, but the second one is not really cooperative. Which makes it a little hard to get their stuff set up.

Speaking of work. There's been something wrong with the pipes in the women's bathroom for two days now and that side of the floor kind of smells like urine. NOT APPETIZING.
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I *heart* The Spot
Originally uploaded by LeighBlack.

So, this is what almost $40 worth of The Office stuff from The Spot looks like. They didn't have the sticky notes or the memo cube yet, so I'll be going back for more!

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I'm going to see Fall Out Boy. In Iowa. I cannot even begin to point out how many things are wrong with that statement.

With all the hubbabaloo about the iPod Touch and the price reduction on the iPhone, I managed to miss this news about the new iPods:

The "Buy Me This as an Early Christmas Present" campaign has already begun. Please believe.

I talked to my mom this morning (to beg for said iPod) and Riley is doing much better. He's started eating again and he even felt well enough to go fishing this morning.

After seeing this post, I ran out to Target. But they didn't have this stuff in The Spot yet. *sigh* Figures. I'll be checking back during the week. I must have a Dwight stress ball! However, I did end up grabbing a bunch of POTC and Happy Bunny crap that I didn't need.
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Hello all. I'm back home from the cabin. I actually came home last night, but pretty much collapsed into a pile of goo after driving through hot muggy air with no air conditioning to my apartment which was hot as Hades. Happily, my T-shirt order arrived while I was gone! I'm now the proud owner of this sweet Jayne shirt and this River shirt. It took every fiber in my being not to wear one of them to work today.

Instead, I wore one of my other new purchases to work. There's a Steve & Barry's up in Brainerd and since I wanted to get away from my family but stay in the air conditioning yesterday, I went stopped by there for a while. I ended up really liking Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten line. I ended up with four shirts and two pairs of capris for $62. Not bad! And it's all stuff I can wear to work and that I would actually wear myself. Even more amazing, not ONE thing I bought was black. o_O

Today the shopping continued, as I somehow managed to lose my tennis shoes at the cabin. I have no idea what happened to them. But I ended up with an adorable pair of skater shoes. And I bought a cute sun dress. Yes, I bought a sun dress. It's black. *g* Actually, it'll look great with my Inara sandals and I'll probably end up wearing it to work tomorrow.

Of course, a shopping trip isn't complete without a stop at Borders. More titles for my list of books I've bought in 2007:
#84 The Harlequin - Laurell K. Hamilton (yes, I finally gave in & bought it)
#85 The Vampire Queen's Servant - Joey W. Hill
#86 Serenity: Those Left Behind - Joss Whedon, Brett Matthews & Will Conrad
#87 Fanged & Fabulous - Michelle Rowen (I honestly have no idea why I bought this book. I hated the first one. But it can't possibly be as bad as I remember it being, right? *sigh* I'm just a sucker for vamp books.)

And...that's about it, I guess. I am very much not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. =(


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